It Rained Last Night and Other Oddities

gmatx zone 6June 15, 2013

We really need to send our weather forecasters back to school - LOL. All our local stations (3) predicted that the front located in NM would not make it to the central Texas Panhandle and that the string of showers located in the southern part of the Texas Panhandle would only produce "small, very scattered showers if they make it up here with most of the showers being in the eastern Panhandle". Well, it started raining before absolute dark last night and must have rained somewhat gently all night. When youngest son came down this morning for coffee, he read the rain gauge on his way in and there was - drum roll - 1 1/2" in it!! Thank you Lord.

Later, the Heathen Boys as Emma the house cat calls them- Bo and Buster the Blue Heelers -started barking. When I went to the back door the second time to tell them "no" I looked toward the south and in our side yard was a young buck. He took off out behind our windbreak trees and high-tailed it toward the front pasture gate. I stood and watched him run through our pasture and jump the next two fences - just beautiful and graceful. The closest area for the deer around here is about 2 1/2 miles southwest of us. That is the first time I have ever seen one on our property.

I really believe that the building development out here is pushing the deer up out of that canyon, even though the houses are up on the flat land. And now, the north half of our section has sold and they are building on the north side of the road that runs east-west along our property.

Progress doesn't bother me, but what does is that some people (specifically in my mind the ones who think it is fashionable to live in the country in named developments) do not understand or even give a thought to the fact that once farm land is removed from production, it does not return to that purpose. Our water is scarce out here and that really, really bothers me.

Okay, enough good news followed by grousing. Have a great day everyone.

Has anyone heard from Anneliese yet?

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First: congratulations on the rain. Forecasters are weird, here it is always: Oh, there is going to be rain, it will ruin your shopping, golf game, picnic, sleeping late (take your pick) and in spite of threatened water-rationing they will say "a glorious, sunny day!" They all talk from San Francisco and the burbs, we rednecks love to have a good rain.
About deer, we have quite a few around, I plant petunias for them (deer candy)
I am concerned about Anneliese, there are health issues with her and with him, but then she sometimes goes off to do other things and disappears for a few days, hope her absence means she has fun.

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Some weather forecasters are better than others. There are some that know how to work the weather computer software "modules", and come up with some accurate forecasting.
Also find someone who pinpoints your location. I found a weather guy who works for a network that I don't trust at all,but he put my city on the computer and he's pretty darn good.

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West_Gardner, I agree about some forecasters being better than others. All three of our local weathermen were raised around this part of the country, 2 of them actually in the town where the TV stations are. Prior to this year, it seems that their forecasts were more accurate. Makes me wonder if the really strange weather so many are experiencing is causing weather in other parts of the country to be harder to predict by influencing the speed of Highs and Lows, etc. Rain in our part of the country, especially after the last 3 years of extreme drought, will be welcomed whether forecasted or not! That is a surprise I will always accept.

Oh, the other oddity I forgot to mention in my first post was after watching the deer jump the fences, I got to looking to see where the cows were. Didn't see them, so I figured they were in the back pasture. Then I saw movement over by the barn and there they were. All of them had gotten in the lot and somehow shut the gate. They were looking at me as if to say "Well, what are you looking at? Aren't you going to do something?" They could have opened the gate as they have done so before, so I don't know why they didn't this morning. All but a couple of them had to check out my housecoat on their way out the gate, and of course Adam, our Beefalo bull, had to get his head and neck scratched. Can't tell our animals are spoiled can you!

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