Proof- cats can levitate

gandle(4 NE)June 3, 2012

Spook and I were sitting on the settee on the patio last evening when Leome walked by and accidently dropped a shovel. So help me, the cat rose 18 or 20 inches off the seat and I didn't see a muscle move. Ergo, cats can levitate. Of course I might have levitated a few inches also.

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I know they can, George, a sudden noise will do it, and so will getting hit with a squirt of water when they do something I don't want them to do.

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So can people,esp when she thought her cat actually spoke to her...........

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George, I'm sitting here, laughing, b/c your cat is evidently aptly named. I've discovered our cat is "spooky", too, even tho she goes by Maggie. We know she sees things we don't, as she'll sit at the corner of two rooms and stare at the ceiling, then go tearing off as if something was after her. To our eyes, there's nothing there!

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They will even do that when they see the things we don't.

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Besides staring at something we don't see, they definitely
levitate but for the life of it I can't figure out how they do it, I think they don't even know it themselves. Cat is deep asleep on my lap. I have to sneeze, one of those explosive ones you can't surpress and goes from toe to the ends of your hairs- cat sits 6 feet away on the floor and don't know how she got there, I don't either.

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Often my cat will be lying in my lap and stand and look over back of chair. I have no idea what she sees. The very first time it happened I was sure someone had got in my house, almost was afraid to turn around.Now it doesn't alarm me but wish I knew why she does it.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

I suspect most cats have access to another dimension, along with some esp. How else to explain how one can be sound asleep two rooms away but suddenly appear sitting at your feet just as you open the door to the cabinet which holds the box of treats? Wide awake and with not a hair out of place.

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They not only can levitate, but can go invisible as well like the Cheshire cat. I was once taking a soak in the tub and was joined by my dear little tabby, who was tip-toing around the lip of the tub to be near me. She slipped and hit the water and arose a good foot in the air, claws exposed and ripping. I'm not sure who beat whom out of the tub in that melee.

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cats can do everything

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