Idyll # 502 - Is it spring yet?!

woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)May 4, 2011

Temperatures here have been running 8-10C below normal for the last month or more. Is it ever going to warm up?! (Probably we'll go stright from frigid to heat wave and skip spring altogether at the rate weather has been going this year!)

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

I e-mailed Marian yesterday to ask how things went with Nolon. I haven't heard anything back. Has she posted anything on Facebook?

Here, we're waiting for news about Randy's mother. She collapsed in the nursing home Monday morning (stroke or heart attack - not sure which; probably stroke.) Things are in palliative-care mode as she has been basically in a coma ever since. We expect to hear of her passing sometime in the next 24 hours or so. I have a bunch of medical appointments tomorrow and early next week so we're juggling trying to balance those with Randy needing to head out west. Barb will be available to take me to most of them but there is one that Randy realy wants/needs to be at so we're hoping we can reschedule that one.

To top it off, I've been dealing with some sort of stomach bug or something for the past 5 days. My family doctor is away so I might have to resort to the walk-in clinic if things don't improve soon. Julie- how long did the problems you and TCS were having a while ago last? I'm wondering if I've picked up somthing that is going around and it will just go away if I give it time. I don't feel bad other than the liquid guts issue:-)

I hope spring improves soon!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I too am eager to hear about Marian and Nolon if anyone finds out from Facebook.

Today is a winday & cool spring day here Woody! I've been outdoors weeding away. Ric is away and so my schedule is far more relaxed! New plants are popping up even since yesterday: martagon lilies, Anemonopsis macrophylla, corydalis of several kinds, Fritllaria raddeana, white Erythronium and more.

Two areas are driving me nuts. First, the raspberries have spread uncontrollably and need to be removed. A wretched job. Second, the Allium Purple Sensation have the same problem. Even though I have cut back their seed heads, they are EVERYWHERE.

Tonight will be very cold again, so the plants must be carted back indoors later on. What a bother!

Woody, I'm so sorry about Randy's Mom. It is never good timing. I hope things work out OK for the family out west and that your appointments go well with Barb.

From today...
Pink Corydalis

Purple corydalis

Blue Primula

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

This just arrived in my inbox from Marian:

The openheart surgery and quadruple bypass went very well. In fact it took less than half as long as expected.....only 2 hours or less.
I came home about an hour ago, to rest up and tend to things. I will be returning in the morning. He is not having a good day today, but that is 'normal' for the third day following most any surgery. But he is progressing much better than expected also. It is hoped that he will be moved to a Rehab in Harrison this friday. Then I can stay home at nights. One of his biggest problems is the lack of appetite. I am afraid he may be held longer if he doesn't start eating better.

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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

Thanks for the good news from Marian, Woody. I hope Nolon's appetite picks up and he is in and out of rehab quickly.

I am so sorry to hear of Randy's mother. That is a difficult loss. Also, sorry about your stomach bug. It seems stomach upsets have been going around a lot down here as well. Most of my colleagues and lots of students have been out off and on throughout the last several months. Doesn't usually happen in spring that I remember. Hope it is just a little bug and that it is over and done with by the time you read this. Five days does seem a little out of the ordinary and miserable for you!

It was windy, rainy, and quite cool here today. Ugh. I am over it. Unfortunately, if the pattern from past years holds, we will go from this straight into summer heat with only a few of those lovely Spring days we all cherish. Your Primula and Corydalis are pretty.

I need to find my camera. The new front garden has come back nicely, but I need to add, fill in, and move some things. Hope I can get to it one of these weekends.

We have a bird nesting in the ribs of the patio umbrella. Haven't caught the momma on the nest yet, so not sure what we have. I will need to keep the dogs in when the babies fledge or all the mother's work will be for naught given the tag-team's penchant for eliminating anything that moves in the yard.

Off to get ready for bed. Awoke to a cold this morning and after a frustrating day, I am hitting the sack early.

Kathy, it is nice to be back!

Waving and trying not to sneeze or cough on any of you...


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

A good news story here!

Today was the surgery day for my friend's six year old with a rare cancer.

Background: The operation is called a maxillectomy, which is a terrible ordeal with permanent life changes. That means they will remove the palate on the side, his left upper jawbone and teeth, and the bones that connect everything. He will have a hole in his mouth that goes all the way to the eye bone. He will have a prosthesis, called an obturator. An obturator is like a denture with a cap to cover the hole in his mouth, so he can eat and speak. He will have a temporary one while his mouth heals, and then a permanent (removable) one in a few weeks. His will have teeth like the one shown here: (not for the squeamish).

He will need to get new obturators as he grows.

He may need skin grafts as he grows.

They will also be removing part of the bone on the floor of the orbit (eye) and inserting an implant to replace the bone.

They will remove enough tissue and bone until they get a clear margin. (clear margin:

We know they need to be aggressive in getting clear margins, because any tumor cells they leave could regrow. The necessity of clear margins is why everything could change once they get a look inside. Radiation will also help ensure clear margins.

TODAY from his Mom:
We met with the surgeon. In the surgery the pathology slides showed no cancer anywhere. The "thing" inside of his sinus cavity appears to be blood and gunk left over from his last surgery. Since they couldn't find any cancer cells, they decided to NOT do a maxillectomy. Essentially the surgery turned out to be one big biopsy. They have about 30 samples to be reviewed. From the pathology of those, they will decide if they will do a maxillectomy later. Because of this, his hospital stay will be short, one or two nights at max. This is all terrific news.

We are now up in his room, in a big sunny room. He's very thirsty and his face hurts. He's had 3 apple juices and a couple of popsicles. I think he'd drink Lake Superior if we let him.
I get weepy over this.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Thank you for all your kind thoughts, both here and on the last thread.
I am holding up quite well despite being very tired.
Trubby was so happy to see me . He 'talked' and 'talked'. Now he is curled up in 'his chair' sound asleep.
I hope to be back home again by the end of the week.
And I am so sorry that Randy's mom is failing fast.

I roamed around our very soggy yard after I got home, and took pictures of blooms. I posted a lot on Facebook. I haven't added any to Picture Trail. I wish they were as easily posted here as they are on FaceBook. I have several Clems and Peonies in bloom, as well as other things. I think anyone can see my Facebook pics even if they are not members.... Maybe not....

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Two good news medical situations is good to read these days!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Marian, I'm so glad you have flowers and Trubby at this time! I hope you can think of something special that Nolon likes to eat. Is your son nearby?

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Hello all! First of all,Woody, I am sorry to hear of the situation with Randy's mother. Even if health issues have been accepted, even if you think you are "ready", you aren't. This is difficult at the best of times. I wish I could help;....

The stomach thing kept me in bed for three days and then lying around with no energy and not eating for another three days. For TCS, after two days of morning sickness,we kept him on clear fluids for two more days and then he was fine. I had a second go with it as well,but am now o.k. It seems there is not much to do except give your body a rest from food...I hate that....I LOVE food!

Good news too from Marian. I have not seen her on Facebook for a while, so am happy for the update.

And Marie's little friend. What a trauma to go through; perhaps he will be fortunate to have dodged that bullet! So difficult for family and friends too.

Marie, your Spring blooms look so refreshing! My daffodils have not even bloomed yet! And today was yet another cold and rainy one. I made a list of what is left for me to do in the garden and will knock off one thing each day, even if the weather doesn't cooperate. I have decreed this....

I spent the day with a friend who inherited her Mother's garden and also a promise to be on a garden tour in June. She is not too garden savvy,so we will work together to get things in shape.I am sure that the garden will look beautiful with about three days of work.

This is such a busy time of year, even if one is not working in a seasonal job - thinking of Saucy, Kathy,Chelone,Deanne, Brenda, all of those who are so busy now. And Cyn also - one tends to think only of the students concerns about end of year grades,not those of the teachers!

Hoping tomorrow is a nicer day so maybe I can get two things off of the list!



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Woody, I�m thinking of you and Randy. Everything happening at once makes things more difficult.

�bug, so glad to hear that the little guy was able to avoid some of the nastiness. Kids with cancer is so heartbreaking.

Things in the garden here are slowly progressing. I noticed the rock cress blooming along with the first of the hellebores. The early tulips are getting started along with daffodils and hyacinths. I have one little bloodroot bloom and a white pulsatilla that were both planted last year. It�s always fun to see things bloom for the first time.

We spent the evening cutting down a large part of a tree down that had fallen in the Secret Garden. Fortunately it didn�t fall on Kenzie�s garden shed. (she likes to call it that rather than a playhouse) While we were at it we cut down a few more branches and Rick used the skidloader to clean up all the debris. The area behind the Secret Garden is quite over grown with lots of little weed trees. I�m not sure what I really want to do with the area. It looks ok in the summer as it appears as a green background.


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Hi Everyone.

Marian, so glad Nolon made it through surgery so well. You have my admiration, for many reasons. Your strength, stamina, and independence are to be admired. I also think you do a wonderful job keeping up to date with technology. I hope to be as strong as you one day. Just don't forget to take care of you, and try to get some rest yourself.

Woody, so sorry to hear about Randy's mother. And hope that your stomach bug is gone, and your upcoming appts have good results.

Bug, thanks for sharing the news about your friend's son. I am so glad that he had the best possible outcome, and that they are done with this. Why do kids have to suffer? If I could change one thing in this world, it would be the suffering of children. It is amazing how well they come through these things. I will pray for this little guy and his parents.

I am trying to play catch up here today. Yesterday was my first day at work. It turns out it will probably be a one month to 6 week job, depending on the weather. I LOVED IT!!!! Time flew by, I got to do lots of different things, which works well for my personality. Everyone was very nice. I packed my little lunch in my cute little TJ Maxx lunch box. The home improvement business is starting to pick up, I had a number of appointments this week, and sold some jobs. I am still going to send out my resume. I am a person who likes to have a back up to my back up plan. Security is an issue with me. And, I will now be able to put horticulture experience on my resume!!! Yippeee... I think I found my dream at the age of 58. Now to figure out a way to make $$$ at it, LOL.

Hope you all have a great day!!! I am going to straighten up in the house and head to the garden. This rain has sprouted a million weeds. My baptisia disappeared. It is usually out there by this time....???


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Drema, be patient! Some of my Baptisia are poking through but others are not. A lot depends on where they are situated.

My little six year old friend is not out of the woods yet. We are happy though that the doctors are being very cautious about this surgery. Here's how things stand:
If all samples come back negative, then radiation is next, with chemo during radiation.
If all but a few of the samples come back negative, we'll decide if any more surgery will happen, then radiation, with chemo.
If there are lots of samples that show cancer cells, they would consider doing a maxillectomy anyways, then radiation, with chemo.
There is a chance that even if the slides come back all negative, the oncologists would recommend a maxillectomy anyways.
Of course, as today just showed, anything could happen.

It is an amazing sunny day today. The future looks to be wet for many more days, so I'm out the door and into the garden now!

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Randy's mom is still hanging in there today. His brother is on his way out now. Randy is hoping to be able to put off going until after my Monday medical appointment.

This morning we went to the RBG (Royal Botanical Gardens) plant sale. I didn't get very many things. I did get two clematises to add to the iron tuteur because it looks like I might have lost at least one of the ones I planted on it last year. I got a 'Venosa Violacea' and a 'Midnight Showers'. When I looked up Midnight Showers on COTW, I found out it was just another name for Warsaw Nike! I already have that one - and like it fortunately - growing on shrubs along the garage wall, to the west of the tuteur. Actualy, I think it might look good to have one in the foreground and one in the background, so I don't mind the duplication too much - but it would have been nice to have the Nike name on the label too!

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It's a lovely sunny day and at 8:00 its already 52 degrees. I'd best get going and get outside.

I'm in search of some more clems and need to find my wish list.

Last evening was Kenzie's dance recital. It was enjoyable and she ended up with 3 small bouquets of flowers which thrilled her more than anything.

Drema, I'm glad to hear that the job is so enjoyable.

Out to the garden because like 'bug, there is rain in the forecast for the next 5 days!


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Woody, please know that both you and Randy are in my thoughts. Such news carries untold stress along with it. Mixed emotions and much reflection; not a one of us gets a "pass" on that one. Wishing you both the best under the present circumstances. Good "support systems" make it easier.

