It never rains in California...

lilosophieJune 21, 2013

in the summer-time, or so the song says. This is not true, NOAA says it's going to rain all of next Sunday through Thursday, chilly days. I am glad I haven't cleaned out the wood-stove yet, I may want to make a fire.
By Friday the temp is back in the nineties and the sun's out. My poor tomatoes will not like that weather.

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Never say never, even in California. You most likely would not mind the rain, the temperature is another matter. We had the up and down temps for a couple of weeks. Heater on in the early AM and A/C after 2 PM. Hope the tomatoes forgive you.

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Oh, I hope NOAA is correct. We could use the rain.
I planted my tomato plant in early spring, then came a heat wave and only two tomatoes set. We ate them yesterday and they were delicious.
The plant has a lot of flowers and tomatoes in different stages, but the plant may turn tempremental (pun intented) and shut down.
This may be a two tomato summer.

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