A posy for you all

lilosophieJune 14, 2013

I do love petunias, though some think they are "so common"
This one is certainly a pretty one, thought I share it

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Oh what gorgeous blooms! I wish I had something like that instead of the plain purple one I bought. Enjoy it!

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Thank you for the pretty posies, lilo.

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I like petunias, too; but the spent blooms do need to be pinched, partly to keep the plant blooming, I think, but also for appearance. I planted three deep red ones in my front garden and check them, everyday, pulling off the old flowers.

I find all the different colors very appealing.

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For goodness' sake, I just reread my post and it sounds "preachy"! I'm not, though, for as I've said before, I'm not a gardener! I like the end results, but don't get satisfaction from digging in the dirt--only dirt under my fingernails!! :>)

Strangely enough, I do like "deadheading" flowers!

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sweet_betsy No AL Z7

What a pretty petunia, Ms. Lilo!

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