Was Supposed To Have Told You----

kathyjane(z6VA)June 9, 2012

---But, I was really caught up in cat doctoring duties for a bit and time and brain matter were on the short end....

I apologize.

Missy said a couple weeks ago that it was OK

to tell you guys Don has been having ups and downs with his health (his thyroid was removed, for one thing) and prayers along with positive thoughts would be so appreciated being sent their way---

(She's having terrible vision problems, to make it worse...)

Anyhow, it's been an uphill battle for Don on a daily basis---and stoic that he is, he would never say a word about it.

He is such a good guy and could sure use some support right now.

Whenever Missy tells me he's done some arbor work, my heart jumps for joy, because it's what he loves and it's good for the heart, if not for the body.

So, please keep them close in your hearts and prayers, it's been pretty tough for them both.

May God watch over you both, Don and Missy, and give you strength and fortitude---and chocolate.

I love you both so much!

OK, Brother, you can come and beat me over the head with the loppers, now!

---still have a lump on the forehead from my own pair! GUFFAW!

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

A friend of mine had her thyroid removed and it did take time to recover, but nowadays she leads a full life.

My bestest best to Don, and to Missy.

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Don and Missy, my candle is lit and best wishes and thoughts for both of you.

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Don and Missy - I am still transmitting the vibes, as long as it takes - having just gone through a crisis situation in my circle, it has been resolved as well as it can - have more free vibes to send to you :)
(((((Don and Missy))))

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You are both so special and throw in KJ....what a trio. I'm so sorry you are going t hrough this Don. Sometimes getting through just a single day can be a big chore and you must have a few of these. Missy,whatever is going on with your eyes,I hope it eventually will clear up. You have quite a support group here at the GP and probably with everyone who knows you. Keep us posted on how you guys are doing. Thanks KJ.

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gandle(4 NE)

You are in our prayers . Both of you. Thanks KJ for the heads up.

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gmatx zone 6

Both of you will be added in my prayers.

KJ - quit hitting yourself in the head with the loppers! Don't you know that will give you a headache and on top of that you will have to explain the bruise on your forehead - LOL.....

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KJ, thanks for the information about Don and Missy. Healing thoughts, prayers, and hugs are being sent to both of them.

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Hang in there, Don.

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Thanks KJ for the thoughts and everyone else too. Just trudging through not being used to having the health issues.Mostly healthy all the time and taking care of things, don't know how to be the one that needs help.

Missy is basically the same way. She wants to be sure I am working properly before she gets the cataracts done but that needs to be addressed very soon too. I need to help her with the chores while she recovers.

I appreciate my friends here and the support, a place to connect with that grows into your being unnoticed. Then you realize this part of life cannot be replaced. You build it as you participate.

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