Hi, my name's Catherine and I'm a stocktank addict

catherinetÉMarch 15, 2008


I went out and bought 2 more 300 gallon stocktanks this morning! I need a 12 step program I guess.

They are replacing my 100 gallon tanks.....for use with lilies 'n stuff. I was wondering........would one of those air mattresses for pools fit longwise in one of these? :)

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sheepco(MN z4)

Congrats Cath!! Are you going to get the boys to dig 'em in our leave them above ground?

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catherinet(5 IN)

Hi Sarah,
Nope, these puppies are staying above ground. My son (who is home from college for spring break) was REAL happy to hear they're staying above ground!
In one of them, I'm going to put 2 tropical lilies. In the other, I'll probably put a lily and maybe marginals or a lotus. ....So many stocktanks... so little time. hahaha :)
I'm finding that lilies need alot of room to spread out. I have 3 100 gallons tanks, but they are pretty small for a lily to stretch its legs.
If I go with several tropical lilies each summer, I won't have to worry about overwintering them. (Although I have the feeling I'll be so appreciative to them for making me so happy all summer, I'll still try to help them make it through winter).
Also....I really like having the water up so close to me, without having to lean over so far!
I'm thinking of naming our property something like "stocktank hollow" or "stocktank paradise"........hahaha
Also, I think the snake stays out of the above ground stocktanks, so it will give the froggies more hiding places, hopefully.

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