And Marian's news does my heart glad, too. I hope the transfer to Harrison occurs soon. Vivid memories of necessary road time when Mum was hospitalized linger... it was very tiring and the luxury of time in my "own bed" (with feline support) made it easier. Hang tough, Marian!

Brown baggin' Drema! you go, girl! I'm delighted to hear that you enjoyed your time "fleshing out your horticultural resume". One of the things I've always liked about sewing is that it allows me to do different things on any given day. Same basic skill, but today it can be replacing glass in a sailboat dodger, tomorrow it may be making cushions, the day after it could be altering a suit. Never a dull moment. :) (my Baptisia is up, but only just).

It's been a lovely morning here but the forecast calls for increased clouds and some showers this afternoon... the western sky has that "milky" look about... . I'm kinda tired of the "unsettled" aspect of things, but since there's nothing to be done about it I'm "good with it". But it makes working outside tougher when you have work that must be done INSIDE. ;)

Smiling at the image of Kenzie taking her bows and receiving a bouquet... beats the hell out of rotten tomatoes, huh? :)

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Already 5 items crossed off the list. Not bad for noonish. Since I only had one day off last week a list was needed to get the situation under control here. My eeny-weenie lawn was so poofy I had to take the weedwacker to it before I could mow it. I�ve had to water today-I�ve only watered containers to this point, but we had a couple of 80ish days in a row so I finally had to give up and break out the hose.

Opening night last night for JC Superstar, alllwent well apparently, to a full house. I always go the second week after his plays open�just in case any �kinks need to be worked out.

Thinking of Marian, Nolon, Woody and Randy today�back outside I go.

Kathy in Napa

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When I was in Jr. High school I 'bout wore the grooves off the JC Superstar album; ditto Godspell!. Great story and great music, all that theatre should be. I don't honestly think there's better "laughs" to be had than a ticket the theatre. The crummy upholstery, the dimming lights and the hum of the audience, the presence of a LIVE someone, right in front of you! performing for YOU. It's magic; pure and simple. The first show I saw was the "The Pyjama Game". It was a tiny community theatre group and it was on the second floor of a "hall". I was about 10-11, and it was magic. I was hooked and seeing a show is something I particularly enjoy.

Rain has passed; threatening late sunshine. More thunderstorms to come... "feels like it".

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

There's an emotional roller coaster going on in Randy's family at the moment. Things are still in flux with Randy's mom - she was apparently more responsive yesterday and this morning but has since relapsed.

Has anyone heard if Nolon transferred to rehab on schedule? I e-mailed Marian for an update but haven't heard back yed - has there been anything on Facebook?

On a lighter note - we spent some time wandering around the backyard garden this afternoon. The trilliums are having a good spring at least!

Both the red ones and white ones are seeding around vigorously so are clearly happy with the garden conditions here. Seedling white ones:

Misty is rather laid-back about all the stress going on here:

JC Superstar was the first live musical I saw. It was performed by a local small theatre group and a cousin in the 3rd or 4th degree played Judas, so that added a bit of additional interest.

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Woody, Marian has not been on FB so I have to assume she's not at home. She has not posted there since Wednesday or thereabouts.

The calmness displayed by pets during times of human stress is I think one of the best gifts they provide us. Misty looks pretty comfortable !

The first play I saw was My Fair Lady at the Biltmore Theater in Los Angeles. I was in 3rd grade. I love the theater , but alas have no talent. I can't tell you how gratifying it is to have DS carry the torch for me. I've posted a link to an article from a local newspaper below. It's a PDF file so it will have to load before you can see it. Unfortunately I can't provide the 2nd page with the rest of the interview, but I though you'd enjoy the photo.

Later friends...

Here is a link that might be useful: JC Superstar

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Kathy - we need page 2 of the interview! Another link...?

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Here you go Woody...hopefully !

Here is a link that might be useful: Page 2

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

He sounds like a star in the making... :-)

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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

Well, Kathy, that was perfect timing. I had just finished page 1 and clicked back to see you had added page 2. What a proud mom you must be! Now, we need the audio of the show! :)

Happy news from 'bug and Marian and yes, it is nice to be back at home during such times isn't it?

Woody, that picture of Misty just goes to show why we all need our furry family members. Now matter what, looking at her, you have to feel suffused with calmness and serenity. We all need more of that in our lives, I supect. At least, I know I do.

Drema, it is marvelous to hear you sounding so happy! Glad the job is wonderful.

Michelle, love that Kenzie calls the playhouse her garden shed. Such fun picturing her holding her bouquets after the recital. Waiting for the pictures-which I know you must have taken!

Julie,your words to Randy and Woody were perfect and so very true.

Chelone, hope the thunderstorms weren't too bad. Must admit that I do enjoy storms-just don't want them to be too damaging.

We had the monster pup today since the kids were going to the Gold Cup Steeplechase in Middleburg for the day. Expected them back by now. Happily, all three dogs are totally zonked at this point. First time they have been still since 8:00 this morning! Glad it was a beautiful day.

Time to put the clean sheets on the bed-I love that. Heard Oprah say once that her sheets were changed every three days at the longest. She just couldn't imagine going longer than that and every other day was the way she really liked it-yeah, I would like too that if I had someone else to do it for me. ;0

Night all.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

We are both back home. Nolon was released from the Springdale Hospital yesterday around noon. I took him straight to the 'rehab' at Harrison. It was the pits! More of a nursing home for all stages of dementia, than for people in Nolon's condition. The room they put him in looked like an afterthought, an already had an occupant, an elderly man, who could hardly hear. The door was always left open, and a poor demented woman in a wheel chair had parked herself at the door, and was yelling and babbling. Almost all the 'residents' there were in that conditon, and roaming the hallway. I could hardly get in and out of his room because of them. The interior is in the process of being 'restored' and painting was going on. The workers were dragging their paint cloths through the main hallway and you had to wait for them to slowly get where they were going to get where you wanted to go ! The staff seems very inefficient, and only one young female worker,(I didn't know her position), showed him much interest, but that was partly because she is from our area, and knows a lot of the same people we know. Nolon became very depressed at the situation, and I hated it about an hour after we got there I had him released and we came home. He apparently had an adrenalin rush...he got out of our car and, with his walking stick, charged up the front steps, into the house, and all the way back to his bedroom, to use his nebulizer. He had a very good night, but is more like he was as he left the hospital today, except he is walking around okay, with his walker.
Trubby was overjoyed at having him home, and spent the night snuggled up against him. :-)
Tomorrow I will take him to his primary physician and have him evaluated as to his physical condition, and get the prescriptions filled that the cardiology dr wrote for him. I also plan on getting home health care for him.
Our county road is still in terrible condition from the excess rains, but passable for the brave. :-) Our private driveway is better than the county road that comes down the hill past our driveway. A neighbor came over and worked on it with his tractor and blade several days ago.

The dog has moved to the neighbor's next door, that have been feeding her while we were gone. :-( I don't know if she will come back. I have not named her, but have gone out and called "Dog" , and other terms that I used when talking to her, and she still hasn't shown up. I was told they were not feeding her at their I am wondering why she doesn't return here.

Marie, you asked if our son is close by. No, he lives about a 3 hour drive from where we live. And the Sprngdale Hospital is even farther.

Drema, thank you for all you said to me. I really appreciate it.

Thanks to all for their concern.

I started working on this post a few hours ago, but have had several interruptions. The neighbors that were tending things came and brought the dog home. It is now chained to a pawpaw tree. I will keep it that way for a couple of days, until I take it for a walk. I have done 2 loads of laundry, and need to mow the entire yard. But...I am now very tired, so a nap will soon be on the 'menu'.


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Marian - that sounds like a hard day for both of you. Home most definitely sounds like a better place to be! Take care not to overdo things - and be careful on that road until the conditions are better - getting stuck in mud or something would not do any good for anyone!

What color is the dog? You said, I think, that is looks like a Lab mix? It's female? Maybe we should have a name-Marian's-dog 'contest' :-)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Marian! You certainly have had a busy time of things. I'm glad to see you've made wise decisions about Nolon's care. Having him depressed and parked in unpleasant quarters is not a menu for recovery I'd think. Home health care seems a very wise choice to me. I hope you can find someone competent and reliable. I agree with Woody about watching your pace. Laundry can wait....

Rascal seems a suitable name for the dog. His arrival at your place is news to me! Maybe we could get a photo somehow?

Today is an amazingly gorgeous day here. Unfortunately the mower isn't starting so I need help with the booster cables. I've weeded, and then pruned about 40 clematis! I think I'll try reading for book club and save more outdoor work for tomorrow.

Poor DH had big problems getting to Uruguay last Tuesday. Somehow a small error turned into a nightmare. His name on his ticket was reversed somehow, last name first. So since he was obviously a terrorist (NOT) they would not allow him to fly. After much debate, he was forced to buy another ticket with a different return date. ($1500!) Once he arrived in Montevideo for the conference, he had to spend days locating different offices to try and change the return date and get a refund. The people at the conference acted as interpreters for him (he doesn't know Spanish) but the result is that next Tuesday he must continue the nonsense when he reaches Buenos Aries. DH was very happy he managed to attend DS's presentation and said it was very good.

Unfortunately I was not able to connect with Kathy's JC Superstar link. I had to reboot the silly computer for some I'll trust the others that it was an exciting event and read.

The white Purissima tulips are a delight today and the whole place is blue, yellow and white. The trees leaves are all about to pop and there are loads of fish and tadpoles in the pond and creek. So YES, I'd say it is SPRING. I even have windows opened for fresh air!

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I cast my vote for AWOL (absent with out leash) for "Marian's dog".

Not much time to write just now, but want you to know, Marian, that your gut reaction to the "rehab. place" was spot on. Good that you got Nolon the hellouttathere!

Good to know that Trubby was providing hourly nursing services... best medicine available. :)

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Nap taken, and I feel better. Our son, Tim, called to wish me Happy Mother's Day, and to wish that he was here.

Susan, the road isn't muddy, but it is covered with sizable rocks in several spots where the rushing waters washed them, lots of groves, and a deep crevice down the road at the top of the hill that we have to straddle. It is not centered, so one has to be careful to stay over to one side to straddle it. I would estimate that the crevice is at least a foot deep and more than half as wide, and several feet long.

Oh, too late about the laundry. The 2 loads are out of the dryer, but not folded and put away. :-)

Okay....I have a pic of Dog in my PT album, but have forgotten how to post it here..... HELP !
The neighbor is calling it Sugar, because it is so sweet. ( His words ) :-)
I am calling it Rolex because it is a 'watch dog' . :-)
Tim prefers the later.
Tim thinks it is a Lab mix, but I goggled 'Labs' and found that the original breed had the same coloring as she does....soo...maybe she has gone back to the original ? She has all the characteristics of a lab. Tim thinks she may even be a 'lost' dog, and the owners may be looking for her. I will go back through our old newspapers and see if I can find an ad.

Thanks for the 'thumbs up' on my 'rehab' decision. :-)


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yeonasky(z8b VancouverBC)

I'm just popping in to wish all a Happy Mother's Day and to say I'm glad Marian, Hubby, dog and Trubby are safely back home, and mending.

I didn't want you to miss the writeup Marie, so I hope no one minds that I copied the article to here. I'm off to eat lunch now. I had a nice breakfast out with the family, but there was sugar in something and it set off my blood sugar problems.

I hope everyone's well. I'll write again soon.


