OK, The Steelers won , now....

bonz(WI)February 6, 2006

what was your favorite commercial???

I have to say they were not as good this year as past ones but these two are my top picks. Both Budweiser (no suprise there)

The barn: where the baby Clydesdale harnesses himself up and "pulls" the wagon without knowing the two pushing behind. So clever.

The Streaker: The horses playng football and all the animals watching and the little sheared "naked" sheep streaks out on the field and wiggles his little butt! Funny!!

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jeffahayes(8a Upstate SC)

Alas I missed both of THOSE, Bonz, as I was otherwise occupied until about halftime, and tuned in JUST IN TIME to hear ole Mick moanin' about not gettin' no SATISFACTION for the 19 millionth time!!! GEESH!!!!!

Yaknow, the first time he sang that song, NOBODY PLAYING THAT GAME TODAY WAS EVEN BORN!!! I remember reading a quote from him way back when he was like 22 or something about HOW LAME it would be if he was still up on stage parading around and singing about not getting any satisfaction when he was 35... and now he's like 60!

I mean not that I don't admire the fact that he can still get up there and do it, but GEESH, you'd at least think that after 40 FREAKIN' YEARS he could find a NEW SONG!!!

As for favorite ads, seems I saw one where everyone was wearing like green biocontaminations suits or something, afraid of catching whatever's going around... I kinda liked that... reminded me of this forum :-P

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I'm a funny/clever commercial addict, so I kept track of every one that made me laugh and/or sniffle.

I have to say that if I was judging the commercials on just how touching they are, Budweiser won, hooves down, Bonz. I think I cried when I saw the pony's older buddies pushing that wagon. :D And the reaction of the cowboys during the sheep streaker! Hilarious!

Ameriquest had some really funny ones, though. The hospital setting with the doctor's aide guy zapping the fly...what was the catch phrase? Something like, "Don't believe everything you see," along those lines. And the one on the airplane, the lady straddling the guy. LOL

All of the Bud Light commercials were pretty funny, too.

Some others I really enjoyed -

The hamster mascot (McDonald's)
Sierra Mist (airport scanner "beep")
FedEx (caveman)
Michelob Ultra (the darker side, guy tackles girl, vice versa)
Oh, Sprint was GREAT! (crime deterrent phone one & couch on fire one)
Jack in the Box (feeding pigeons [people] ciabatta bread)
Sharpie (pirate with hook costume)
Nationwide (old Fabio)

Another one of my favorites was the Emerald Nuts one, but I missed the "L" word!

Also, the McGyver blast from past (MasterCard)
and the boomerang thief (Outback restaurant)

I know, but it's only once a year! :D


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Brenda, the missing word is "little"

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semper_fi(Z7 GA)

I don't know if it's considered a commercial, but I thought the Dr. Seuss intro ABC had was GREAT. Very different and MUCH better than their usual Hank screamin': "ARE YOU READY FO' SOME FOOBALL?!"

Bud Light's Magic Fridge ad was amusing as was the streaking sheep. The Career Builder commercial with the guy having to deal with the board room full of monkeys (HUSH POO3!) and the Twisted Sister song was pretty good. I got a chuckle out of seeing Shaq practicing his freethrows and shedding a tear about some STOOOOPID TV drama.

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