Crepe Myrtle sucker?

Glitterati-GA7bMay 20, 2013

There's a crepe myrtle near this small plant which is being smothered by a white pine. I'm hoping this is a sucker growth I can move away before I hire someone to try to take out the pine. I'll probably lose the crepe myrtle when they do......the pine is just too close and has been allowed to grow too tall...

Anyway, I know they're prolific sucker producers so I've been hunting for one or two I can move to safety before I begin the pine removal.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

whats the question???

are you asking us to confirm that this is a CM???

well.. actually them.. because i have never seen one in my cold MI life .. lol


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bostedo(8a tx-bp-dfw)

I'm no expert, but that actually looks more like a seedling - great to transplant, though may not be true to the parent type if that matters to you. The suckers tend to be straight shoots that don't branch that close to the ground, problem I've had with the naturally occurring CM suckers is getting enough root for it to survive.

You can promote suckers that may be easier to transplant by cutting a gap through some small roots four to eight feet out from the CM trunk. Just start digging a shallow trench and you should be able to find some suitable ones within three feet or so if it is a well established tree.

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Certainly looks like Crape Myrtle. I don't know enough about them to say if the sucker will be the same as the parent. They may well be grafted.

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Yes, ken_adrian, I'm trying to confirm my belief that it is a crepe myrtle.

I can't layer the original as someone has topped it out and stripped everything below 3 ft. from the top. Therefore, the only way to ensure a crepe myrtle is to move a sucker/seedling before I have the pine tree removed.

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Yes suckers should be easy to transplant as long as they have some roots. As for the parent Crepe Myrtle when the tree is removed if it gets damaged it still should survive. They do what we call Crepe Murder and cut them back to ugly looking sticks for the winter here in Texas. Even if it does not make the process the roots should put up more suckers which can be transplanted. I had to move one a few years back but the parent died in the process but I ended up with 15+ suckers from the root system which did fine. The shallow root system should give you several shoots around the base of the parent plant. So if the parent does not survive you should end up with some good starts.

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Yeah, wally-1936, they do Crepe Murder around here, too. It's sad how horrible those poor things look all winter. I never understood it.

I understand you get bigger blooms doing Crepe Murder, but you get MORE blooms without it.

At any rate, I'll dig up some of these suckers and plant them in a safe place before I have the pine removed.

I just didn't want to do that digging if I was wrong in my ID. Sure would hate to baby a weed. LOL!

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