I'm Still In the Garden. :-)

prairiemoon2 z6 MAMay 14, 2009

Carry on Idylls....

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Well I'm still visiting nurseries! ;)

Of course I should be weeding and so on, but frankly it is too windy and the threat of frost is still with us.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Bug are you getting these terrible winds???? its been gusting up to 40mph plus. Damaging stuff... Grrrrr a huge branch from the large oak tree landed in the middle of the terrace garden. At least it only took out greenery and didn't land on the Clematis 'Asao' that will be blooming in a bit. The annuals are NOT happy and are getting broken and wind burn. Sigh....

So what did you get at the nurseries??? I did a shopping trip today myself. I was looking for Torenia and E. 'Diamomnd Frost' and a couple flats of 3" pots of annuals came home with me. Most of them weren't on my list but I couldn't resist a few gorgeous tuberous begonias. And then there were those delicious ivy geraniums and I did find four different Torenias I couldn't live without....


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OK Deanne, even I am thinking you may need an intervention:)
I can't wait to see what you do with all of this new plant material though, I'll admit. It's going to be a beautiful summer at your place! And it makes me happy to hear how happy and excited you sound.

Julie, You and dh are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope when we next here from you that dh is doing much better. Hang in there and do try to find a little time in the garden, even if it's just a few minutes to WALAT. It's good for the soul :)

Brad and I had breakfast with Jen and Kate this morning and I got to hold my sweet girl and feed her a mid-morning bottle. It's been very windy here today, so I've been, as Brenda says, a house elf :) Bella's here this evening. She showed up dressed in a cat costume and ready to dance.


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Ahem... without trying to be too picky I feel I must point out that the title is not quite right, PM... where is the notification that this is, in fact, Idyll #440?

Deanne, I would love to have you concoct something lovely in two urns I have. It has to be pretty easy, no way am I going to fuss over them the way you do. ;) It would be fun to get together, too, and talk about color and art. AND, we have Indigo Buntings here! We've seen them for about a week now and don't know if they'll hang around, but they sure are pretty birds.

It was windy earlier today, but now it's just chilly, raw, and raining. We've started a fire in the stove to keep it cozy in the house overnight and also help dry the laundry. I've done 3 loads and should have plenty of underpants for some time to come.

Thinking about Clousseau and hoping things are not as grim as feared.

But really thinking about Julie and her beloved DH. I can't imagine the worry that accompanies something systemic in an already compromised and vulnerable body. It's just a question of following the care directions to the letter and paying strict attention to the minutest of details, I suppose. I wish you well and will be sending good thoughts out to the cosmos for a speedy and complete recovery. Drop by when you need a dose of silly and support. Hang tough!

I fear I may've missed the window of opportunity to photograph "Butterflies". There are 4 blossoms (up from 1 last year, lol) and the rain and wind may just well send them to oblivion before I get out there. We have a spectacular Dicentra spectabilis making a living atop the 30 yr. compost pile, too (must be the dead voles, mice, and chippies out there). :)

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Oh.....I didn't do it right! Well, I am out of practice and I was waiting for someone else to do it but everyone was busy. [g] Ok...I will start it again. Thanks for catching it Chelone before we had too many posts on it.

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