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fairy_toadmotherFebruary 3, 2006

ok, so i want to set up a simple website as a tribute....any suggestions? all will be appreciated. please take into consideration that it is a daily feat that i even know how to log on :)

i would like it to have the copyright anti-infringement capability (that little circle with the line through it that prevents copy/paste) though i realize that one could simply manually copy word for word as well.


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pondmaninfl(z9 FL)

FTM, first of all, get 1st Page 2000. It is a web page creater. It's a free download. Do you have web space or will you need to get web space to host it? When I got my club domain, I got free web space with it but the domain cost me $4.95 per year. If you have cable internet, your provider should have web space just for you. Tell us what you want with a little more detail.


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semper_fi(Z7 GA)

The circle with the line going through is NOT necessarily for copy anti-infringement. It's just your browser's way of telling you that you are trying to do something that the browser is not capable of doing.

I would only worry about copyrights, if this website contained some important information (ie. Dr. Bunson's latest discoveries). But if it's just a simple tribute page to something or someone, generally nobody else can profit from it, so no such drastic measure would be necessary.

A good, easy place to start is Yahoo's Geocities. They offer free webhosting and simple tools to put together a basic website. If you want to get more fancy with your design, you can always upgrade to a more advanced software later down the road.

Also, if this happens to be a tribute page to a friend or family member in the Armed Forces, I will be more than happy to offer you assistance to put together such website.

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jeanner(SW Ohio - Z6)

FTM, it all depends on how fancy you want it to be. You can use Microsoft Word for the basic website (i.e., pictures, hyperlinks, etc). My first website was done in notepad, although I wouldn't suggest it now with all the software tools available.

Let me know if I can help.


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thanks, scott. unfortunately, my situation is a bit more difficult- i cannot download anything at the present time, and i hvae no space.

thanks for the explanation, semper. shows what i know :)
anyway, i also intended to add some prose, written by ME, and i don't want anyone taking credit for it or using it without my permission. i suppose the only way to ensure this is to never share. i shall stroll around the geocities soon to get my whereabouts, and remember scott's suggestion for the if and when.

i also found where aol hometown offers but i don't think it allows the slideshow capability i would like to do. thanks for that very generous offer, semper. it is sentimental but not quite on that subject. as a matter of fact, the page my sister has up on aol hometown for my nephew "over there" is what i found so far.

thank you, jean, also! a lot of my problem is i have no idea how to get background on things (like stationary). there must be a program out there, or these other hosting sites have set ups?

anyway, i don't like what starfire (?) has b/c it loads you up with eye pollution. it is waaaaaay worse than the ads here.

hmmmm, maybe a music byte too. i have a particular sandi patti song in mind, but i don't know if i can use that without paying for it????

i am considering also having links at the end to some of my favorite and applicable sites.

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jeffahayes(8a Upstate SC)

FTM, let me see if I have this straight... Seems the last time we had this discussion, you said you don't actually have your own computer and are using one at the library for internet access, yet you're trying to set up your own webpage? I guess that CAN be done, even with only guest access to a computer, but I'd have never thought of it.

You're a rather innovative soul, aren't you? :)

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very good, all encompassing summary! innovative? why, thank you, kind sir...i do try :)

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what does everyone think about this? at least, until i get what i really want.

Here is a link that might be useful: photo slideshows

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It looks pretty nifty, FTM! Hey, and it's free, so it's not like you'll be out anything until you find exactly what you're looking for. :)


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hello, brenda. kind of my thoughts...i could at least get going. i did read through policies, sharing, etc. personally, i think companies and such make those statements so long b/c they know you will get so burned out reading it you either phase out and not comprehend or quit reading. then, they can slip something in on you but it is your own fault for not seeing. i am way too paranoid or suspicious at times, but it is feasible.

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