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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)February 3, 2009

Just had to stop by and say "Wooooooo Hooooooo"!!!!!!

Pittsburgh is on fire as I speak! The victory parade is about to start in 30 minutes and the crowd is expected to reach a half million.

I would be there, but it's a little too cold for my little QB. So we are celebrating at home and watching the parade on KDKA.

I hope you enjoyed the game. I almost lost my taco dip right there at the end, but Ben and Santonio pulled it off just like I knew they would.

I've been meaning to stop in and see what you think about Mr. Tomlin? He has really proved to be a great part of our dynasty, IMO.

I scanned through the other posts here and read about the accident involving your wife and pup. I sure hope they are both doing okay and that Sandy heals up well.

I sure miss spending time on GW and the ponding forum. Several years later, we are still working on the house and have hopes to move ourselves and the fish by early Summer. I've really had my hands full, but hope that life will slow down a bit soon.

Do you still have your Steeler flag hanging pondside? I just ordered a great set of seasonal Steeler flags from Willabee and Ward - you get one per month for a year.

I will have to post the links of my Grandmother on KDKA for you. She is on the fancam showing off her Steelers tattoo.



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semper_fi(Z7 GA)

Mamabirrd.... First and foremost:


Hope you had a great day.

I was soooooo tempted to make it to Blitzburgh for the Victory Parade. Even looked at some flights but at the end reality set in that I could not escape work especially when it has been this hectic after a horrendous Fall.

Mr. Tomlin has definitely proved me wayyyyy wrong. When he was first hired I wrongly assumed that he was only hired because Mr. Rooney is a big advocate of affirmative action. I should have given Dan Rooney more credit than that. :-(

There are some things about Tomlin's game that I still don't agree with. Take the Superbowl for example. Our first drive shouldn't have ended with a field goal, IMHO. It's 4th and inches man! Have some intestinal fortitude and go for it. Probably the worst thing that could've happened is that we don't make it (not likely) and would have had to rely on our amazing defense to stop them cold in their tracks and gotten the ball back. Sometimes it's not just about the points but about the message you send to your players. I know Cowher would have gone for it in that situation. But I also realize that every great coach has his own modis operandi... and that's cool.

Just got home and was able to catch a replay of the 2nd half of the game on NFL Network. WHAT A GAME! A few observations:

-I am glad Santonio won the MVP. Hopefully, he will use this as a stepping stone to become a more mature player. His chest banging and youthful displays have often irked me because that's NOT Steelers football. We leave that to the Cowboys and the Browns! :-)

-I think Ike Taylor needs to go. He is the weakest link in that secondary. And what is up with the gesture he makes waving his hand rapidly in front of his eyes after the occasional half decent play?!

-I think the Steeler Nation are the nicest, most passionate people I have had the pleasure of meeting. Not that I am biased or anything! ;-) We went to a Steelers game last October in Jacksonville and the Black & Gold was VERY well represented. Good times.... Good times! :-)

p.s.: I love those emoticons. Too funny!

p.s.s.: A big hug to Babybirrd (aka Lil' Ben?). So is he going to be 2 this Spring??? Time flies wayyyyy too fast.

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sheepco(MN z4)

'scuse me for buttin' in. Hi Mamabirrd! Congrats on the babybirrd and we would like pix of the house and the new birrd.

Glad the Steelers won! But as someone who likes to root for the underdogs when the Vikings aren't playing (well, when the Vikes are playing they ARE the underdogs anyway)...ya gotta give the Cardinals alittle credit for doing as well as they did. What a game!

BTW, I made up a grid for the party I went to and Yo' Mama was the big winner! I'm not letting her play anymore :)

Nice to hear from you Dawn.


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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)

Hi Dawn!

Nice to see you. :-)

LOL! I like it. Sixburgh Steelers! RAH!
(Ewww. I'm talking football again! It's Semper's fault!)


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semper_fi(Z7 GA)

"Do you still have your Steeler flag hanging pondside?"

It was tough training the mariachi band to go from their traditional crap to the more entertaining and soothing tunes such as "HERE WE GO STEELERS... HERE WE GO" :-)

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