Did you ever

gandle(4 NE)June 27, 2012

write about a 3 page letter and somehow hit the Esc key accidently. I just did and can't retrieve it . I'm going to wite a few words on a piece of note paper and send it snail mail.

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Max used to do that for me quite regularly. Guess he made a good editor by me having to rethink when rewriting.

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Sometimes I think we need a computer that always asks: "Are you sure, " then, "Are you very sure," and then, "think about what you are about to do before you hit that key again."

Yeah, I think three times might make me think twice before I hit and erased stuff. It make me a tad cranky when I do things like that. LOL

Let's give a cheer for pen and paper and snail mail!!!!

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Don, that's exactly what I think when that happens to me. Maybe I wasn't supposed to say what I was writing? Yeah, yeah, that's the ticket!

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I am good at that, also getting myself erased right here.

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The "back" key works as well as the esc key to erace stuff. Been there, done that.

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i like spaghetti

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