Blue coo

meldy_nva(z6b VA)June 21, 2011

The other morning I was sitting on the top step, finishing a glass of milk while contemplating the baby grape clusters on the arbor beside me. Two doves flew over and perched on a nearby vine, cooing and chortling to each other while obviously inspecting me as I drank my milk. I wonder what they were saying... perhaps...

Dovea: Oh, look at the beautiful blue beak!

Doveb: Featherless ones don't have beaks.

Dovea: Oh, it's just gorgeous with the sun shining on it.

Doveb: Featherless ones don't have beaks.

Dovea: Well, you can see that this featherless one has a beeyootiful blue beak.

Doveb: Featherless don't have beaks.

Dovea: Just look at it! Such a lovely blue bea--Awk! Awk!

Doveb: Featherless don't have --Squawk!!

[I set my glass down on the step beside me. The two doves flew away.]

Dovea: That was such a pretty blue beak.

Doveb: Until it fell off.

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Hahahaha, that's wonderful!

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There was some trash talking on my balcony yesterday afternoon. A visiting bird (type undetermined) landed on one of my window boxes and proceeded to cuss a blue streak at my kitties, who were safely indoors on the other side of the screen. The bird/cat back & forth went on for a couple of minutes. At that point I guess he decided to give my cats the last word because he flew off in a huff.

Nature can be so much fun!


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Good one, Meldy.

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This morning we had some crows talking very loudly about something in our yard. It turns out they were talking about some very nice earth worms in my soil. A whole flock came in and had a feast.

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Sometimes it would be nice to be Dr. Dolittle. On the other hand, we might hear some uncomfortable information about ourselves or how they have trained us.

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