unknown plant near Seattle, WA

Jake_IMay 25, 2014

Anyone recognize this?
It was found near a riverbank; and has a large (2-3" dia) woody trunk with flaking bark and smooth, brittle 1"-dia. stems; twigs are soft, translucent green and square (with sharp edges) like the stems of a Stachys mint. Has terminal catkins.

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This is a large shrub or small tree - about 5 - 10 feet tall. Has many of the characteristics of a willow but the soft translucent green-to-purplish colored twigs and brittle stems seem inconsistent with Salix spp.

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Buddleja davidii, an invasive plant in many countries.

But the two leaves in the right upper corner are something else

The seedhead is Buddleja

Used to be a lovely garden plant some years ago...

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Jake, Class B noxious weed in WA

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thank you!!
It is Buddleia davidii - listed as a class 2 noxious weed here in Washington State.

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