Blind fish?

lisa11310(z5 MI)March 16, 2014

Hi all, has been ages since posted in here but I have a question. I noticed a very sick fuzzy goldfish fish when I shut my pond down last fall. It's so pretty & about 3 years old. I brought it in and treated it and seems to have made a full recovery in the tank over the winter. I got it a companion fish wich I plan on putting out in the pond in the spring also. I have not added any fish to this pond in the 10 years I have been here and thought a little "new" blood would be good for the pond. Recently I have noticed that my once sick fish looks like it has become blind. It's eyes are clear but it does not follow me or does not go after food flakes anymore. It is otherwise healthy looking and is managing to eat somehow. The question is should I put it back out in the pond this spring? (it's in a 10 gal aquarium). My pond is 500 gals. with about 14 other fish (some are 15 yrs old). Any ideas why an otherwise healthy looking fish would suddnenly go blind? Thanks.

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