Idyll #319 - The Untitled Idyll

michelle_zone4May 21, 2007

I hate starting new Idylls as I can never think of a clever title.

The first clematis was blooming this a.m. Funny but it was a clearance sale one planted just last fall. The variegated columbine, alliums, gas plant, candytuft, dianthus are in full bloom also. Does anyone want seeds from the variegated columbine? I really like it. It gently seeds around and the seedlings are either variegated or chartreuse.

Brenda, good thing you posted a picture. The mental picture I had of you was no where close.

Deanne, sorry to hear about the stained glass. I really hadnt done much 3-D stuff before and EiÂs lost something too. I could send you some of the copper tape and then anyone who has ever soldered could fix it. Nice to hear that the pelargoniums made it. The Golden Tiara hosta that you sent me looks great, I put a lamium ÂAnne Greenaway near it and think it will make a lovely combo.

LOL I always plan to accomplish way more than I am able complete.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Well instead of listing the junk I got done today, this time I'll show off what DD sent me about her weekend activities.
First the "before" shots of their inherited backyard, after her DH cleaned up masses of dead braches.

Well here is the supervisor, modeling her new baby carrier that was made for her with dragonfly fabric. I LOL when I saw Ellie, the elephant that she grew up with and that followed her to University in NH!

Here is her DH, put to work creating paths from the stones that were plunked everywhere. It was only about 40F yet there were mosquitoes bothering him. Poor guy was on his second day without smoking, so was not in the best mood.

And here is how it looks now, with some hostas, heucheras, Siberian iris, etc around the pond.

There's lots more to do, but already a big improvement on their first garden together. They hope to remove sumac, Amur maple, choke cherry bushes, etc. Then work on the pond some more. She thinks there may be a clematis growing up the arbor. Pretty exciting stuff!

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Good evening

Brenda - how fabulous to "see" you. Now the next step is to come meet us in PA. Could you sneak away for a weekend in July? I know we would have some laughs.

GB - a great improvement indeed - rearranging those stones made a big difference. What a fantastic baby carrier! Our kids loved being in one - in fact for collicky David it was the only way to stop him crying. His first Thanksgiving one or other of us carried him aroung for 9 hours. I became quite adept at doing all sorts of jobs including cooking and gardening. It was also extremely handy for nursing in public places - a quick arrangement of garments and no one was any the wiser.

Deanne - hope you got tons done in the garden today. I just finished dragging my coleus into the garage :0(

Michelle - I have a few variegated columbines - they really light up an area don't they? I too am in full agreement about chartreuse foliage - this year I grew chartreuse "Jewels of Opal" and a chartreuse mutabalis to spice up the borders a little. I'm also very fond of Tanacetum Isla Gold which is looking stunning right now and I have tons of the common gold leafed feverfew which seeds freely.

I finally had enough of feeling lousy and dragged myself off to the Dr's this afternoon to find I have a sinus infection. Hopefully the antibiotics will quick in quickly as I can't wait to start feeling better. I'm lucky to have the absolute nicest Dr who never fails to ask about Annie and David and even remember how old they are.

I think I'm about to head to bed to rest up some more and read. Looking forward to (hopefully) feeling up to par tomorrow.


PS Does anyone know if Ei sold her house?

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Hiya Everyone... I am just pooped this eve, trying to get some watering done and a bit of unpacking. These trips are always so exhausting---I can handle the time change pretty well , but the constant activites, dinners (too much food )cocktails...etc are just killer.I flew back this morning-it's a 4 hour plus flight to SFO from Indy, and then at least an hour drive back to Napa. DS did a great job making sure none of the containers dried out .

So, just a couple comments ...Chelone, I'm all for Brendas Show on NPR. I can just hear Scott Simon calling her every Saturday morning for an update. Remember those fantastic essays by Bailey White ??

Mary, my DS was involved in theater and/or chior all through middle school and high school. I remember exactly what you describe with the letdown when a run is over !

Saucy, best of luck to you in handling the challenges that have come your way.

'bug, very nice work realigning those stepping stones in 'bug jr's garden. What were the previous homeowners thinking with then strewn about as they were.?

'kay. I'm so tired I'm spending more time correcting typos than composing this post. Time to call it quits...

Hello all!

