Food Shelves need our Help!

sheepco(MN z4)February 15, 2008

Duh! Sometimes I forget to look outside my own little, cold, chores, cold, home, cold, groceries...

heaven help me if I have to stand outside and fill the Jeep with gas.

I was talking to a client today, a local food shelf volunteer. The cold and/or snow DRASTICALLY effects donations. People forget when they are so focused on staying warm. He was in local food shelf today and said it's sadly bare..............This nice guy just stopped me in my tracks.

Please take the time to remember those in need. I know you all give so much already and our own fuel etc. costs are high, but keep the food shelves in mind, they really need us this time of year! Often it's just as easy as tossing a few cans in a box by the door at the grocery store.

Thanks for listening, Sarah

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Thanks for the reminder Sarah. The need is great at all times of the year but drives are often around the holidays which fortunately does collect much. But it does run out.

Many grocery stores have a box like that and if they don't people can ask them to do it, for a local community pantry. Non-food items are needed too like baby diapers or toiletry items.

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The giving was down a lot this holiday season here in Cali due to the economy, so they're hurting even more now. Thanks so much for posting this, Sarah!


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