The kittens

lilosophieJune 15, 2013

Now their eyes are open and they are developing personalities, here is the whole kit and caboodle - cuties all

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I spoke with the rescue woman and when they are 7 weeks old they and their mom will be spayed nutered and get shots.

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They are adorable!! Once they all get scampering around, your house will be crazy--lots of fun, but crazy.

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Oh, they are so cute. I want one, but then again I don't want one.

For the first time, DH and I are at the point where we have the freedom and means to do and go anywhere on the spur of the moment and having a baby furbaby would not fit into that lifestyle.
What's more,both our dog and kitty lived to be over 18 years old and I don't know if we have another 18+ years left.
If at some point we want another pet, it would be an older pet.
Glad to see you are doing such good works, acorn.

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Awwww, so cute. Aren't they just adorable at that age and so much fun to watch. Love to watch them when they learn to bow up their backs, jump, and spit at each other. More entertaining than TV!

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Kittens are the sweetest thing ever! Your's are darling, I'd love to give one a home.

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Cute little darlings.

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Those are some real lookers there! I bet they are a handful.


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