Kathy in Napa

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Just a quick "hello" to everyone. I'm exhausted emotionally and physically. My cuppeth under filleth, LOL! (There's a hole in the bucket, Dear Liza, Dear Liza...right up Chelone's alley).

Tomorrow I think I am able to have a somewhat day to myself....I need to recharge in the sun, in the garden. I need to be alone, I think.

Thanks for being here for me when I need someone the most. How do I find out about IU4? It's on my "list" you know :)


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Should it be the 'Untidylled Idyll'?

I am no longer on vacation, so no keystrokes to spare. But enjoyed catching up with you all and just wanted to say hi and send good wishes and good health to everyone who needs them :-)

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Good morning everyone.

Saucy, it's hard when life steamrollers you. One foot in front of the other, and remind yourself that one day, with enought "distance" there will be a funny or two contained in the experience. I'll be thinking of you scratching around outdoors even as I tackle a series of 8 big "curtains" for a floating bar at a local marina.

In spite of a shampoo and thorough scrubbing with the fingernail brush, I still have grubby hands. :) I exercised great control yesterday when I yanked out the nearly dead Kalmia. I struggled a bit, but hauled it off to the scrap heap! I'm so sick of crummy looking specimens that were destined for the scrap heap at the nursery where the helpmeet works. I want immediate gratification (rules out stratification, lol) and by golly! I'll have it. Planted the Cimicifuga, the Japanese Iris, and rearranged more of my Asarum.

LOL about the doghair sweater (Cynthia would freeze to death), maybe we could use some of Rex's hair as a spikey accent. And I howled at the visual conjured by clean the house with a leaf blower. Too funny.

Your tree peonies are just lovely, Eden. Mine has taken years to get to a decent size and I'm just not in love with it. The flowers are Magenta. I noted yesterday that one of the shoots is wilted and there appears to be some sort of mold on it. Figures! I'll deal with it this afternoon. Is it necessary to wait until August to relocate them, too... the way you're supposed to with the herbaceaous varieties?

Cold again this morning. I want to get the bay window awning waterproofed today and up as soon as possible. That way I'll be able to get working on planting those window boxes.

Gotta face the music now, guys. Later!

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Boys!! I was having a perfectly wonderful time yesterday, playing in the yard, and the guys had to put a stop to it. Sent me to the field around 2:00 :( I worked down the last field for corn, so I might be done for the season. I can never bank on it until the beans are all in the ground, but since there are 4 guys floating around, I would think they could get by without me. I came home, showered, nuked some frozen chicken stew, ate and fell into bed. DH didn't get in until around 11:00. They had an interesting evening, got a flat tire on the disk just as DH was pulling out onto a pretty busy road, and the tractor jammed in two gears. Horrifying story about how they got it fixed, but no one was killed (at one point there was a guy UNDER the tractor banging on something and another in the cab trying to MOVE it) so I guess it's all good. DH says there was NO WAY anyone was going to get run over, because the disk with the flat tire was holding the tractor back and they were just trying to get it to chose a gear and pop into it. Then he pointed out that I left my flashers on when I shut the tractor down, and that's a good way to have a dead battery in the morning-and THAT would be a crisis, lol! He got the raspberries and I fell back to sleep. Since I was asleep long before dark, I didn't notice them flashing. I bet it was driving my MIL nuts, tho. She lives right down the road from's a wonder she didn't call me about it.

'bug-looks like DD and DSIL are making good progress. I love the baby carrier picture :) Poor guy, quitting smoking, landscaping work AND a new baby on the way. I'll be sending positive vibes his way. If I could back up and change only ONE thing in my life, I would NEVER start smoking.

Michelle, lol, do I wanna know what the mental picture you had was??

Mary, not sure if PA will be possible for me this summer or not. I was SO bummed to not be able to come to Illinois last year..right in my back yard, practically! DS was busy putting me thru he** with his car wreck. I just know it would be a good time! Take care of that sinus infection, hope you getting feeling better fast!

Show on NPR?? Lol, you should hear my voice-everyone thinks it's Jim when I answer the phone....I GOTTA quit smoking :( Ever see "A River Runs Through it"? There's a part where the bar floozy says, "I ain't burned". Some mornings when I look/feel particularly rough I say that to Jim..cracks him up every time.

