That makes the little varmints happy

gandle(4 NE)June 14, 2011

With the Platte in flood stage and all the sandbagging near the river the back waters have proved a great breeding ground for mosquitos. We are high enough so that flooding shouldn't be a problem we certainly get the benefit of all the little winged pests. The buffalo gnats haven't arrived yet but won't that be nice with both them and the mosquitos wanting lunch at the same time.

Flooding. The South Platte rises in the rockies in Colorado, the North Platte rises in the rockies in Wyoming and both have had over 150% of the usual snowfall and the two Plattes meet at North Platte NE. Flooding there is bad with many roads closed and homes flooded and we are just down stream and the flooding is getting serious here and points east. When the really warm weather hits the high rockies we are going to get more than our share of water..City sewage plant is being sandbagged by national guard helicopters and it should be O.K.

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13 months ago I thought I would stay high and dry. It almost got me. I hope you stay safe and dry!!!! Been thinking of all our midwesterners. Stay safe all.

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Stay dry.

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We actually have a 'vector' department in our County. In the spring, when the rainy season is over, they do fly overs and take photos of all 'standing water', then send the offender a note to clean up the water. During the heavy 'foreclosure' period of homes, many swimming pools were left unattended and drew swarms of mosquitos. If the owner did not clean it up, the 'vector' dept. went in a did the job, then billed the owner, bank etc.
At some point, they needed more funds to keep up with the work, so they asked us to vote on an increase in funding. We voted yes and it's worth it. We do not have a problem with mosquitos.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vector (Biology)

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

Right now, gnats are worse than mosquitos. No doubt I shall soon be muttering about the skeeter population. A house just a few doors up the street was abandoned several years ago when the owner died; his heir didn't keep up with the costs, and eventually left the area. There are extremely complicated legalities which prevented the sale of the house when the owner died. Now it has broken windows, a hole in the roof (actually a room-size section is gone), and a large backyard pond as well as the usual uncleaned gutters and puddly holes in the driveway. My favorite neighbor swears she sees swarms of skeeters migrating from that house downwind to us.

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Meldy, I remember the gnats in VA and PA. They are very active when the humidity went up. They sort of stick to your skin, gets in your eyes, ears and just about every exposed part of the body.
I'm not a radical in any sense, but IMO, the only good gnat is a dead gnat.

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

If only the bats and the martins could reproduce as fast as the skeeters....I am one solid bite. They get me just walking to the car!

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