Back to Iraq...

sheepco(MN z4)February 12, 2007

Just found out today that one of our veterinarians is going back. He's Navy, Special Forces helicopter pilot, 17 years in the reserves. He's been there 3 times already. Last time he volunteered to go 6 months spanning Christmas so others in his unit could come home for the holidays. He chose to go again now for a year because the powers that be said he'd probably get called up again anyway, and they can do that with only 72 hours notice. Apparently the Navy has been accused of not doing much to help and so are now going to step up (his words not mine). He figured the 72 hours notice thing might screw up the clinic's schedule. Besides, his 20 years are closin' in.

He's incredibly funny, and incredibly brave, or has a serious death wish...

He said he hopes we'll take him back when he comes home...I just hope he comes home.

(BTW, the boss said no problem.)

:( Sarah

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Our thoughts will be with him always, Sarah!! What's his name (for prayer offerings)? He sounds like a toughie AND a really good guy for helping out during the holidays.

My brother, dad, and grandpa were all Navy, and I'd say they're pretty awesome in general. :D


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horton(6 b Ontario.)

Sarah, please give him a thumbs up from this old serviceman.

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semper_fi(Z7 GA)

It is no secret that this is especially a tough time for all of our boyz overseas including the helo pilots.

Rest assured that he has no death wish. Just doing what needs to be done. :-)

His courage and great sense of humor will help him through it.

Semper Fi,

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