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fairy_toadmotherMarch 21, 2007

ladies, do your husbands prefer hunting to spending quality time with you?

try our new line of clothing, featuring real-tree design, sure to entice the wildness inside every man! coming down the runway sporting our spring line-up, with its neutral tones that easily mix with your fall wardrobe:

and look at how comfortable the styling is! no binding around the thighs:

sure to draw attention. you might even catch yourself eyeballing your good looks:

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Naw - I prefered hunting as there was no quality time with him:-) DH is a past tense so that would make him a FDH or PDH or GTBROHDH or... LOL

Now seriously - he is SO HANDSOME!

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sheepco(MN z4)

Beautiful FTM!

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jeanner(SW Ohio - Z6)

Ahhh, they're sooo cute. I'm not sure how enticing that would be for my husband though - I think he would prefer leather!

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Awwww, GREAT pics, FTM!!! Wow! I love the glistening skin look. Very hot for the spring season. Work it, girl!

(I'm a sturgeon widow at the moment. Do you happen to have anything in Jurassic gray, possibly with barbels dangling in appropriate areas?)


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totally lmao, brenda! did i forget to mention that thanks to fashion technology the neutral shades can change from brown to grey? maybe we can work on the barbels. oooh, if he gets one you can dress yourself in it! smell that enticing pheremone perfume.

perhaps brenda and jeanner can work something out? it might feel a bit like leather (lol, jean!).

ct, i dont' mind a hunter, just can't bring myself to do it! enlighten me, please, on GTBROHDH. it must be a good one!

thanks, sarah! i would much rather deal with frog turds than sheep ones. i will add though that cricket turds make me itch, literally, like an allergy: arms itch, nose crawls- what a sight that must be, scalp, you name it. i assume it is their turds.

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zinniachick(southwest Ohio)

I'm guessing, "glad-to-be-rid-of-(hideous?)-darling-husband".

I need an outfit that resembles a ham radio. Or a twister.

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Brenda - LMAO! I'm sure you could find something Jurassic grey with baubbles that might keep him home. Dangle a few fishing lures in approprate places and put some bait behind your ears. LOL

Zinnia guessed it - almost - (him), not hideous - he was handsome actually. But hideous works too. Speaking of handsome - if you ladies get Horticulture mag. check out page 28 of the Spring Planting Issue 2007 (not sure if I get an eastcoast version or not), but the article is about public gardens in Sweden, the story is called "A Town Transformed". If you go for the more rugged and gruffy type don't bother. LOL

Here is a link that might be useful: a-LURE-ing fashions

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hmmm, was that supposed to open secret gothic fashion? i was expecting a photo of a pretty boy (i like the rough look, myself).

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Oh sorry FTM - that was for Brenda to look over the Jurassic attire as a joke. The cutey is in the Magazine. I could scan him but that is copyright infringement to the max!

I lean towards the pretty boys I guess, but the ruggedly handsome types are good too (like George Clooney would be the rougher looking type to me) - like he looked in the movie The Perfect Storm. Hard, beat up looking dudes is what some gals think is rough and rugged. There is a huge difference between the Marlboro man and somebody that looks like Keith Richards IMO, but to each his own.

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oh well, i will pass on keith richards :) and no one with reallly long mustaches, goatees, or mutton chops (think orange county choppers). so i guess ruggedly handsome is what i prefer.

no need to apologize! i was simply a bit confused.

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If DH just happens to catch another sturgeon, I guess I could strap it to my leg, a la Sarah's angry boot, and take a pic. After a few days, it should be leathery enough to strap back on again, in honor of Jean's preference. Sturgeon - the other lingerie. :D

Sounds like a great outfit, CT! Did you work in fashion in another life?? LOL As long as I leave out the hooks. DH's fish camp nickname is Dr. Hook, thanks to a big'un right through the finger. I wouldn't want to horrify him while attempting to tempt. :D

I gave that issue to my mom, but I think I remember the guy you're talking about. Typical blonde Swede? I get Horticulture for the articles. LOL Just kidding. (I couldn't get that "Secret" page to load...:( )

LMAO @ Keith Richards...oh, man. That's pushing it on the "rugged" thing. Anything in cammo is fine with me....maybe a uniform here and there. Paul, Sr. is a bit much for me (American Chopper, OCC), but Paulie, Jr....has potential. :D John Cena in The Marine...HEL-lo! *giggle*


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that's the one. paul sr. he'd be fine if he trimmed that mustache a bit. a tom selleck mustache is just right to me.

then there is this uniform code that says the mustache has to be just above the corner of the mouth. that just looks weird to me, especially if it is a full mustache. and those skinny ones? shave it off! :)

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The proper name for lame mustaches is Cookie Dusters!

I like facial hair as long as it is trimmed neatly and if on the right type of granola dude it can be longer. Ponytails done right are OK too.

Bald heads are great if they shave them completely - no comb overs or fringes around the sides.

I wonder how many dudes are reading this thread? LOL

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I hope all the dudes are reading this, because who doesn't agree about the horrors of the comb over. LOL

DH has what he calls a "bagota" (not really a word, I don't think), the trimmed, drunken mustache that falls down around the mouth and sprawls over the chin. Not really a goatee, I guess. I like it when he shaves it off, because he looks about 10 years younger, but his clean-shaven face scares me for about a week after. :D

Yeah, not only the skinny mustaches should go, but the 5 o'clock facial hair with gaps in it, like someone took Round-Up to patches of the guy's face. If you don't have it in you, leave it to the real men. LOL

(I'd love to see a thread like this from the guys about women. LOL!!!)


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"(I'd love to see a thread like this from the guys about women. LOL!!!)"

On Lordy that would be a short list!

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