Very low growing so far

jsf67May 9, 2014

This is a new invader to my lawn, quite a bit of it after not being noticeable last year.
This is very low growing (so far).
I'm trying to transplant some of the successful perennial lawn invaders to elsewhere on the property, where I want something that can be walked on and won't need mowing and will thrive in the acid soil (which this seems to be doing, since the lawn is acid) and will suppress the nastier weeds.
So I don't know any of the above: is it perennial? is it worse than the weeds I want to suppress, so not a good idea? Or is it weaker than the weeds I want to suppress? Will it stand up to being walked on? Will it stay low? Will it stay green until fall (many plants that leap to life in the spring revert to dirt in the late summer)? Are its roots strong enough to hold soil in place on a slope? Can it stand a shadier area?

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When I took the photos, I was pretty sure this second one, from elsewhere on the lawn was a different plant that I also want to ask about.
I'm really bad at this. Looking at the photos, I would be more inclined to guess they are the same plant.

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Could be Ajuga reptans (blue bugle?), if so, those buds should develop into flower spikes with blue flowers soon.
It is perennial and stays green in my European zone 7 winter, does spread by stolons ( i think, above soil), does ok in part shade

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

I would suggest ajuga as well.

A couple of years ago, ajuga appeared in one area of our lawn which is shaded much of the day. It is visible early in the spring before we start mowing. Once we start mowing, we really don't see it unless you start to inspect the lawn up close and personal. It comes back every year so mowing and light foot traffic does not seem to effect it much.


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