Think I'll just siit this morning

gandle(4 NE)June 19, 2013

Not going to pick up a drill or hammer, pliers or anything else that signifies ability to climb ladders, string wire or anny other activity. Worked yesterday afternoon at the museum, 2 PM to 8 PM although Leone relieved me at 7:30. Reason, a garden club fom about 50 miles from here had asked me to a tutorial tour of the park where the museum is located in. We have a great diversity of trees in the park, in fact it is part of the statewide arboretum. I really don't walk very well, now using 2 walking sticks and the park is a large one. Well, we got the tour done and everyone semed pleased but I could barely make it to the car, Leone drove. Will be O.K. after a few more hours of goofing off.

Had a choatic incident yesterday p.m., there was a tour bus scheduled to arrive at 4 pm, it was a half hour late, was prepared for it, had another helper to give them the story and I wrote the souvenier tickets. BUT, another tour bus stopped at the same time, it was unannounced and unexpected. The woman outside was trying to control foot traffic into the museum but it all fell apart, there were as many as 40 peopld in that small cabin at one time. They could hardly move. The first bus was going back to Kentucky, they had done a 14 day tour of the western states anfd were on their way home. The unannounced bus was from Indiana and was going toYellowstone` and Las Vegas but I sure wish they had let us know in advance. I had taken a lunch to eat at the museum but it is still there unopened. Ate a grilled cheese when I got home last night. Hope someone reminds me next time that I don't walk very well and I sure hope that tour busses warn us in advaance when they plan to stop there. We will try to have lemonade and cookies for them but when you plan on 32 people and get 62 all at once it is quite chaotic. Enough.

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I think you deserve a day off. Enjoy it.

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I got exhausted just reading about your day! Keep your feet up and maybe take a nap, too.

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What a day! You'd think tour-buses would know better, but they just seem to believe they are the top priority.
Restaurant help get a feeling of dread when they see a tour-bus slowsdown, hoping it wold not stop. Think everyone would be happier if the tour was making reservations wherever they plan to go, eat or see sights.
George, take it easy for one or more days

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Hope you took it easy the rest of the day. Tours can be misery. If I see a tour-bus parked somewhere, I head the other way.

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You did a fantastic job! Undoubtedly, kept your cool and they enjoyed it. I am sorry that it happened to you. No one deserves a kindness more. Sure Leone healed you well with her great care. Rest a bit, save picking a hammer for later on, when you're ready.

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Wow. Forty people in that teeny space? I'm glad the fire marshall wasn't in the neighborhood during the tour. :o)

George, you are an Energizer Bunny! You have most certainly earned a day off. I'm sure you have some ideas on how to goof off today. But if you need some suggestions you could do what I do: coffee in bed, a few reruns of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," (which I'm sure isn't part of your regular routine!), maybe some outlet mall shopping.

Or maybe you could just stay home with Leone and the cat. :o)

Enjoy your well-deserved day off.


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You really deserve a rest. I got tired reading about your day and had to take a nap.You are an inspiration.

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