Today, I'm going to water some things that need moved and divided, then head in to see the chiropractor. I always need a tune-up after we're done farming, and I can tell my shoulder is out of whack. Then off to the grocery store, because we're alarmingly low on just about everything. Supposed to be mid 80s here today, so it will be a good day to go to town. Of course, I'll have to stop by the nursery...they're probably getting worried about me, lol! I've usually got my annuals bought by now, but with the weather this year I figured I'd let them tend them for me. Besides, Jim will be in the fields and I can get them home and get the flats scattered out a bit-looks like you spent less money that way. Plus, I'm going to need some hostas and stuff this year. I'm planting the area around/under two big old lilacs. They're back by the hammock, and I've got a BIG fat Buddha that goes back there. That reminds me, I'm gonna have to get the backhoe back over here to set him.

Saucy, hang in there.

Chelone, I will leave you with a quote from "Gone With the Wind". A lady's hands proclaim her habits...LMAO!!! Wish you could see mine right Dad would say it looks like I chased a fart through a bucket of nails :) I DO wear gloves, just not all the time!

Hope you all have a good day-

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I hope I have the date right???

Happy Birthday Cindy!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I hope Eden is right! ;-)

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Here's a couple of pics of Bella from this morning.

So where is everybody today. I've been madly plunking things into the garden all morning. It's really warm out there today so I'm in for a break to cool off.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Today is a lovely day but with hotter sun and more bugs. Friends came by to paint at the farm:

Ann worked in watercolours while Stan painted in oils. He saw an otter! I've never seen one in 10 years here! He showed me exactly where it was spotted and I hope I get to see it soon. They are my favourite animal!!!

The flats are looking more advanced and the camassia is in bloom. YEAH!

And now it is time to hammer in fertilizer stakes around the fruit trees.

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**Happy Birthday Cindy**

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Idylls are quiet today. The weather must be as nice for you all as it is for me and you're all out in the gardens? I moved half a dozen geraniums that I had in a holding bed. All ones I'd started from seed a couple of years ago. The only problem was that when Tim was alive he used to think it was great fun to pull all of the plant markers out of the ground, so I have no idea what they all are. I also got one of my raised beds prepared to sow some dill and basil seed in. A question for you all...has anyone else ever opened a bottle of wine with a plastic stopper instead of a cork one and then not been able to get it back into the bottle? I'm having that problem tonight, it just won't fit back in no matter how hard I try, lol.

Marie, did you get the results on Charlotte today? Your daughter looks so healthy and happy in the picture you posted and the back garden already looks 100% better. She must have inherited your gardening skills! You've been posting some beautiful shots of your own garden the last couple of days, thanks, I always love seeing it!

Brenda, thanks for the pic of you. You looked just about right to me. Good thing huh? LOL!

Mary, hope the meds have kicked in and you're feeling better.

Saucy, I have confidence that whatever challenges you face, you're up to solving them! Hang in there girl!

I got used to reading multiple posts from Cynthia everyday last week. I miss them!

Chelone, I did what you're doing now last fall. I ripped out all of the plants that were struggling along or I just plain didn't like. It made room for rearranging and new things to try. I think every garden needs editing periodically. I don't know when is the best time to move a tree peony, I've only had my two for a few years but I need to move the lighter pink one too. It's too close to the pathway.

It's only 8:30 but I'm more than ready for bed. I have family stuff going on tomorrow. My parents are down, my sister's having hernia surgery and my neice's graduation is tomorrow night. So I'll probably not be around for a couple of days.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

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Cindy, I'm too tired and too lazy to try to hunt up a good birthday picture. There! I've said it! I'll be sittin' in the catbird seat if the day was wrong, won't I?! ;) But best wishes for a lovely birthday anyway.

