Proof: There IS life in Outer Space.

agnespuffinJune 8, 2011

How do I know? It's like this.....As you know, I have had to spend some time poking around the Internet. Lots of forums to read.

Now, if these people are from the Planet Earth, they are strange. If they come from "out there" somewhere, then their attitude is more understandable.

Even as poor as our school systems may be, you would think that some education would rub off.

For example. One woman (pretty sure it's female. Could just be an It.) thinks we could all give up using fossil fuels and go back to raising our own food. That would solve our unemployment problems as everyone would have to work hard. AND, this would raise everyone's self esteem because they would be earning their money.

When someone tried to tell her/it that some just don't like hard work and would just as soon steal, she sort of poo-poo the idea with the statement that very few people like to sit around on their behinds and do nothing.

Is she really from around these parts?

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Agnes, where do you find these forums? They sound very entertaining. I usually only check out the GP, Hot Topics, and the Kitchen Table. There are some "strange" ones--IMO, anyway--on Hot Topics, but I need to know what they're thinging. :>)

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here 'tis! enjoy yourself.

Really, there is a lot of really helpful things on it. Lots of various subjects.

But the weird stuff show up on ...Great Debates, Relationships, and Fashion

Fashion makes me wonder if giving Women the right to vote was such a good idea.

Here is a link that might be useful: other forums

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Wow! Now I understand why it's hard for you to get off the 'net! Thanks a bunch--I think! :>)

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Thanks for the link, a new atmosphere to investigate. Do you still keep up with DRB?

Here is a link that might be useful: Dark Roasted Blend

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I sure do keep up with DRB. All those beautiful or unusual picture are fantastic.

There's section up on today's about traffic jams that is unbelievable!

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