From the paper "Diversions"
"humbling experience"

Kyle Stoner was betrayed by Judas. That’s the role he wanted in Bay Area Stage Production’s "Jesus Christ Superstar," opening today. "I guess I don’t have the right looks for it," said Stoner, who is now, happily, playing the role of Jesus. Stoner is a veteran of theater productions in Napa, including shows at Vintage High School and more recently with Napa Valley College. He stepped away from theater for a few years but always felt a need to get back into it. "The pressure kept building inside me," he said. "After I got back to doing theater, I kept saying, I should have been doing this the last five years," he said. As for having the starring role, Stoner feels it’s "been a humbling experience." The story, which Stoner feels is well written, uses a narrative from Jesus’ point of view, thereby making him more of a human figure than icon, Stoner said. He’s also found a way to interject some humor into the role, at least at rehearsals. When breaking bread at the last supper, the prop bread is heavier than the real thing. Stoner jokingly tells his cast members he’s been working out and has a hard body, thanks to the heavy bread. Stoner has been involved in music since his youth and feels that musical theater is where he wants to be. He plays the guitar and percussion. "My mom is a huge Broadway fan," Stoner said. "I listened to ‘Phantom (of the Opera)’ over and over again," Stoner said. A few years ago he rediscovered "Jesus Christ Superstar." "I love the music (from it)," he said. "It’s so good." His favorite tune from the show is "Heaven on Their Minds." Stoner also likes the fact "Jesus Christ Superstar" is one of a handful of rock operas. After playing Jesus, Stoner will return to some Shakespeare work with Napa Valley College. He’s also auditioning for Bay Area productions." Trying to keep busy and getting out there (for auditions) is the best way to get myself into the swing of things," he said."

Other cast members are
Nick Thompson,
Casey Ellis,
Ray Christiansen,
Sydness Ortiz,
Dan Monez,
Courtney McAllister,
Obudio Butler Jr. and
Kiernan Donleavey.

Reach Amy Maginnis-Honey at amaginnis@dailyrepublic.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Thanks so much Yeona! Kind of you.
Kyle, congratulations!
I was more a symphony/concert person than theater when growing up. In fact, DD's plays were my main introduction. (Little Shop of Horrors, Fiddler on the Roof...)

Marian, Lady Rolex is a great name. :) (Mine are always the cheaper Timex though...)

I post photos this way:
[img src="the photo http jpg then"]
Substitute for the brackets shown.
Maybe there are other ways too?

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Here is the story of Lady Rolex (I like that one - AWOL is neat too but not too feminine :-) I meant to post this when Marian sent it but forgot...

BTW, we now have a dog !!! A female lab...or mosly lab, pup came to us, and apparently belongs to no one around here. I have decided to keep it. Nolon is having some problem with that also, since our cat Trubby, is having a problem with it. I am hoping it is no danger to Trubby, although it chased the stray cat, that I have been feeding, up a tree the other day. Nolon thinks is was meaning to harm it.
We have not had a deer or 'coon in the yard since it came...over a week ago. That is a blessing. :-)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Our dog plays (roughly) with indoor cats but chases outdoor cats (who escape). They are rough in return. How does she see the difference? Tell Nolon I was concerned too, but they worked it out.
Phoebe is also good with the cat at the house where she stays when we are away.
How nice of Tim to phone!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Here is a pic of Lady Rolex . :-)

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Hi All!
Been to busy or to tired to get here.
Woody sorry to hear about Randy's mom. Thats a tough one. I know he is torn when he wants to be with you too for your appointments. Hope those go in your favor.

Marion,I think you made the right choice in bringing Nolan home too. I hope it won't be to much for you.
Dogs really do keep the deer away and it's a shame they were eating so many of your nice plants. I hope that works out.

Kathy nice article about Kyle . Thanks for posting that Yeona.

Bug what a hassle for your DH. Trimming 40 Clematis sounds like extreme gardening to me.

I hired my seventeen year old grandson Jake to help me with some heavy digging and trimming this weekend. It worked out great for both of us. He earned money and I crossed a lot off my list that I don't need to look at and wish it was done.

I had Mothers Day wishes from all three of my kids and two DIL's and appreciated them all. I especially appreciate that my SIL calls to wish me a Happy Mothers Day.
Eldest Son brought me a Hot air ballon spinner and a cute little gopher popping out of a hole. I don't like to much of that sort of thing but these are cute.

I don't know where time goes these days. It just seems to fly by.

I hope you all had some garden time this weekend it was nice here. We have a couple of hot days coming up and more possible severe storms. It figures the Iris are all coming into bloom and they will probably get flattened. My new Coral Charm peony has one flower on it and it is gorgeous. If my picture does it justice I will try to post it.
I now have a permanent spot picked out for it so it will get moved this fall.

Later. Norma

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Good afternoon friends-well evening-ish I guess depending on your time zone. I feel good about my accomplishments in the garden this weekend- but naturally the result is a list of plant needs, lol does it ever end ? We are at the point of spring here where things are starting to look good, filled in, with the empty spaces even more apparent. I sp'd and or moved many things this past fall and winter and am pleased with the result so far. I got almost all my acquisitions of the last month planted this weekend.

Yeona, thank you for posting that for 'bug. I will see the play next weekend. They have gotten some really great publicity for this show, with articles in several local bay area newspapers, radio interviews and even a local TV spot.

Marian, sure glad you were able to get Nolon released from that place-isn't it remarkable how far heart procedures have come . My dad had a heart attack in the mid-60's and was basically bedridden for several weeks at home, after a couple of weeks in the hospital. I wonder now how all of it was paid for ? There were even house-calls from the Doctor, unheard of today.

OK, I need to finish cooking dinner -waves to all..

Kathy in Napa

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Lady Rolex (Lexy for short...?) is a cutie!

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Randy's mother died last night around midnight last night. Randy is heading out torrow morning for the funeral.

The next challenge is to get his father back here. He's been saying the last week or so that he wants to move back. There's going to be a lot of work involved in making that happen - the physical logistics of getting their condo ready for sale; his father is inclined to still live on his own, so need to find a place acceptable to him; and then the physical move across the country....

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Sorry for Randy's loss. I can identify with the hassle that it is going to be to get his dad back in your area. It is good that he still wants to be independant, and is able to be. I am taking Nolon in to his primary doctor at 11:30. They will set him up with Home Health Care.

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Woody - I'm so sorry to hear of your and Randy's loss. I do hope things work out well for his Father - and hopefully Randy was able go to your drs' appts with you before he headed out. I do hope your tummy bug has waned. It's been hitting here in various forms recently (my DD and DGD had it this past weekend).
Lots going on in everyone's lives -- same here - busy busy at awfice and trying to cram some garden time in the evenings, if not raining - as Cyn said, we had a lot of rain here last week. The weekend was gorgeous but I had other obligations to attend to.

Kathy -- I think it's so neat that Kyle mentions you in his interview - as a source of inspiration (unspoken) for his following this path. That's so wonderful - a truly lovely Mother's Day present, LOL.

I think it's wonderful that you've got a job (even temporary to give you a taste) that you might love, Drema - you never know how those short stints could play out for the future... they may end up finding a place for you or knowing someone who needs someone who... you know. I totally get needing a back-up plan for the back-up -- security is important to us all.

The full Spring season is getting into high gear -- the mid-season Clems are loaded with buds and likely will open this week - Niobe, Arabella, Juuli and others, as are the peonies (funny, Norma, Coral Charm or maybe mine is Coral Sunset is the only one that doesnt seem to have a bud this year - and it's in full sun - go figure); others that were a bust last year are putting some buds out -- very exciting to see. Never give up hope! Krinkled White peony has opened as of yesterday and looks yummy with the blooming fringe tree. I still need to SP some things and move things around, but think I may have lost my opportunity for it if it heats up.

Hopefully things will be quieter here this week so I may check in more often. The laptop seems to be fading to blackout so it's more and more difficult to try to stand to get it to even open GW up these days -- guess it may go to the higher priority to-do list. (Along with a new roof for the house that I've been told is necessary).

'bug - what a pain for DD re the ticket -- yep, these days one has to pay attention to every detail re travel- one reason I went to the DMV last week to get my eye color corrected - somehow it had turned into "brown" and I've still got green and always have had green -- but they print it on the license these days so I could just see future difficulties if I were to use the driver's license for any form of I.D. Sheesh....

I do love this time of year -- things are exploding with growth and green and fresh new starts! I hope we all feel the optimism of Spring.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Very sorry to hear your news Woody. It's been a difficult year. I do hope you can find a nice spot for Randy's Dad that is nearby, and that he won't mind scaling down his possessions.

This was today's news about my little six year old friend:
"The pathology results are in:
No evidence of malignancy in ANY of the samples.
I think this is the best news I have ever gotten in my life."
There's still a long road ahead, but this was magnificent news.

DD had a job interview this morning. She doesn't want the job, but needed the practice for a job interview that she DOES want that's coming up soon. She's been very discouraged by her job lately, almost didn't return to work at all after Leo was born. Her boss is terrific, but she's the only full time employee left and there's a hiring freeze, which means she expected to do the work of 10. She refuses to be used. She enjoyed another hockey tournament last weekend, but is sore.

I planted a few things, weeded a few things, pruned a few things, watered a few things. Took some brunnera and hellebore seedlings to a friend. Bought gas. Saw my dentist who lives down the road (he was moving a tractor) and he said he'd come by later to help start my mower. Yeah!

Book club tonight.
I keep procrastinating. I have to fill out the census forms...Blargh.

Wonderful spring sounds out my window.

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yeonasky(z8b VancouverBC)

So sorry to hear of Randy's mother's passing. I hope his father's move back to you is smooth as can be.

I spent the day gardening for a nice lady, who's a librarian/teacher, with a energetic 4 year old boy. I feel like the luckiest person on the planet right now. Tomorrow I clean a bachelor pad, with four room mates. Never a dull moment, anymore.

It's late and I have to get up early for me, 7 a.m. to be exact, so I'll wave goodnight, and say it was my pleasure to post the article and I wish I were going to see the play, too. And congrats Drema. So much more to say but so little time. I hope everyone has happy gardening days.

Take care all.


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((Woody and Family)).. Hoping all the transitions are seamless.

A fun moment today, talking to Drema on the phone this morning arranging a 'plant transfer' ..I like segueing into the non-imaginary mode upon occasion-hearing the voice and all. We mentioned IU , and it reminded me that I need to send out a 'wake-up' e-mail and make my flight reservations. This weekend it will be done.

'Gardening for a nice lady'..does it get any better than that Yeona ? I hope you get both financial and emotional remuneration.

Cindy, I was most excited by the first blooms on �Arabella�, this is her second year thus 'creep' and await 'leap' next season. I want to add Pink Fantasy after seeing pics of it at Les and Moniques. Really Cindy, laptops have gotten so el-cheapo compared with the 'old days' . I got mine for under 400 bucks and it's quite serviceable for travel and auxiliary purposes at home.

This weekend is the Napa County Master Gardeners garden tour - I�m going to attend , camera in hand.

Time for dinner-later friends.

Kathy in Napa

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Yesterday hit 91 and today 89. Way too hot. Things are supposed to return to normal tomorrow. The tulips are not liking this.

I had the day off today. Kenzie had a music program in the a.m. that we went to. Then a few nursery stops. I found a clematis for the arbor to replace the now deceased 'Multi-Blue' The replacement is 'Etoile Violette' A few peppers and tomotoes too. I spent the rest of the day in the garden. We took a break in the afternoon and enjoyed strawberry/banana smoothies. I think Rick could get used to having me around every day. I spent some time shovel pruning some out of hand phlox, asiatic lilies and iris. I�m working on a fairy garden of my own. Kenzie will have one too. It�s looking like the will be in the ground gardens instead of containers.

Woody, my sympathies to you and Randy. I hope the move goes well for his father.

Marian, I hope things are going well for you and Nolon.

Kathy, you must be so proud of Kyle. I added 'Pink Fantasy' 2 years ago and it has performed fabulously for me.

�bug, so glad to hear your little friend's news.

Norma, I have hired Rick's grandsons in the past. Mostly for the heavy type jobs like when we removed all the rock around the foundation.

Rest well

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

I was thinking of IU recently myself, Kathy - and wondering how I could bring some succulent offshoots I've got with no one to give to -- and Drema seemed like a great idea... Drema, you interested?

A question to you re the new laptop, Kathy - was it loaded w/ the software you needed for $400? I find that often is what shoots the prices up on these things and I do need a MS package to do document work and stuff (to say nothing of the virusware).... I sure am ready to heave mine out the window.

We are having glorious weather here - mid 70s each day and dry -- of course the payback will be rain all weekend (piffle - more conspiracy against my weekend real-work gardening). I don't have much more time than a WALAT and a little julie job outside (along with chasing and admonishing Stella who is in wild and free spring puppy mode - she does believe all those great new green things are to eat and or leap through -- Chelone, you need to come do some serious puppy training!).

