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youreitFebruary 16, 2008

I keep forgetting to post this but not today! :D

Andrea (ademink) sent along this information, and I've switched to GoodSearch (powered by Yahoo!) for the bulk of my search engine needs. Image and video searches don't count toward donations, and neither do searches for a specific site or company (i.e., Microsoft or


Andrea's message -

"This is a quick request for all of you to change your search engine to Goodsearch. Every time you use the search engine, it will generate money for The PourHouse.

"The search engine is powered by Yahoo and so works very well. There are no popups or any annoying marketing. :) More information can be found at [or try this link if the first one doesn't show "PourHouse" in the "my charity" area].

"You can make Goodsearch your homepage and/or download and install a toolbar for searches. Download and install the toolbar at

"Please make sure you follow the directions to choose "PourHouse" under the "my charity" column.

"It takes literally 2 minutes to do this and could help us out a lot!

"Thank you!


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jeanner(SW Ohio - Z6)

Well I for one think this is a fantastic idea, I will certainly use it. Thanks for passing on the information Brenda!

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