Rudbeckia triloba or giant ragweed?

kotabear5(7b)May 17, 2014

Tons of these have popped up around our yard over the past month. Currently about 2ft tall. Leaves and stems are green and hairy, but not prickly. I can't tell if they're rudbeckia triloba (fun) or giant ragweed (not fun).

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Looks like leggy Rudbeckia triloba, does this one grow in part shade? My volunteers grow more compact but get full sun. And they do reseed very successfully, so very probably Rudbeckia

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Thank you! Yep, lots of these all over shady parts of the yard.

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Could also be Rudbeckia laciniata, cutleaf coneflower.

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I'm pretty sure that's giant ragweed, just one stem volunteering like that. It really does look similar to R. laciniata but if it was a single plant it would make more robust basal growth before sending up a stalk.

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