Michelle -- sounds like you had a great long weekend -- what, you SP'd asiatic lilies? Whatever for? I will say I've got some serious phlox that needs ridding of, and the iris much as I keep buying them just rot out after any serious winter.

I've had Cl. Pink Fantasy on my list for several years as well, and think I did purchase one but it didnt make it overwintered in a pot, so it's back on the list. Havent bought a single clematis this year - this is a first for me. I was so bad w/ pots that never got in the ground last year, I decided I really needed to restrain myself and take a serious review of the overall picture.

Yeona, it must be satisfying to garden for someone who obviously doesnt have time to do it w/ a young child -- the work you're doing, whether cleaning or gardening, are very results oriented tasks - and you get immediate gratification from seeing the tremendous difference you've made. You've obvioulsy got lots of tenacity and guts too to do those things for others. Hats off to you!

Well, since it's been a few days w/ no photos, I will share what I just "gave myself" - I've been wanting to do for several years and I think the folks who put it in, did a pretty good job. Stella even approves and likes it:

The new path in the back garden, it goes from the gate to the turnabout, one end to the other:

I'm just clicking my heels with delight on how it turned out -- much as I'd have preferred an Inta cobble/millstone path, this was more budget "friendly" --

Have a great day, all.


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Cindy - I love that path -and the fluffy ornament is very cute too!

Liam is here today to keep Misty and me company. Blue will probaly come by in the afternoon for a play session with his buddy.

The funeral service for Randy's mother is today - it's a small, private one for just family. She will be cremated so Randy's father can bring her ashes with him if/when he moves back here, so their ashes can be scattered together when he dies. They were happily married for 62 years.

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I want to extend my condolences to Randy and you, too, Woody. 62 years is a long time to be married and I'm sure Randy's father is adrift without her. It's a big change in "normal" for the entire family. It's good to have a support network. I like that the dogs are there to keep an eye on you, Woody.

The path was an excellent gift for yourself, Cindy. Looks smashing and your garden area is just so pretty. Much more advanced than things are here on the Compound. Step up the frequency of the beatings and your wayward puppy will "snap to". ;) I love the way the path leads you through the garden and the way you've defined specific areas within it. Lovely!

Wish we'd see temperatures in the mid-70s... it's been really chilly here and the coming weekend is supposed to be raw and chilly. Yawn. But not all together bad news for someone with a ton of work to get done. Lesigh. The black flies are awful this year. I have several very large bites on my ears and even days after the fact they are still really itchy. I loathe bug repellent but think I'll have to put it on... like deodorant!

I think of Marian and Nolon frequently and hope things are going smoothly. I don't think I'll ever shake the awfulness of the "rehabilitation centres", the ineptness and unwillingness to admit that they didn't really know how to deal with an urostomy patient. Pay per service does little for the overall quality of care. Scoff. Being home is often the best tonic available.

I had a dreadful day today; squealing in utter frustration when I was unable to find duct tape that would actually stick to the machine bed. The binding set up is completely inadequate for the task at hand and I had a moment of clarity when I realized that I've been screwing around duct taping a cheap folder to a machine for nearly 12 yrs. now. The machine is cranky anyway and my pleas for a mechanic's intervention have fallen on deaf ears for nearly 7 mos. now. The upshot was that the job that should have taken 10 minutes occupied over ONE HOUR of fiddling, fussing, etc.. I finally simply set it aside and "moved on". There is a TV show I see every so often about people drowning in clutter in their homes... my home is no model of organization but compared to the awfice it is downright spartan.

I am currently in my own private hell trying to figure out the mystery of computerized book keeping, so I'm with anyone who is ready to heave the damn thing out the window (lol). It's definitely time to call in the reinforcements, because the thought of trying to unravel it after a day like today comes perilously close to bringing tears to my eyes. :(

But, most recent floorcloth is heading into the homestretch and looks great. It will remain in the Salon and it makes me smile every time I work on it (3 more coats of poly. to go). I have used only old paint that's been stockpiled for some years now and that makes me feel pretty good. I am still waiting for the pads to arrive and may just deliver the other one to my brother this weekend in spite of its absence. I can deliver it later and getting the floorlcoth out of here will free up some valuable space on my tables.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

That is gorgeous Chelone! There surely is a market for something like that - make a nice porfolio of pictures (include ones of your sewing work too) and cultivate all local up-scale interior designers....! You'll be in business as a respected and profitable artisan in no time.

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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

Woody, just wanted to say that I am thinking of you, Randy, his dad and the family. 62 years is indeed an amazing run and I can't imagine the loss Randy's dad is feeling.

Also, hoping you are feeling better.

Hello to all.

Cindy, I LOVE your new path!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Some super nice photos on this thread!

Cindy, I love your path! A very well thought out project that you'll enjoy for years to come. Somehow it reminds me of projects that long lost Cynthia used to treat us to. Mind you, the dogs were very different.

Marian, Lady Rolex is adorable. I don't suppose you have much time to train her, but at least time to love her. She looks fine in her tuxedo. ;) I hope things are going well for you both.

Chelone, what a very fine piece of work you've done...once again! It must be very satisfying to see these come together. With my projects, I find I enjoy working on them more when they are my own and not made for others. That's true for knitting, cooking, gardening and other things too. That's why I marvel at Saucy and Yeona who enjoy gardening for others.

Today I once again did several outdoor jobs - including mowing, raking, planting clematis, removing a miserably large chive plant that was reseeding everywhere, dumped eight huge buckets of weeds, divided a huge goldenrod fireworks, planted thalictrum evening star (which I LOVE!) and a couple of other things too. I'm bushed, but there's still more on the list before tomorrow's afternoon showers begin. While at work, I disturbed a nest of star nosed moles. Not sure how I feel about that. They squeal.

Michelle, Etoile Violette has more blooms per inch than any other clematis! You can hardly see any foliage. Glad you had the day off to share with Rick and Kenzie!

The asparagus is surfacing here but I don't think it will be ready for our weekend company. Too bad. But I think I'll make my strawberry soup for them for dessert. Still deciding on the main course. Maybe a pasta with asparagus, pine nuts and pancetta.


Here is a link that might be useful: star nosed moles

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My condolances to Randy and you Woody, also to his dad. How far away is it where his dad and mom lived?
I hope your doctors appointments went ok.

Cindy I love your new path! I can see why you are excited.

Michelle, we have been having to warm weather too. The peonys aren't lasting long at all. The iris are doing pretty good though. I picked a big boquet of the fragrant ones to bring in the house.

I'm am really tired tonight. I weed eated and mowed what I could get too. We have a lot of area that is to wet to get too. I have a couple of areas of the garden that I just can't seem to get to for clean up and I keep thinking oh what a mess I'm going to have. I hope I can get Jake to come help again this weekend. I think we are supposed to cool down some and that will help. I just can't take the heat this year like I have in the past. I know it has to do with the medicine I'm on.

Oh yes, Chelone that floorcloth is remarkable! I know your brother will be thrilled with the other one too.

I'm fading away here, so good evening to all. Norma

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Bug, I didn't know there were star nosed moles. I don't want any though!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Nor do I Norma! Feel rejuvenated tomorrow!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Chelone, you are sooo talented ! You do beautiful work.

Cindy, I love that path too. I could sure use some in our yard.

Nolon is not gaining strength very fast, but I guess that is not unusual following that type of surgery. And I am not qualified to be a nurse by any means. The Home Health Care nurse is coming tomorrow, and I am afraid Nolon is going to have to accept more help from her that he wants to. Bathing is a huge problem. His breathing is so much worse since the surgery....his COPD. He cannot tolerate being under a shower, and that is what was prescribed for him. .....a daily shower.

Marie, Lady Rolex appears to have been taught quite a bit before she came to us. She understands most commands. Here she is 'helping' me take pics :


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Another warm day in the 80's with lots of storm warnings this evening. By the time we grilled some dinner I didn't have much garden time at all before the rain. I see the asparagus is up and with this rain we should be feasting on it soon.

Marian, I know when Rick's dad had bypass surgery when he was in his 80's it took quite a while to recover. Hang in there.

Norma, we are to the point of peonies and iris yet. I still have daffodils and tulips. Although, the tiniest of miniature irises are blooming. They aren't but 3" tall.

Cindy, what a lovely, classic garden path! What a wonderful gift to yourself. Your garden is looking so full and lush already. As for the lilies, I have one variety that I have had for about 12 years that is just so prolific. I've given lots away and added divisions to several of my gardens. Enough is enough. Of course I've been adding lilies this spring as well.

'bug, that Fireworks certainly spreads doesn't it? Good to hear you give the thumbs up to 'Etoile Violette'

I see another work of art by Chelone. You are amazing!


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Marian, I know your ambivalence about dogs, but what a beautiful expression on Lady R, and what a fine companion she might become for you ! I would love to have another dog if I weren't at the awfice 50 hours a week- but love my cats and will always have them. Thanks you for sharing more pics with us. I hope your home care nurse is able to gently coerce Nolon into accepting the treatment he needs.

Chelone, my god, that floor cloth is just splendid ! I didn't realize that there was a 2nd one in the pipeline. I can see why it makes you smile-pat your self on the back lady, and sc**w the negative crapola from the awfice.

Etoile Violette is on the short list here too ..I think it has one of the best extended/repeat blooms here in our climate.

Cindy, love, love, love your path was grass before, right ? I would love to do a brick path around my island bed in the back yard, but feel like I'd need to have brick in all the other areas that are currently concrete. Expensive ! It's great to do some nice hardscape when you can. The color of the stone really looks great with your garden. Thumbs up !
I have chatted with Saucy today via e-mail re: IU , and there will be some emails going out in the next few days.

'bug, I love all Thalictrums, but have none at the moment , since they need shade here and I don't really have a good location at the moment. I once had Hewitts Double..

Allright friends, time for me to sign off-waves to all

Kathy in Napa

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Woody -- 62 years of marriage is an amazing feat -- I know it will be a hard transition for your FIL, but he should have lots of good memories one hopes, and being closer to family ought to help him.

Chelone - I echo everyone else's - that is another amazing gorgeous floor cloth - I cannot imagine you not being able to do custom orders for people (online) if you build up some patterns and ideas for folks. It must be so gratifying to do such a beautiful piece of work.

Thanks for the compliments on the path, folks. It's funny how something that percolates in one's head for years can come out. I angsted over colors, sizes, etc., but in the end when the mud was so nasty this winter and early spring, and Stella was covered in it from head to toe and bringing inside to dry off on furniture and carpets, LOL, just decided it was way overdue to wipe out the "grass" (which of course was mostly weeds, LOL) because too much shade was killing the green. Kathy, I understand and love brick - and really really wanted the Inta brick/cobble/millstone path -- I drool over the idea, but am pretty happy with how this stone turned out, and they did a way better job than I would have done myself. I recall wanting my brick patio for 10 years before I managed to get the money to "blow" on it -- and that pretty much had me at a standstill for a garden in back until I had the "hardscape" in place. I find that I am more often liking the eclectic look, Kathy - so you could likely mix/match some combos of pathways.

I adore my etoile violette too and it definitely deserves any space in a garden and will reward the owner with many many blooms.

I love thalictrums too - I've tried many, but seem to have had the best luck with Black Stockings (I think it's called) and it's started to spread in several places. Gonna have to check the one you mention out, 'bug, I dont think I recall that one. Speaking of which, the thalictrum is starting to do its thing with the Niobe clematis nearby and is a pretty combo; the Viking Queen rose behind it is almost ready to join in.

Okay, off to repeat a project from yesterday (Chelone, I suffer from the same frustration and impatience of awfice inefficiencies and poor "equipment" -- a billing program "upgrade" of 4 months ago now holds the entire firm's bills in a queue for hours... so what I dated 2 days ago and thought I could finalize yesterday at 3:30 pm, I now have to redate, reprint and redo because it didnt get printed in time to get to Accounting before close--- a huge firm here, and they tolerate this nonsense -- talk about unproductive!! And if one complains or suggests this needs to be fixed, it's like screaming in a vacuum.... down a big black hole... o well... I'm learning to suck it up and if they want me to waste my time doing a project 3 times, I guess I will....(and trying to learn not to bang my head in frustration over something I cannot control - but the head is still bruised!).


