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don_socalJune 28, 2011

Spring has come when you can put your foot on three daisies.

Traditional folk wisdom

Winter lingered so long in the lap of Spring that it occasioned a great deal of talk.

Bill Nye

There is life in the ground: It goes into the seeds, and it also, when it is stirred up, goes into the man who stirs it.

Charles Dudley Warner

The nicest thing about the promise of spring is that sooner or later she'll have to keep it.

Mark Beltaire

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These are nice quotes,Don. I wish spring would last a little longer,it's such a pleasant season. At least here in Pa they last longer than when we were in Iowa.I swear it was spring some years for 3 days.

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With the exception of this long wet spring, it mostly is just a short time between freezing and temps in the 80th.

Love your quotes, hope I remember them next year when I gripe about the weather.

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I had no spring and now summer has taken a couple of days off - it is chilly and raining! Raining in late June in California, unheard of! Measurable rain, setting a record for this late in the rain-year, which we measure from July 1 through June the following year.
There is even snow in the Sierras above 7500 feet. As is, in some high resorts they will have the slopes open though July 4.
One thing is for sure, the groundwater is charged up, I shall not run out of water before I ran out of summer.

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"Winter lingered so long in the lap of Spring that it occasioned a great deal of talk."
Bill Nye
Oh yes, when there is a late spring in Scandinavia, where we have about 3 months of sun, the topic is discussed in passionate terms.

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