This is "hell week" in marine canvas and awnings. The last minute scramble to fulfill everyone's wishes... I was ready to scream by 9AM. As usual, insufficient instructions on PAPER, "stream of consciousness" instruction (that ran counter to what was on paper), and constant irritation when a customer came in or the telephone rang. YAWN. I finally put down the shears and looked her right in the eyes, "what do you want me to do? follow the instructions on this sheet or wait for you to tell me the next step?". I THINK I have it all set in my mind... but who can say for sure? ;)

I returned home to find a message from the nursing home. GREAT. The director wanted to speak with me. I called her... "not available". I spoke my name and telephone number and said, "tag! you're it.". Apparently, the nurse on Mum's ward was concerned about her lack of hearing aids (? interesting... !) and ruffled some feathers at the most recent staff meeting. I had ALL the information at the ready and was pleased I out-waited them, forcing them to call ME. I told them what needed to be done and in what order to get the aid repaired and the missing one replaced, then requested the instructions be REPEATED TO ME to make sure they had it right. I was then asked about how to pay for it... . I told them I had no intention of paying a penny for any of it, but that I would gladly "front the money" and submit the final paid invoice for reimbursement. I then indulged myself by reminding the director that this would be an expensive lesson for the facility (likely in excess of 3K) and that it just might prove beneficial to point this out to the lax staffers who mishandled my mother's personal property... dead silence. I was then asked about the questionnaire pertaining to Mum's personal habits prior to her admission to their facility. "Why have you waited 51 days to contact me? I was lead to believe by my brother that you would contact me within a week of her admission; perhaps I was mistaken and it was up to ME to contact you?" uncomfortable silence... "No one contacted you?" "No. Why was that important aspect of your admissions process overlooked? should I have contacted you?" "I'm terribly sorry that was overlooked." Yeah, I'm sure. I'm glad I recorded the telephone call.

Rex's lameness seems to be a knee issue. He's going to see a canine orthopod next. I hate dogs! too much money, I say... gas him! quicker and cheaper in the long run.

Any word on Charlotte's tests, 'bug? How many days left? the rearrangement of the stones looks great. And kudos to DSIL with respect to smoking. You listenin', Brenda?! (lol about the fart in the bucket of nails! my boss will crack up over that one).

I'm tired, irritated, and not much fun right now. I need some Cole Porter, damnit.


And warm thoughts to every one I like so much and who has been overlooked in my selfish vent... .

I need a CAT and Cole Porter! :)

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That's SUCH A PAIN! (maybe we buy wine that's too cheap?!, what's Kathy have to say?)

Try chewing the butt end, or whacking it with a meat tenderizer... then try screwing it into the neck of the bottle. I'm dead serious about "chewing" it... it somehow seems to soften it up enough to make it malleable and permit "screwing" it into the neck.

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It is just a cheap $7 bottle of Yellowtail Chardonnay (she types as she's gnawing on the stopper)! Darn Austrailians, LOL!

This is from the FAQ on the Yellowtail website:

Q: What's with the cork?

A: We've switched to synthetic corks for a number of reasons. First and foremost, we're not quite ready to go to screw caps just yet.
Fact is, there are a number of things that can go wrong with natural cork: like drying out and letting air in or even worse, they can give the wine a distinctive, musty aroma known as cork taint. And if you've ever been unlucky enough to have a bottle of wine that's been tainted by a bad cork (a.k.a. corked wine) you'll understand why we switched to synthetic. So while only 2-10% of wine with natural cork ends up 'corked,' that's 2-10% too many in our book.

I emailed them to complain.


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CINDY!! Nothing fancy, but IS a current picture, which is amazing for me :)

Chelone, I'm gonna try REALLY hard to stay on your good side, cuz I'd hate to have you rip into me!! You go, girl! I think you did a WONDERFUL job of handling the nursing home!

Eden, I think that means that you're supposed to drink the whole bottle, doesn't it?? Lol, I AM glad I looked about right to you...I'd hate to have to get a bunch of work done so you'd recognize me ;) Tomorrow sure sounds jam-packed for you-hope all goes well. The niece doesn't belong to the sister having the surgery, does she?

Chiro visit went well today, he didn't have to brutalize me too much, but said no yoga and no gardening for 24 hours. I got guys killing my fun left and right around here. Spent way too much money at the greenhouse, of course. I got the phlox 'Becky Towe'..couldn't resist the variegated foliage, an annual grass, a perennial grass and a ton of annuals for filler and containers, and a HUGE bag of potting mix. Plants are all spread out on the porch, so DH won't have a clue as to how much I really spent. He's an awful good sport about that kind of thing, tho. 'course, think of all the money I could spend on plants instead of smokes...hmmmm. I even went to the grocery store, so now we at least have eggs, salad, milk and cheese. What else could ya need?
Jim is still out working, and I've given up and started cooking supper. This eating at 10:00 at night has got to stop. Won't be long, and everything will be grilled, and we'll be eating while it's light out--it's the little things in life, you know? We're fairly new to the whole daylight savings time thing, and I'm not adapting well to it at all. This is our second year, and it just messes me up in the spring. Wouldn't have thought it would, because the clock means very little in my world.
Gotta go flip some burgers-night all!