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

This morning I discovered that instead of 5-6 roses, I actually have over 20. They are a stupid thing for me to grow in this climate because they die back seriously no matter what variety I grow and no matter how high I mound them over the winter. Because I've had zero spring garden help, I braved the rain and marched out, secateurs in hand to prune the roses back to live stems. Keep in mind I barely know what I am doing and there are thorns involved. But now that I am almost done, they look quite healthy and I am hopeful even though they are about 5 inches tall now. I won't have early blooms, but I will have blooms later on!

DH just sent a message saying he isn't sure if he will be allowed to travel on Saturday, so perhaps he'll only return on Monday. Either way, there'll be laundry!

For those of you who like Thalictrum, Evening Star is the variety I just planted. It starts out with gorgeous dark foliage which eventually turns to green. The flowers are pink. See below.

My tree man is coming! I'm on the list for tomorrow, but if it rains, next week for sure. Hurray!

I hope to set up the bird bath and do other chores this afternoon. The weather probably won't let me though.

Cindy, what a pain regarding the billing. If their pay checks were involved, things might change?


Here is a link that might be useful: Evening Star

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You guys are the best tonic in the world for a soul that's been beaten up too much lately. Thanks.

And now, if you'll excuse me I have a date with the paintbrush. ;)

(have called the Reinforcement for assistance with the book keeping program; he's wonderfully patient and has a way of clarifying things that shifts my challenged brain from neutral into a forward gear)

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Marian - I hope the shower session with the Home Health Care person goes well! Randy's father took quite a while to start healing well from his knee replacement surgery a year or two ago, but once the process got started, it went well. Hopefully Nolon will be the same. Lady R looks like a charmer :-) Will you be taking her to the vet for rabies and parvo shots? I'd think those are pretty important if she's spending time roaming in the woods. Also, keep and eye out for signs of heat - hopefully she was spayed before she became a wandering beastie... I'm sure a litter of puppies is not on your list of desirable things about now!

Since I've been talking about them a lot, I thought I'd 'introduce' you to Randy's parents. Randy's mom was 6' tall and very striking - I was quite intimidated by her when I first met her, but soon found we were kindred spirits. We once, without prior consultation, gave Randy the same birthday card one year! This set of pictures is my favorite photos of them from when they were a young married couple:

And this is from their 60th anniversary - a short while before Ada ended up in the nursing home:

It's time to put on peony rings, but I'm thoroughly tired of flimsy wire ones. I decided to try making sturdier ones with copper pipes and flexible copper tubing. Barb and I started them today. I need to get some dowelling tomorrow to insert in the tubing to connect it in a ring. It won't take long before the copper darkens to brown so they will be less visible than they will be at first. Here's what they look like so far:

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Hmmm, I was just thinking about peony rings. So flimsy and useful for more than peonies too. I'm so glad you have a buddy who enjoys neat projects!

Ada certainly is handsome in her photos. Sarah always wanted to be 6 feet tall, but stopped at 5'8". It looks like Ivy will be an inch or so shorter than her Mom according to the doctor's calculations at her 2 year checkup.

The rain ended and it is warm with partly sunny skies. I managed to prune the last of the roses, Astrid Lingren. I also put stakes into the ground next to the emerging tall lilies. I cleaned around the base of a tree and also around a clematis and viburnum. I am tired of thorns now!

I went grocery shopping for the company and am pleased to see that the garden asparagus will be ready for Saturday's dinner! That frees up tomorrow for more items to check off the gardening list: potting up phlox seedlings for others, garbage removal to the dump, etc I need to fertilize clematis and roses, but no time for that now.

It seems that DH is now expected home on Saturday! Here are some photos.
DS speaks to a group

Doors of the hostel where they spent a few nights. (They're cheap!)


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Friday the 13th today. I woke up at 4am and haven't been back to sleep since. I'm tired!
But looking out the window, I'm happy to see sun, a hummingbird and goldfinches, white Purissima tulips and Thalia narcissus.
The hellebore bed is still a sight to behold and epimediums and white erythroniums are in bloom. I do love white! The anemone blanda, both blue and white, open when in full sun.
Baptisia are beginning to surface too. The dandelions make for cheer. All in all, spring is fine.
Thunderstorms are expected though.

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

I think a lot of folks are tired today for various reasons.

'bug, I'm realizing I love white too - I seem to have more and more of it in my garden, altho I don't think it's a definite decision I make. It just seems to brighten and lighten things and it's a wonderful calmer for combos that "jar."

Love those photos of the 62 years of married folks -- they were quite goodlooking!

The doors of that hostel are fabulous! Would we all love to have front doors like that?

Happy Friday all.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

It is almost my bedtime, but I stopped in long enough to tell you all that Nolon is progressing at an amazing rate. The Home Health nurse came yesterday, and was very impressed. Then today a therapy nurse came that Nolon's primary doctor sent to us. She was so impressed by his progress that she came to the conclusion that he does not need therapy and I totally agree ! Yesterday he started walking without the walker, and hasn't used it at all today. He took a 'spit bath' this morning and will continue to do so until he can tolerate the shower. The Home Health nurse completely approved of that, and she was the nurse with one of Harrison's leading surgeons for years. His biggest problem has been his breathing problem from the emphysema.

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My Bluestone order arrived today. I had forgotten what I had ordered. A couple more clematis were in there. We�d best be getting our fence built. The weather is going to be crappy for the next 3 days so they won�t get planted. Kenzie is here as well.

The gold finches are in such abundance this year that Rick insisted we add another feeder to the 3 small ones we have. This one has 20 perches. The orioles are coming more regularly to the feed than last year when I started feeding them. This morning there was a pair there. We have the feeders right by the window in the dining area of the kitchen where we can see them from the table. I�ve also been buzzed by a hummer as well.

Marian, Nolon�s progress is fabulous news.

Woody, I like the copper rings. I�ve meant to make something similar for years for my tomatoes. Ever since I saw some that Cynthia had made. Unfortunately, I always have plans for more than I have time to accomplish. This year I�m going to grow my tomatoes on a fence. I believe Fine Gardening had an article on it. What cool pictures of Randy�s parents.

I have revisited my stain glass studio (corner of the basement) to work on a greenhouse for my fairy garden.

Kenzie was delighted to pick the first asparagus of the season and can hardly wait to eat some.


PS does anyone know why I get these squares wherever I put an apostrophe? I'm pasting from Word 97.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Congratulations Nolon!! (Good luck Marian, I know what it is like when a "patient" gets better. LOL)

Michelle, whenever I cut and paste from another source I get that garbage where apostrophes appear in the text. Just don't worry about it. We understand.

Wonder if Chelone is off to visit her brother with his new floor cloth...

I'm off to prepare for DH's return and our company.

PS: Indy dog is DD's first baby. I can hear her happiness in this note:
Indy is a healthy dog!
Vet took a biopsy of her lump and it's just a fat deposit - normal for old dogs.
He asked if she had any problems with her hips - none.
They took an x-ray of her elbow - getting arthritis - no surprise. Give her lots of glucosamine. Do that.
Teeth look fine - don't worry about the broken ones.
Weight looks fine (I think she could lose a couple pounds).
Keep giving her table scraps - she's lived on them so far and she's healthy.

She also showed off for the whole clinic. They were all enthusiastic and loved that she was just relaxed and was doing some tricks.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Marian - I'm glad to hear that Nolon is doing so well!

GB - How old is Indy? It's always nice to see active, healthy older dogs. Regular exercise is the key I think - both for dogs and people :-) And it sure looks - from the pictures and comments you post,- that Indy gets lots of exercise.

This isn't the greatest of pictures, but here's what one of the peony rings loocs like in place:

Michelle - I don't remember Cynthia's copper supports, but I can certainly see using they for things other than peonies. I'm considering where else I can use them because they were easy to make. I have lots of the tubing left over since it came in a 50' roll :-)

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Woody, I loved the shots of your "in laws" in their youth. What a handsome couple, no wonder they produced your handsome, faithful, infinitely capable and practical Randy. The fruit rarely falls too far from the tree. I visited my cousin yesterday and seeing shots of my favorite aunt and uncle in their prime and as I remember them was poignant but utterly delightful. I love your copper peony hoops, so very clever, girlfriend!

I did not visit bro. with the floorcloth. Too much to do here to get done, which makes me sad. I want to clear up some space in the Salon, but the time to go there and back is shy right now. But time with my big brother is always fun and always filled with laughter and I leave feeling as though, no matter what, I will do just fine. The way I feel when you guys tell me something I've done is noteworthy. :)

However, I weeded and cleaned a portion of the Fertile Crescent gaHden today. The forecast is for overcast and showers for the next week (lesigh) and I figured I'd grab some time when I could. I spent a solid 4 1/2 hrs. out there and from a distance it doesn't look as though much has changed, lol. Once it's mulched it will have a much more pleasing look of completion to it. I hope! I mowed the Fertile Crescent, too. The helpmeet has been treating the profusion of dandilions routinely and I mowed (bagging clippings) low today. The Viburnums are looking fabulous, covered in buds and at 4'+ will add another 6", more if I fuss over them. I want more but since I can't have it, I'm contenting myself with what the vigorous growth they've presented.

Dinner is served. More later. Maybe.

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I get a little square with letters in it in place of my apostrophes Michelle. I�m thinking this started happening maybe 6 to nine months ago ? I�d been pasting from Word docs ever since I starting posting here without the �junk� showing up. I even e-mailed tech support at GW to see if there was a work-around of some sort�no response, lol. Maybe it�s our elderly versions of word- though I think maybe it happens on my lap-top too.

Cold and blustery today, we have a rainstorm blowing in with below average temps expected for the next few days. I was planning on a taking the Napa County master Gardeners garden tour tomorrow but with rain and high winds in the forecast I�ve benched that idea. Too bad for them though, putting that tour together is a lot of work , and they only have it every other year. I managed to get the rest of my plant purchases in the ground this morning, so the rain will settle them in nicely.

Love the copper hoop Woody ! It will look great when it patinas as well. How sweet the pic of Randys parents, one is never too old to enjoy a glass of wine !

Lol Michelle, forgetting what you ordered from Bluestone. I may have to order from them too this year-last spring I bought and Erygnium �Jade Frost� when I was in Santa Barbara and I really kick myself for not buying three. I looked all over the place last summer-including Oregon-and couldn�t find them anywhere. Bluestone had them though I haven�t looked this year. It turned out to be a great plant .

Marian, you must be so relieved with how well Nolons recovery is going.

I�d best go clean up the garden tools outside before the rain comes in, an hour of sun would be nice but doesn�t appear too likely at this point�

Later friends..

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

The copper hoops are perfect Woody! They'd work for delphiniums, baptisia and non clinging clematis too I'm sure. I think Indy is 8-9. I'll have to check. She doesn't get as much exercise as she used to and DD feels sad about that.

Dinner is over, company gone. Our first asparagus of the year was superb and the strawberry dessert was fine too. DH printed off the recipes for the two ladies. They went home with fresh rhubarb too. In spite of the showers, we had a lovely day. I, who wanted to buy nothing at all, ended up getting some trillium plants at the market as well as a quilt at the antique market to liven up the family room. Also got some PJs for little Leo with cute insects all over them. DH stayed home and napped.

Chelone, I too feel that the rain is interfering with my garden weeding schedule. It was much needed though. I hope we get some days when the tree man can get to work though!

I too have some plants ordered and am not sure what they all are any more. I'm sure there are a few clematis involved though...

Sleep well!

