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gandle(4 NE)June 22, 2013

Heat bursts. Yesterday the temperature went from 60 degrees to 94 in 3 minutes. The National Weather Burea in North Platte confirmed that those happened in a large section of this part of the state. We had one several years ago and I had never experienced them before. The weather burea went on in todays paper to explain what conditions are necessary for that to happen but the explanation was way over my head.

They are quite a sensation, you can feel a change in pressure and there is a terrific gust of wind. The humidity dropped at that time from 60% to under 20%.

The cat seemed to sense that someting strange was going to happen. She went under my workbench and stayed there while thjis was happening.

Would rather not do that again.

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That is pretty extreme, George. I have experienced sudden rise in temperature, and sudden drops also, but not that extreme, strong enough I could watch the thermometer go up (or down) real fast, freaky

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gmatx zone 6

Whoa - don't blame the cat at all for staying under your bench. We have major temperature drops when a cold front comes through, but it's more like 30-40 degrees over a several hour period. I don't know that I would be able to get out of my sweatshirt and coat in 3 minutes - I'd just have to cook, I guess.....

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Wow - I think I would have kept the cat company. Over the course of a couple of hours we had some sharp drops or rise but not to that extent in such a short time. Would have been interesting though.

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Wow, that is some change in a short time. Never heard of that before.
Smart cat.

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