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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)March 8, 2007

Dh's twin brother was talking about the bat problem at his employers warehouse. They are having serious problems with them coming in and nesting. They aren't allowed to harm them or even touch them and they are looking for a way to make the bats look elsewhere for a home without spending hundreds of thousands. I suggested fluorescent light starters with a bad hum to mess up their signals as a joke but that may not be such a bad idea according to the stuff that came up on a Google search. The problem is the warehouse is huge. Does anyone have any suggestions about getting them to leave? Sandy

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that's a problem sandy. first, winter is a very bad time to try to do that.

hope this helps:

Here is a link that might be useful: bat conservation international

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How are they getting in? If you can block the places where they get in then you wait until they are gone at night and block their re-entry places. Don't trap them inside or they will die inside and stink up the place. Most likely there are openings up in the rafters or roof. It does not take much of an opening for a bat to squeeze in. I had some in an attic one time and it was because during a storm the attic vent cover (just a small one on the front of the house shaped like a small triangle) had blown down. My husband put it back up just as I noticed the screening that had been behind it was still on the ground. Well, he said tough I'm done. Later that summer as I had a cup of coffee on the front porch in the early morning, the bats would return from their nightly insect feeding in the corn fields and fly right into the tiny sliver of an opening in that vent to roost in the attic. We didn't notice any problem with them as I don't think there were that many, but the point being it was a small, slatted vent and they could get in. Sometimes one would bump into the slat and miss, but then it would try again and get part-way in and then scramble the rest of the way in, squeezing through sideways if need be.

Female bats like warmer places than the males bats.

And you are right - don't kill them. Bats are important. They can't help it the warehouse is a perfect roost to them. Build it and they will come. Build it right and they won't get in.

You need to prevent them from getting in by watching in the early morning when they come in, to find the places that need to be covered with the screening. Then lock them out during the night when they are off hunting by screening off the openings. They will be forced to go somewhere else. In a big warehouse it may take a while to find all the places they get in, but if you keep at it you will do it.

If they are not flying in and out right now, but holed up due to cold weather, then wait until they are on the move when the weather warms up. They do leave each night to eat, like clockwork.

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Well I just read FTM's methods and my method is not approved. It is the same principle though - get them out and don't let them get back in. Follow FTMs official site as they are the experts.

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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

Thanks for the link, FTM. CT, thanks for trying. Sandy

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I have bats in my attic and really need them gone one got into my house last night. I need some other method then filling cracks and stuff like that i am petrified of them and want them out all at once then I will seal and screen and anything else need be. But how can I get them out during the day and do the sealing I need done so I can lay down and sleep at night?

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While some of the ideas posted are correct, in a general sense, there is also misinformation posted.
Bats, do not always leave, like clockwork. There are different reasons why they may not come out right at dusk. We sealed a 3 story brick building this week that has literally hundreds of bats. After the first days work, we hung around to see if they would fly out. About 7 came out of the main entry's and we waited till almost 9:00. (September) We verified a lot of bats inside that afternoon.
Usually, but esp. with bats, methods besides eviction and sealing such as lighting, etc. are cost prohibitive or not effective at all. What we usually see is people exhausting all these options, then calling us in the end and it ends up costing them more in the long run than if they had called a professional in the first place.
Don't always assume that bat proofing a home is a lot of money. We charge a nominal inspection fee to look at the building and give you an exact price on what it would take to remove them once and for all. Please be aware that there is no way you can verify weather all the bats are out of a building at night or not. Just because you don't see the on a rafter like you always do in the attic, does not mean they are not inside. Often,they will hide under insulation batting or other, unseen places.
Book or internet information can be good or can be misleading.
You can learn about raising, say, orchids in a book but until you do it for a living, your only getting part of the picture.
Lenny Gorski

Here is a link that might be useful: SHORELINEWILDLIFE.COM

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