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We have always fed the resident mongrel horde whatever could be scraped off our plates, was "borderline" in the 'frig. along with good quality kibble. The helpmeet frequently prepares homemade pet food. The benefit was made clear several years ago when he took Sally and Chris to a new vet. for the first time. He examined them and commented that they were in beautiful condition (not obese like so many dogs) and that their teeth were virtually clean of tartar. He was pleasantly surprised to learn that they were 9 and 10 yrs. old respectively. He, of course, asked about their diet. Sheepishly, the helpmeet told him they ate mostly leftovers. The vet. smiled and commented that we must eat pretty well and that we ought to continue with the program! We have a theory that the oft repeated advice to "never feed table scraps" is put about to:
1.) sell more commercially produced dog food.
2.) make it "easy" to feed your pet.
3.) OR, to protect dogs from what too many Americans consider "good nutrition".
Rex's breakfast consisted of: 3/4 cup of kibble, 1/2 cup brown rice, some canned salmon, left over vegetables (carrots and broccoli), and some chicken livers we usually keep on hand for the pets. He cleaned his bowl thoroughly and is now enjoying a small bone.

Pyjamas with bugs on them would appeal to me, too (if I wore pyjamas). I wonder if they make bed linen with insects on it? Lol.

It was good to get outside and scratching around in the dirt. I tweaked the positions of a large grass and several native sedges that occupy the ground beneath Vaccinium corymbosum. I weeded the entire area and cleaned up under the Juniperus procumbens and Artemisia stelleriana. I am very fond of the latter and plan to lift and divide what has become a very large patch. I think it will do nicely around the bases of the Grey twig dogwoods. It's pretty (I love silver foliage), effective, and I own it... but it could be "displayed to better advantage".

A couple of years ago I poached a very large peony out of the yard of a friend's home when she put it on the market. I split it into 3 plants and didn't expect much last year (a couple of flowers). This year they look splendid! the shoots are bright red and vigorous, and I see a plentitude of buds. I have to get them staked soon. Here is a shot of the blossom:

I find it interesting that the stems are so much redder than those of the other varieties represented on the Compound. I surmise the brilliant stem color is the result of careful breeding.

I have to rearrange the azaleas (3) and really pay attention to good culture because they look pathetic. Flowers will be few, I'm afraid. They shouldn't be too tough to move and I think they will like the drainage of the new site better. I will have the Hollytone out and will give the Vacciniums a "tonic", too. Then it will be time to bring in some mulch. There some other things I'd like to do, mostly rearranging some other shrubs and having some stumps yanked along the edge of the South Lawn.

I am not surprised the Nolon is prospering at home, Marian. It was gratifying to see Mum do so, too. How has he taken to Lady Rolex? I bet he's already slipping her table scraps. And Woody is right about watching for signs of heat in her!

Waving to all and now I really have to get rolling.

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Woody, I liked seeing the pictures of Randys Mom and Dad. They were a handsome couple.I'm happy the had a long time together.

This must be one of the times of year for passing. We have had two and one on the way, and I saw on facebook that Deanne has had one or two. Seems like there is more with the changing of seasons. Maybe not but seems like it.

I like your peony hoop out of copper idea too. I didn't realize you can get bendable copper tubing. I hope to try that someday. I never have enough plant stakes. I try to stake some of the tall iris before they get rained on and fall over and I always run out.

It has been rainy and doggone chilly here all weekend which worked out ok since we had out of town company and now maybe the rest of the peonies will last awhile. The ones that were blooming during the heat just didn't last long at all.

Chelone, I am trying to work with plants that I already have here too. I have lots that could be done more with anyway. Two in particular that need to get divided and moved to where they would have more real estate. There is just always something else needing to be done that catches my eye first.
I think I need to divide a couple of my peonies because they seem to bloom on only one side of the plant. Maybe part of them are two deep.

Hey I think the sky is clearing a bit! I hope we are done with rain for a few days.

We have had a big yellow tom cat hanging around here and frigthtening Niki and Jasmine. I don't think it is feral because it has come up on the back porch. He is meowing at night and staying hidden during the day. We don't need another cat so DH tried to discourage it last night with a couple of bottle rockets. At least it didn't meow last night. I hope it decides to move on.

Speaking of moving on, I think I need to move. To much sitting around visiting has me stiff.


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Don't know if this will work. Try it.
Spring flowers

Here is a link that might be useful: Spring flowers

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Oh, it worked all right, Norma!

Your gardens are absolutely lovely. Every spring I delight in the shots of the dogwoods and you've always posted great combinations, but now I'm really able to get bigger grasp of things. :) !!! (have you bagged Picturetrail completely?). I particularly love the shot of Niki mincing about and the "shadow" in the window behind the hayrack shot. :)

It's raining lightly, but enough to keep me indoors for the time being. I would really like to be moving miscellaneous clumps of this and that, but there is too much to do indoors to justify the necessary search for foul weather gear. Chilly here, too! I contemplated lighting the stove in the Salon this morning but opted instead for the immediate gratification an oil-fired furnace can offer. All views from the Salon windows are decidedly green. Leaves on the oaks and maples are really just beginning to unfurl, so the canopy to come is still pretty inconsequential, neon green, and (when we get some) sunlight is basically unrestricted to all plant life. This is my very favorite time of year (in spite of ticks, black flies, and the mosquitoes to arrive shortly).

I can't think of a better time to die that at the change of seasons. I think sometimes that people hold on to see "one more" of something and after that they are ready to move on to whatever comes next. I'm now thinking about what point in the growing season would be the one I'd want to see for "one last time". Dunno. Any thoughts on that, you guys?

I have to get that fool dog out pretty soon and I think I'll pack the pruners and snip off some likely peony staking shoots.

(I need to move, too. My lower back is reminding me of yesterday's effort and the fact that I've not committed myself to a stretching routine in far too long.)

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Worked like a charm Norma ! I viewed it in slideshow mode...I love seeing photos of your gardens ..thanks for putting those up

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Beautiful gardens Norma! Everything looks fresh and springlike.

Chelone, my favorite garden season is Autumn. I love the colors and the motion of the grasses: asters, goldenrod, agastache...

Today is 'Wet Sunday' with some photos to share.




Early iris

Just so you know, we are at home, indoors, being lazy and eating fudge from the market. DH has tested his new quilt and is now reading a paper to review.

Earlier we took a drive to see the marsh marigolds in bloom around the corner from us. So pretty!

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Bug I really like that quilt. The colors are great. And you have the nicest hellebores.

Looks like we are all having the same type of weather.

Chelone I haven't given up picture trail just yet because I haven't figured out how to put the pictures here yet.

I'm off to bed in my own bed tonight:) I gave it over to guests for the weekend. This house needs one more bedroom.

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

I forgot to mention how much I love those copper supports, Woody - I suspect I'd never find the time to make them tho - but they look just perfect with the extra strength the copper gives them.

As always I adore your plants and photos, 'bug -- you have some of the prettiest hellebores!

And Norma - wow -- your spring gardens are magnificent -- I'm envious of all the open space with lots of sun you've got and those iris that are obviously happy as "clams" in those borders. I think I've seen more views again I've nver seen of your property - there are so many vignettes - amazing! So unlike my little postage stampe property. Of course along with all that space, goes upkeep - no wonder you're so exhausted all the time! Just so well planned tho -- I love it.

It was an odd weekend w/ wet everywhere but more dry times than not - managed a bit of cleanup and mulching....

No more time to post but I thought this was a sweet photo of Stella inspecting:

(this was right before she went back and then tried to devour the bud and petals of the lowest.... stinkin dog - I think clematis are not poisonous.... she survived, but this is why I dont get so much done in the garden - more time puppy watching or chasing!).


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Cindy that is a cute photo of Stella. I bet you enjoyed being able to mulch up to the new sidwalk. Was that a grassy area before? Do you have a before picture?

Thanks for the nice comments on my spring flowers. I'm glad you all can't see to many weeds in the pics. LOL.
I felt under the weather today and after a walk in the sun with Rebel and a quick walat I accomplished nothing. It was darn chilly outside even if the sun was shining. I even took a nap. I did enjoy looking out at the front garden as the late afternoon sun turned it into a tapestry of shapes and colors. I do enjoy the early morning and afternoon slant of light that washes through the garden.
I hope I am back up and at em in the morning.


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March came back here in Norcal, steady rain and cold since last night. Poor roses are drooping , and Reinne des Violettes is so heavy with water she has pulled away from the fence. Looks like I'll have some re-tying to do this weekend. I don't really mind spring rains, it's great not to have to water for a few days, but it sure ruins the roses. Oh well, I've enjoyed them for a few weeks now so I can't complain.

Cindy, that Stella ! so cute..but you failed to id the Clem, I'm sure it was just an oversight on your part. It looks mighty blue ! Is that a camera thing or the real deal ?

'bug those Hellebores ! Just fabu, each and every one.


And a crappy pic of Arabella I took yesterday..I'm thrilled with her energy this spring -I continue to train her along the spiral-thingy .

Kathy in Napa From Garden Spring 2011

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The weather shaped up today and was quite spring-like. I spent the evening planting the cutting garden section of the potager. Then I spent some time until dark digging quack grass out of the Butterfly Garden. I find it interesting how each garden seems to have its "weed" My raised beds don't have a problem with quack grass since it doesn't creep in but one of them has bind weed that is giving me fits. You can't pull the stuff. I think I just read that the roots can go 3 foot deep. I am determined to use round up this year on it just as soon as I see it sprout.

The weekend was cool and damp. Kenzie insisted on spending much of Saturday outdoors playing in her garden. We planted some seeds of her choice - carrots, cantaloupe and miscellaneous flowers. When it started to rain just a bit we decided to have a tea party in my garden shed. She wrote an invitation and ran to the machine shed to deliver it to grandpa. So he joined us for tea and crackers.

Kathy, you are going to love your "Arabella" I bought a new tutuer for mine this year. It's not a very tall clematis for me and the one I had it on was too tall. Now what to grow on that one.

'bug, lovely hellebores.

Norma, you have the most wonderful long views. I like all the trees. Here in farm country you just don�t see that much of that.

Chelone, what an elegant peony. Nice that you could get a piece of it. When my aunt died I was able to get her fern leaf peony before the house went on the market.

Cindy, what a precious picture of Stella smelling the flowers. I think it would be quite cool if you cropped it and framed it.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

This gray wet gloom is getting mighty tiresome. Makes it hard to get garden chores done and I feel I am already behind. But it is far better than the fires which are plaguing folks out in Alberta. Here is what DD wrote:
Could those of you with a little excess rain send it up here (without lightning)?

We have fires all over the place and a bunch of our staff just (Sunday afternoon/evening) had their houses burn down in a town 2 hours from here. In fact, about half the town, and the provincial building (that's my coworkers') and town hall burned down. They were given about 30 minutes warning on the evacuation notice. The winds were gusting at 60 miles/hr, so the water bombers and helicopters were grounded.

I was just talking to the wife of one of our wildlife officers, and she had the vehicle packed but couldn't get the garage door open (the power was out for hours), the smoke alarms in the house were going off from the forest fires, and the front porch was on fire! She's 3 months pregnant and has a 2yo so I can imagine she was mildly panicking. The obvious thing (drive through the garage door) didn't occur to her. Goes to show that in case of emergency make sure that the garage door can be manually opened!

The scariest part to me was that the town (population about 7500) was surrounded by fires, so even though there was an evacuation notice, they couldn't leave in any direction for a long time, until the fire burnt over one of the highways and then they had an escape route. In the meantime, everyone was directed to park in the Walmart parking lot (the biggest in town), and along the city airstrip. Also, there was no radio station to broadcast because the power had gone out hours earlier, so it was difficult to know what to do.

Other than the obvious (kids, dog, wallets, then possibly cell phones) what would you bring?

I asked DH today at lunch what he thought would be the most important things to grab if we were told we had 20 minutes to evacuate? DH said the generator, chainsaw, tools.

I said the filing cabinet, irreplaceable photo albums, computer and hard drives (most of our photos are saved on the computer). Then sleeping bags and camping equipment.

It would probably take us 10 minutes.
Then we'd take a couple changes of clothes for each of us. Then the quilts that were made for the kiddos by their grandmother, and the one I've made for Ivy.

It was obvious that one of us would take the truck with the truck camper on it, and the other would take the van (we could easily fold the seats down and fill the back with the tools and generator.

And then we were stumped. Everything else could be replaced if necessary, even the large photo of Reed in the livingroom. We couldn't think of anything else that should be a priority that we could take in a fast enough time. Blankets and pillows I suppose. Diapers?

