Super Bowl Ads

sheepco(MN z4)February 4, 2007

So anyone want to tell which SB ad was their personal favorite?

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I liked all the animal ads (with mud Dalmation and the crabs worshipping the Bud cooler topping the animal list) and the fantasy-land inside the Coke machine.

Most of the ads were not funny. A disappointing year in a long number of years of downhill ads IMO.

The Prince half-time show was outstanding. Billy Joel has lost his voice and ought to hang it up.


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koijoyii(NE Ohio)

The one with the robot on the assembly line that dreamed he dropped a screw and the outcome of making that mistake.


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It's hard to retrain your brain to pay attention to all commercials for one night...

I liked the Bud light wedding with the auctioneer.

I also chuckled at Oprah and Letterman on the sofa together.

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I love this topic, Sarah! :)

The Coke ones were surprisingly good, I agree! And so was that robot one, Jenny! (All by myself....or something like that...LOL)

The commercials really started out funny, IMO, which is usually case, then they taper off.

Bud Light - rock, paper, scissors - hilarious!
BL - Mister Garcia teaching English class - another LOL
BL - Ax murderer, Texas chainsaw dude - pretty funny
Bud - Instead of high-fiving...slapping - LMAO
Bud - Gorillas - LMAO (and the spotted dog one...awwww!)
Sierra Mist - beard comb-over...LMAO!
Sprint - Connectile Dysfunction
Chrysler - replaced guy's old car (and wife) ("Oh, thank you, Chrysler.") LOL - These were all hilarious, with office workers out in the jungle!
Emerald Nuts (surprised there weren't as many as last year) - Robert Goulet

But my #1 favorite has to be the Doritos, the 2nd ad to air after start of the game. Spicy, Cheesy, Crunchy, Bold....Smooth? (That last one reminded me of myself when she hit the side of the car, and a little *poof* of chips flies up.) LOL!!!!!!!)


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catherinet(5 IN)

I saw on the Today show that the Dorito's commercial was done for about $9 dollars (the cost of 4 bags of Doritos.....they ate one for lunch), by several kids, the oldest of whom was 20! One kid filmed the boy driving in the car by riding a skateboard alongside the car! I guess they are in the finals! Yay!.......Less IS more!
It was very refreshing to see Coke's commercial about doing good.

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Now that you mention it I also chuckled at

BL - Mister Garcia teaching English class - especially the last guy that could not get it right no matter what.
Sprint - Connectile Dysfunction (good play on words)

I must have missed the Sierra Mist - beard comb-over - I was making dinner and was up and down. Comb overs are pathetic and funny at the same time - like nobody will notice. I dated a guy for a while that had a comb over (God forbid I just said that). He used more hairspray than I did. I suggested he shave his head, would look way sexier, but no. I should have done a mercy shave in the dead of night:-) I have to catch that one on a re-run somewhere.

I sure didn't miss the first play where I was temporarily winning the Board pool. LOL

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

My favorite was the GM spot w/ the assembly line robot. I actually shed a few tears! My Dad works for GM and is losing his job soon so I guess it struck a chord. He was the cutest robot i've ever seen.

I liked the Dalmation too. : )

I totally agree with Comet....Prince was awesome and Billy Joel....well....he was hideous.

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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I'm glad I missed the Billy Joel part at the beginning, then. LOL And I'm glad the robot ad had a happy ending. Otherwise, I would have needed more tissue. :)

WTG on the Doritos commercial! That makes me love it even more.

Oh, yeah, the auctioneer one was GREAT! And so was Letterman and Oprah. That was the last person in the world I expected to be sitting next to him. :D

LOL @ mercy shave, CT! The beard comb-over was so NASTY, it was hilarious! Then the guy stood up (after they fired him), and he was wearing REALLY short jean cut-offs. LMAO!

Mister Garcia - the Indian guy trying to say, "Homes." Was that the last guy? Just too funny.

The only repeat ad I've seen is the Snickers one with the mechanics "kissing". Wish they'd show more of the rest!


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maryo_nh(z5 SouthernNH)

The mud dalmation. I'm such a sucker for puppy ads. I loved how the beauty queen at the end was full of mud spots.

:) Mary

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