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Eden, What? You don't have a nice collection of wine stoppers? Go shopping now! Link below for your convenience. Buy many, because after a bottle or two you throw out the stopper with the empties.

I was appalled that I didn't have Cindy's birthday on my list. Horrified, embarrassed, all those things. But when I checked her profile, her birthday isn't listed. Aha! And she snuck in here when I was on sabbatical. So.Not.My.Fault.

I want my new camera. The yard looked beautiful tonight. It was almost dark and I had my sunglasses on. I did figure out my wireless needs and after I unbox and set that up, THEN I can buy more hardware.

Love the pictures of Bella on the porch reading. Good memories there.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

OK. I am indoors and those heavenly shades of night are falling....
I mowed and planted and weeded. I dug out some clusters of rudbeckia. I picked more asparagus for Stan. I called the vet. "She'll call you back this afternoon."
I ate lunch, weeded half the asparagus bed, moved two clematis to replace dead ones. Still no phone call from the vet. I mowed and mowed. I watered the second row of new trees on the other side if the creek. I collected mail. Still no word from the vet. SO I CALLED HER. Turns out "the doctor" had left for the day. Terrific. So the word is that Charlotte's second blood test was fine. This should console me, but I still NEED to speak with her. The blood test may be fine but the dog is not. Tomorrow at 8am "the doctor" is getting a call from me!

One of the things I did yesterday was pitch an old ratty lavender plant. It has been in front of my house for years, looking awful. Thanks to you wise ladies, I felt really proud of myself for tossing it! I'm trying my lewisia there. We'll see.

Chelone, it isn't just nursing homes, but I guess that's no comfort at all. It really sucks that they don't have their act together at all. Glad you did!

As an aside, my brother is dealing with 3 half sisters. One is in a mental institution and is suicidal. She asks for my brother to visit. He has not been allowed to since before Christmas, nor even to phone or write. She has NO ONE and her social workers appear to change at least monthly. Her grandmother is evil...and there's more. It not only makes you weep, it makes you want to wring necks. No one deserves this. To not have hope or kindness or friends or anyone who just too sad for us all to consider. I give him gold stars for trying and trying and trying.

Eden, DH had his hernia surgery last June. Tell your sister to do exactly as she is told. DH did, but still had a setback. Only now is he beginning to feel normal.

As to DSIL, only little kudos to him this time. In the last year I think he has "given up" smoking about 5 times. The will is there, but the people around him are no help at all, all of them smokers or stressful souls. He wants to conquer it himself, without patches etc. It will not happen...that's what I believe. I am pleased that the number of cigarettes each day has decreased. The smell disgusts me big time, but the fact that his kids will see his dependence on smoking, even though outdoors, is the biggest irritant. And I am smart enough to know to shut my mouth, that he's the one who must do it or it will fail. Of course I have no flaws. Harty har har....

Tomorrow DH returns and the house is no tidier than when he left. The gardens are beginning to look better though! Maybe I should restock the fridge? I'd rather garden.

Hot weather predicted for the next two days. Bugs too!
Have a ball...Like Bellatheball! She's so cute with her book and her little fingers turning pages!

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Happy Birthday Cindy (assuming it's your birthday, of course!!)

LOL about the cork because Nick cleaned out the 'fridge earlier and we had a Yellow Tail Chardonnay in needed to be dumped but I couldn't get the cork OUT of the bottle....wish I could remember how I got it in.

I'm trying a vodka with a 5 calorie lemonade. I'd say that Cynthia is on to something.

Today was hellish. Nice weather and too many other obligations. Tomorrow I will try to get out in the garden. Too many things weighing me down.

You're all too nice with the well wishes....thank you so much. I have been in tears much of the day, starting with my 45 minute power walk this morning and ending with my dog stroll this afternoon. I think this latest crisis hit right at peak PMS (sorry guys) and I am feeling pretty bad.

