Weed or Shrub?

farmboy1(5)May 28, 2014

I have this growing under a maple tree. It seems to be a young woody shrub or tree from the growth of it, but is it a good one or a weedy one?



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Carrie B

An elm of some type, I believe. Are there any Siberian elms or Lacebark elms in the vicinity? Both are weedy around here & re-seed freely.

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The old-timers in town tell me that many years ago, there used to be elms in the neighborhood as old photos show, but they all died off due to the Dutch Elm disease. A couple of arborists have confirmed this by looking at the old pictures, too.

This lead to the planting of many Maples, mostly of the Norway or Silver variety, regrettably.

However, I have seen a few elm samaras on my driveway in the fall, so they are coming from somewhere nearby, and there are some unkempt areas in the back of the neighbor's yard that haven't been disturbed in many years.

Might be interesting to try to replant and grow to add some diversity to the assortment of trees and shrubs I now have, which doesn't include any elms.

Thanks Carrie!


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Carrie B

Well, if it's Siberian or Lacebark, you may regret nurturing it once it gets big enough to have lots of babies...

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Good point...I''m having lots of fun keeping the flower beds clear of maple seedlings.....

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i kill siberian elms by the thousands ... every year .. thx to my neighbors ...

total carp trees.. extremely bad crotch angels.. and weak wooded..

subject to exploding and falling from 50 plus feet.. in ice storms ...

few year back.. thousands were decimated in lenawee county ... [notice.. 1000s and decimated ... that only left the other 9000...lol]

get rid of it ....


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And Ken has spoken....it shall be disposed of


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weedwoman(z6 NJ)

There are still plenty of native elms around. You just don't see the really big ones any more. I assume the Dutch Elm disease kills them off after they get to a certain age. Your plant doesn't look like the native ones, though.


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