In fact, we were stumped after the generator and photo albums until I pointed out the passport and insurance problem. I'm thinking that a list might be a good idea, because you don't necessarily think straight in an emergency.

What would you take?


Marian, my serviceberry is in bloom today!

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Good rainy morning to you! This will be my third day off from the survey job due to rain. It couldn't have come at a better time, as my neighbor and I are ramping up for Plantapalooza! This is our third year and it's supposed to be the biggest yet - 48,000 fliers went out. I'm slightly worried about the customers bombarding us ;)

Big news here, and another big reason I've been AWOL: Ginger! I got a schnauzer from a rescue that Sue had mentioned on her FB page. She's the sweetest little girl who had been living in a very rambunctious (sp?) home and wasn't doing so well. We're a pretty laid back family, so I thought I'd give her a try. As soon as I clicked the leash on at the rescuer's house, she took to me. She hopped right into the truck and open kennel without touching the floor! She sat and stared at me the whole ride home. She hasn't left my side or lap for a moment, unless it's to accept a belly rub from Jake and Sarah. She walks like a dream - no tension on the leash and stops at every corner. So far the only problem is her barking at certain people (seems to be dark haired boys) and a little happy jumping. She's even happy in her kennel, which allows the cat to have some free time in the house (he he he).

Woody, I was sorry to read about Randy's mother. My condolences to you both. I loved the old photos and the history to go along with it. I wish we still made those sort of photos today (maybe I should do that before my kids leave home!). Maybe other families do?

Marian, it sounds like you're an excellent nurse and that your home makes Nolon heal faster. I see you have a new pup, too. I remember having outside dogs when we were kids. They were the best kind - they seemed so loyal and always there for a pat or to walk with us. I wonder if Nolon (and Trubby) are warming up?

My cat is a little put out by Ginger.

Everyone seems to be finding time in their gardens! Wow Norma! I'm in the chorus with everyone else - you've got some great gardens that I never tire of seeing. I am finding time in the garden, too, even with the job, and I find that I can buy many more plants with the new income. I hope to take pictures soon as the rain fades. I'd like to do some monthly shots like you guys did last year, so I can see what the GG needs. I have been mainly working there so far as I'm in a race with the mosquito season. Come summer, it will be inhabitable. I acquired a mosquito magnet from my FIL and will give it a try, but I'm not holding my breath!

I guess that's all from me this morning. Hopefully I can return with a picture of my girlie (I keep calling her girlie instead of Ginger - I'm going to have to paint her toenails purple if I keep it up!).

GB, interesting thought from your daughter. I have a small fireproof safe with some special things, passports/important papers, and a few important pictures. I couldn't think of anything else I'd need either. I have a funny attachment to things, but then when I really think about it, I could let it all go and start over again.

Later Gators!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning everyone, I had a lovely email from Marie when I checked my mail today and I thought I'd pop over here to check in and say hello. Thanks Marie for the kindness and Norma for mentioning me.

So, yes, we've had a rough month here first with my cousin's suicide four weeks ago, then one of my high school friends passed away on April 28th and my Aunt Yvonne passed away Monday a week ago. She was my Mom's last sibling and she is taking it pretty hard making noises about being next. Mom isn't in the best of health so an attitude like that isn't one bit helpful.

The weather isn't being particularly uplifting either. This cold rain is getting to me as I'm sure it is everyone else. It is making short work of the lilacs, flowering crabs and dwarf iris and it's such a shame as I've never seen these as full of flowers as they are this year. The lilac in particular are loaded with blooms so the rain has the shrubs bent to the ground with the weight.

Bad news/good news, the woodchuck that chewed through the brunnera a few weeks ago seems to be gone and I'm suspicious that the red fox that Rahjii chased out of the yard last week had something to do with that. Rahjii was pretty proud of himself but I'd have preferred he leave it alone. Fortunately he's fine but that could have been a bad encounter. The local Great Blue Heron continues to visit us every day. What an amazing and enormous bird! Thank heavens the fish are still tucked safely in the house but the frogs are all gone. It still seems so incongruous to see something like that in the back yard.

Something new this year, I've fallen completely in love with Neoregelias and Vrieseas. Such gorgeous, interesting and low maintenance plants. The foliage Vrieseas are particularly wonderful but are really difficult to get a hold of. Most of the hybridizing is being done in Australia and New Zealand and they don't export them so I can only look at the pics and drool.

Bug, can't believe you are having problems with fires when we are being flooded with rains. Amazing, stay safe. Your spring flowers are so lovely, wonderful hellebores!

Michelle, so if you are finally having some good weather I'm crossing my fingers it's on the way here. Sounds like you've had some productive time in the gardens.

Norma, wonderful spring pics! You really have a lovely collection of bearded iris. Ours are just budding up and not ready to bloom yet. Everything is late compared to last year. The wisteria is still just in bud and last spring was in full bloom on May 6.

Kathy, love Arabella on the spiral thingy! Beautiful! Bummer about the roses though.

Cindy, Stella sniffing the clematis is oh so cute. She is a doll. Your gardens look so pretty and that new path is fabulous.

Woody, those peony supports look great, super idea and Chelone, that's a lovely peony.

OK I've really got to get my day started here. Have a good one my Idyll friends

PS here's a gallery of some photos I took before the rains began

Here is a link that might be useful: spring photos

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

I'm feeling a bit soggy and dreary today - it likely has something to do with the constant rain we're having -- 'bug I would soooo love to send it your way -- this is my favorite time of year and everything is drenched and hanging on the ground (me included, LOL). So the grass is about knee high, etc. - whenever you think you get ahead of something, Mother Nature just smacks you down!

Saucy -- Ginger is so darn loveable -- I think you'll find you call her many nicknames - I know I do with my dogs - I think at one point we counted 14 for Chloe -- it's taking a bit longer to build up a repetoire for Stella - but there's time yet.

Deanne - nice to see you drop in and I now have a great thing to do at my lunch break - wander thru your gardens - amazing that the beloved wisteria is yet to bloom. My peonies are already in bloom and now washed away - along w/ the roses, etc.... drooping big time! I'm so sorry for your losses -- those have to have hit you hard and I know you need some time to grieve and find comfort - I hope you find some of that in just a little garden therapy - maybe not intensive work, just a little this or that and enjoy the cycle of life in the garden.

'bug - interesting question about what to grab - I used to ponder it but never really planned it -- first was always the kid and the dog, (thinking either might be afraid and hiding - that might take all my 20 minutes I think) -- nowadays, it would still be the dog #1, and then photos/jewelry(mementos), and likely nothing of any practical use! I indeed should have a disaster paper file ready to go... always on the to-do list, but yet to be done.

Kathy -- that clematis that Stella is so fond of is either Juuli or her sister Miranda -- they are both relatives of Arabella also I think. It is indeed that dark a blue (darker than Arabella) but nowhere near as floriferous as Arabella (who never stops blooming) - I have Juuli on the one little column and Miranda on the other - they are all short (under 6 feet and non-twining so need ties or supports). This dark one (I think it might be Miranda having googled it, but always thought it was Juuli) usually starts a couple days before Arabella, followed by Juuli and Arabella. Highly recommend if you're looking for more short clems - which seems to be what I've started to collect (altho I'm being good this year so far).

Well, I need to wake up sufficiently to plow through a bunch of work today -- I hope the sun is shining somewhere and it's dry!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

It is dry in Alberta...and that's the problem. I can't send rain to my daughter. I'm very sick of it here. So I am safe from fires, just not from drowning! The forecast indicates rain through next Tuesday at least...

Mowing the mile high grass will be the next challenge I guess.

Good to hear Saucy's news. We're going to need a pet thread, showing our furry friends.

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I heard the very sad news about the wild fires in Alberta and wondered about 'bug's DD and their circle of friends, unsure if they were in the affected area or not. Sadly, it seems they are. But the stories of flooding, wildfires, and other disasters really does underscore the necessity of an "emergency plan". I'm afraid I'm not particularly prepared for an evacuation. Prolly oughta spend some time on that. (3 cats, some pictures, maybe that fool dog).

My Saturday of garden endeavor left me unable to put on my socks on Tuesday morning. I seized up like the Tin Man late on Monday afternoon after working on drapery panels 96"x50" w/ heavy black-out lining all day. A visit to the chiropractor helped immensely and though I remain a bit tender have resolved to do the exercises prescribed in hope that they will alleviate future relapses. It was a rather stern reminder that this old grey mare ain't what she used to be and I must treat my person with greater respect than I have heretofore! ;)

It is my hope that as the weather dries out I will have recovered enough to actually finish mowing the lawns. Everything is really, really green and really, really tall! Deanne's message above reminds me that I really have to pinch the Phlox, which is presently bent by downpours and rain on the sun deprived shoots. Gotta stake the peonies, too. They're growing by leaps and bounds but without sun or breezes they are not really very strong.

A new dog for Saucy and Marian... this is going to be worse than grandchildren. You know how I feel about dogs.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Deanne - condolences to you! I hope the weather cooperates soon so you can spend lots of time in the garden - much comfort and peace to be found there...

Randy returned from Calgary last night, very tired and stressed. While his father is talking about moving here, he is also resisting all efforts to facilitate moving forward in that direction. I wouldn't be at all surprised that a move never materializes :-(

We had a follow-up appointment first thing this morning to get the results of last week's MRI on my gut. It's still a mystery as to what is going on there. The mass is stable in size, so that good, but we're no further ahead in identifying it, determining whether it is the cause of my abdominal discomfort, or what to do about it! Next step - a referral to another specialist :-(

We are now up to just under 3" of rain here since it started on Friday night - and lots more rain in the forecast. The weeds are germinating and growing by leaps and bounds, especially in the front bed. It's too wet and too cold to get out to do anything about them. GRRR...

Saucy - Ginger pictures please...

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She hasn't left my side since we came home on Sunday. I'm quite smitten ;)

She walks like a dream on the leash. I guess my only complaint is that she barks at the boys in the house, but I think that might subside when she realizes they're her boys. Her bark doesn't last long after they enter. I might try putting bacon in their pockets ;)


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

She looks wise - and a little bit wicked :-)

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I believe it's all in the eyebrows, Woody ;)

So far she's just a sweet little thing. She runs around the house sniffing at everything, but not really after anything. She's living up to her schnauzer name, I guess.

I'm sure she'll have a little wicked streak, but it hasn't come out yet.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I'm happy Ginger found her forever home Saucy!(Sorry kitty!)
Yes, do keep taking weekly photos of the GG if possible. :)

Chelone, did the chiropractor apply WD-40 to the Tin Man's joints? Glad you feel better. Gardening is hard work, like sewing!

I was treated to a surprise jar of rhubarb chutney today, made from my very own rhubarb that I'd given a friend yesterday. Enjoyed it with dinner tonight. Today we saw an oriole and an indigo bunting. It is unreal seeing an indigo bunting on the same feeder as the goldfinches and a pair of cardinals! WOW!

The heat has been turned up here at the farm. Just too cold these days. I managed a bit more mowing, but not in the wetter areas. Then I cut back a rose by preparation for shovel pruning. I can plant a clematis there soon. I also mailed a sweater and the creepy crawly covered PJs to Leo. Basically though, the gloom leaves me lethargic. I need sun and time to improve the gardens. My plant order arrived: 1 Coreopsis and 5 clematis. Oh dear....

Deanne, we have the GB Herons here as well, fishing at the bridge. The groundhogs, well YUCK! ;) I checked out Neoregelias and Vrieseas to find your newest interests.


Here is a link that might be useful: Neoregelias and Vrieseas

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Oh my, so much news today !

Our rain finally bit the dust today with the exception of a couple of brief cloudbursts. Snail patrol was required tonight, but my best chore was potting up a couple of awesome Hoyas that came from our Ohio contingent. I took photos but they were excessively blurry , so I will make another attempt tomorrow.

Ginger is a very elegant addition to the Idyll pets. What a lucky girl to move into Terrapin Station.. though I feel for Marcy ! Doobie is terrified of dogs, and if I got one he would probably move up to the roof.

Beautiful pics Deanne, and hugs to your family..hope Doug is feeling better ? We don�t have woodchucks out here (in fact I have no clue what they look like) but I guess the gophers, voles,snails and banana slugs are our plagues to deal with. Gophers are very numerous here, but I have never had them in my garden thank goodness.

Cindy, thanks for the ID�s �I have identified 3 or 4 locations here that can accommodate Clematis; and I want Betty Corning pretty bad (need the space !) and of course Pink Fantasy, although these is another pink grown by a nursery in Sonoma County that would do as well if I can�t find PF�

All for tonight..waves !

Katy in Napa

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Happy (wet) Thursday all.

I know I haven't posted in quite a while so I thought I would just scroll back and go from my last post. Ha! It was so far back I couldn't even find it, so I'll just get to it and hope I haven't missed anybody.

Woody, my condolences on the loss of your MIL. I feel for you and Randy now having to help your FIL come to terms with his new life. Been there and it is very hard. I am glad that your scans aren't as alarming as they could be. Hoping that things even out for you a bit now. The copper tubing idea is awesome!

Deanne, I had no idea things were so difficult for you right now, although it is obvious that garden therapy is in progress. Your gardens looks lush and beautiful. Is this the year you are on a garden tour, or was that last summer? Boy am I out of touch!Hopefully things are brighter for you now.

Chelone, I love the floorcloths! You have a rare talent indeed. Sorry to hear about the creaky bones; but it sounds like great strides havebeen made on the compound.

Bug, of course. Beautiful flowers, most of which I don't have so an extra special treat for me, and lovely tiny little clothes. I bet the clems, and everything else, are growing by leaps and bounds for you this year. Maybe the weeds too, unfortunately. I thought of you the other day as I was out mowing in the rain.

And speaking of clems, Kathy I have just gotten a Pink Fantasy to replace an unknown clem that happily did not return. The predessor was not a success. I hope this one thrives. Whoever was thinking of Etoile Violet, it is a huge bloomer for me here, earliest of many, and second bloom in mid summer. My two are huge. Also the Josephine whic is in its third year will leap for sure, at least fifty buds on it now.

Pleased to hearthat Marian and Nolon are hanging in there, and have a new companion too. Hi there! Somehow you have disappeared from my FB page.

Saucy, I love Ginger. Just looks so impish; I always like to hear about rescues too. It sounds like you are really busy, and the tree ID stuff still sounds interesting. How nice to get a couple of days to sort of catch your breath.

Norma, your gardens also look wonderful. How lucky am I to be able to see them! Thanks!

Who have I missed? Michelle? Cindy? Waving!!

We all seem to be in the same boat weather-wise, and a boat is almost what we need it seems. I have been in a bit of a funk but the other day I thought of lovely Vancouver gardens so booted up and got going.

Which is what I should do now!



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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

So when you are restless and think you should be in the garden... consider this Redneck Engineering photo...and be glad you are indoors.

Be back later. Much to do.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all, well it is still raining but it looks like we we'll get a reprieve for a couple days and I think I'll be able to work outside this afternoon if we don't get the predicted thunder storms. So very much to do still. I've got the back gardens in pretty good shape but haven't done a bit of work in the front except to do some clean-up. Heather's boyfriend has been working for me a day or so a week and he really can get a lot done in a short period of time. He's gotten the entire back gardens mulched! I edged everything and he traipsed the mulch up, down and around and got it all spread. I cleaned out the borders but he did all the raking and cleanup in the back and behind the pond which is a huge job. Now I need to get to work on the front. The driveway garden needs a ton of work and I've got to replace or change a bunch of plants from the rodent damage. My worst casualty there is the enormous clump of Oriental 'Bergamo' lilies, there were at least two dozen last summer, anyway, they are all GONE! every last one of them. drasty rodents.

The good news is that Doug FINALLY listened to me and took Zicam and his cold magically disappeared in three days. This morning he told me to stop gloating, LOL.

Saucy, love Ginger, what a cutie. She looks like a sweetie with a bit of mischief in her. LOL about putting bacon in the boy's pockets. Whatever works right? ~~~ We need to touch bases about getting those hosta leaves here. I'd like to get them painted and think about situating them. No need to worry about the stands at this time. WE can do that later. Sounds like you've got a very full plate these days.

Bug, the furnace is running here as well. I can't believe I'm wearing a fleece turtleneck with a sweatshirt the end of May. ~~~ LOL, love those buggy Pj's, so cute and that sweater is great! ~~ I'm the same as you with running at half speed when its so gloomy out. Can't wait to see the sun again. ~~ so cool you checked out Neos and vrieseas, they are so cool! Here is a pic of a few of my Neoregelias

The coolest thing about these plants is the ease of culture. They don't need to be watered often, almost no feeding. The Vrieseas grow well in filtered light to light shade and the Neos, depending on the variety grow and color up well with a half day of sun. After they bloom the mother plant dies off in a year or so and the plant throws off multiple pups so you now have replacements at no cost and very little effort.

Kathy, you are so lucky you dont' have to deal with the woodchucks. They are so terribly destructive. I wouldn't want to deal with banana slugs though. yukko! looking forward to seeing pics of your new hoyas.

Julie, yes, we are going to be on the Garden Conservancy's Open Days in July this summer but we were also on a local garden tour last year. Next year I'm taking the year off from tours. Too much work!

OKie Dokie, waving hello to one and all, have a great day and lets all hope for some sunshine and warm temps.

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There were a few moments of outright sunshine this afternoon. However, I was face down on the table at Dr. Chiro and managed to miss them, lol. I wouldn't say they applied WD-40, so much as "penetrating oil"... not up to full speed but I can manage socks and clean the litter pan with relative ease. Not all bad. ;) I have my back stretching exercises and have been doing them right along with flossing and brushing my teeth. My hope is that by incorporating them into my morning and night routine they'll not fall by the wayside.

I like the redneck shot. It made me laugh aloud, actually. Too funny. :) :) :)

I did not realize Schnauzers came in two-tone models. I think the "wicked" is the whole clipped ear thing... always gives them that, "don't -uck with me" look, I think. As for ear clipping and tail docking, it's never really bothered me very much but I can see how it could set people off. American Saddlebred horses routinely have their tails "set"; whatever it is (muscles/tendons) are cut and the tails can be artificially raised to simulate excitement (usually associated with breeding behavior). It's a "look", the same way coach horses and Hackneys routinely had their tails docked (though that was deemed practical, to keep the tails out of the harness traces)... you either accept it or loathe it. Funnily enough, those things don't bother me much, but declawing a cat makes me sick to my stomach. Strange, huh?

I'm not surprised that Ginger is all over you like white on rice, Saucy. You delivered her from a dog's hell... an ambivalent pack. The worst thing on earth you can do to a dog is to ignore it (which is why I advocate beating them as much as I do). Dogs bark, the bark software comes fully "loaded"; but learning, "quiet!" is not hard and a most useful command. Beat it into her. ;)

The boiler cycles periodically here, as well. We have used the woodstove more than a few times, too. I had contemplated cleaning it out for the season but am now glad I didn't. I'm wearing a turtleneck and a sweatshirt today; by no means a squid about chilly, raw weather I am, however, growing very weary of it. Lesigh.

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I had originally planned on taking Friday off but changed it to Wednesday and I ended up with quite a lovely spring day in the garden. I made work of getting the majority of the quack grass off the surface of the butterfly garden. I know what lurks below the surface though. The soil was friable and I was able to lots of roots as well. I hauled some of the plants that I overwintered outside finally. The veggie garden is also planted.

The weather has changed today. It's not raining yet but cloudy and windy. I'm not feeling the best and decided to stay in.

I was thinking about the gardening challenges we all face and how they differ for each of us. No woodchucks, voles, jap beatles, slugs or lily leaf beatles here but rabbits, deer and wind drive me nuts.

Saucy, Ginger looks adorable.

Deanne, sorry to hear of all your losses. What a bummer about the lilies, that can be so disappointing. Your garden shots are stunning.

Bug p.j.'s from grandma bug, how appropriate.

That's all for me for the night.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Happy Friday all - the sun is actually shining here this morning (that might be a first for sun in the a.m. in a week) and the rains are supposedly pushing their way away -- now to wade into the swamp (er, gardens) this weekend, when I get a chance (and have muck boots on!).

Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better, Chelone -- creaky backs are definitely activity-limiting - hard to believe those muscles are involved for so many little or big things.

I confess the thing that struck me about G-G(Ginger?) is what appears to be the marking down her face - a stripe? It's unusual and I think lends to the "wicked" look (aside from the eyebrows, LOL) - makes me think one could come up with some clever names for her. I bet she adds a lot of joy and love to your household.

Love those bug pjs, 'bug!!

Glad you got so much done on your day off, Michelle - I wish I could say the same; lately it's been waiting for workmen or raining and I feel like I don't have a handle on the season -- the storage room isn't even organized so I continue to grope for this or that -- couldn't find the spade/fork the other day; can't find the clematis ties/hooks I ordered (I know there in there Somewhere!) and pulling out the stored accessories. Actually, that sounds a bit like the whole house -- my clothes are here and there as I change out the seasons and I know I'm missing a box here or there... Dont know how I get so disorganized sometimes.

Glad Doug is feeling better, Deanne -- those bromeliads? relatives are mighty cool - I can't yet decide if I like 'em or not, but I'm slow to appreciate things. Kind of like coleus.....Their maintenance certainly sounds pretty wonderful and low key. I know you are going to incorporate them into incredible garden vignettes.

Okay -- no more time; gotta punch the clock....


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Here comes the sun, here comes the sun,
and I say it's all right

Little darling, it's been a long cold lonely winter
Little darling, it feels like years since it's been here
Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
and I say it's all right

Little darling, the smiles returning to the faces
Little darling, it seems like years since it's been here
Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
and I say it's all right

Sun, sun, sun, here it comes...
Sun, sun, sun, here it comes...
Sun, sun, sun, here it comes...
Sun, sun, sun, here it comes...
Sun, sun, sun, here it comes...

Little darling, I feel that ice is slowly melting
Little darling, it seems like years since it's been clear
Here comes the sun, here comes the sun,
and I say it's all right
It's all right

Well it ended up a beautiful warm day...but with bugs. Those little black no-see'ums were definitely up to NO GOOD. UGH. But DH was a hero and assisted me in planting our new apple tree. Her name is Priscilla. Then we set up the bird bath. I potted up 5 good sized clematis seedlings for my friend's nursery. Maybe tomorrow we'll take divisions and seedlings to their place.

A new clematis found its way here too: Cassis. Maybe this long weekend (Victoria day weekend) will see me finding homes for 6 new clematis and a few other plants. One of them you can see below.

DH enjoyed flying above our area with his friend Harry today..Perhaps he took photos of our place? We'll see tomorrow.

Happy weekend to all!

Here is a link that might be useful: I am Lady J

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Hi Everybody!! Can I close this thread? I assume you still go to 100...

Can you believe I was expecting that nobody idylled anymore due to places like facebook,etc.? How IS everyone??

Sorry to read about your MIL,Woody. How wonderful that Randy's parents were with each other for 62 yrs. Nice to see their photos.

Marian-I was sorry that Nolon needed surgery-but how great when the outcome is positive. That's good to hear!

Hi Norma!! Your property is very beautiful! I just love how green everything is-it seems like it took forever to get to spring.

saucy-what a pretty schnauzer! Such different coloring than I've seen. How sweet that she loves and appreciates you already : )

Funny this still feels like home lol.

Odd thing is...I was actually searching for 'how to get gum off carpet' but I ended up here?? lol. I'm trying peanut butter then I'll have to find out how to remove peanut butter,right?

Hopefully I can drop in once in a while since school is almost out-9 more days! : )

As always...

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Wait a minute...really? You guys not only remembered my bday but you even posted some pics for me on #500? I feel like such a heel for not knowing...can you see me blushing? I'm just touched that's all I can say...thanks too.

Happy belated to Drema(how you doing?!) Kathy & Denise are you guys enjoying age 25 as much as I am? : ) [ok so my back hurts,can't see without magnifiers and anti-aging face cream is a staple now] lol.

The Infamous

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