I am working on everyday doing something for me....I figure that will make me stronger.


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How'd the chewing work, Eden? maybe you chew longer when the bottle is empty?

Not. My. Fault. Thanks, Cynthia... How's Monty?

I'm really a very easy-going person. But my tolerance for outright BULL-HIT is pretty low. If you've screwed up and you "fess up" to me I'm OK with that (we all make mistakes!). Second time? I'll question you (you'd better have a REALLY good reason), third time? watch your head, that's the boom droppin' fast! $9200/mo. and she asked me questions like those? snort... nice try. I suspect she has a better measure of precisely who I am and how involved I am. It's good that she is not fully aware that my brother has been watching, documenting, and communicating so readily with his "pitbull"... more accurately, though, his German Shepherd; trained, calculating, and fully under control. I don't "do" bull-hit. Sorry. Put me on a watch list.

OK, now Brenda... are you still a smoker? (methinks "yes" ?). You know how I feel about cigarettes based on Mum's bladder cancer (90+% attibutable to smoking). You know also how much I understand the difficulty of quitting, I hope. Mum quit when she was too sick to smoke anymore. When she was moved into my home I told her that if I ever caught her with a butt she would go somewhere else to live. END of story.

Great shots of Bella, Eden. I have to figure out what to do with my tree peony... if you find the information let me know. I started with 2 and when the other reverted to the herbaceous rootstock I was fine with it, lol. I passed it off to a friend, telling them I preferred the herbaceous flower to the rooted stock!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

We want your new camera too Cynthia!!!

Saucy, I'm a big supporter of "every day do something for me"! Don't forget! More than one thing is OK too! :) It is easy to feel lost in the shuffle as a homemaker. But as a working woman too, it can be really too much indeed. Remember, things ch-ch-ch-ch-change!

Hugs to all!

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

I'm drinking my box wine from Target, which is not half bad and the cork never breaks! Just one glass and then I'm off to bed.

I feel a bit like the unknown idyller here. Way too busy at work, to the point where I am "rethinking my options". I know it 'tis the season, but this is downright ridiculous. Okay, enough complaining from me.

I did manage a gardening frenzy last weekend. Installed perennials in the moon garden, transplanted several large hostas into some containers, planted the veggie garden and weeded a good section. I hired my niece to work with me for the morning and it was nice to have some help and companionship while weeding.

I would post a stunning birthday photo (or two) but as you may have heard, my camera is still touring Italy. It did send me a lovely postcard of the Trevi fountain, and I am looking forward to downloading all the adventures this weekend when it returns.

So I will wish T a belated happy birthday and a timely happy day to Cindy.

Don't forget about me, I will return someday!


ps - I loved Bailey White, and my favorite quote from her was that each summer, she "would ride the train north until I didn't know the names of the trees anymore..."

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Eden, we had the same rubber cork problem recently. DH eventually carved it down to fit back in.

Mary, I have seen the Tanacetum Isla Gold several times in public gardens and tell myself I need to find some for my garden.

Cynthia, I knew there should have been something more clever about this Idyll Title LOL

Brenda, Im glad to hear that no one was hurt in the tire repair incident. Those kinds of things make me so nervous. It drives DH crazy when I have to help him with those types of things. My motto is on the farm I see danger around every corner LOL

Bella is pretty serious when she reads ;o) Love it!

Im a little bummed. I had some tests concerning my knees and also pain in my hands. I have been referred to a Rheumatologist with Rheumatoid Arthritis as a possibility. I guess Ill know more after June 19. Oh, I also have low bone density (osteopenia) Just great, everything falls apart at the same time.

Deanne, I saw that you mentioned that you have it too.

Now a picture for Cindy's special day.

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So all I really want to do is sleep, but I had to chime in here on the wine stopper issue .I have a nice little pourer-stopper combo that I got from a friend who works in a tasting room. The pourer function keeps the wine from dribbling unattractively when pouring, and the stopper fits into it. Most tasting rooms send opened wine home with the employees or dump it after the end of the day. No one will pour opened wine a second day. I , however, have no problem with day 2 or 3 !

Enjoying everyone pics and all the chatty posts of late , but I will be out of the loop for a few days and will just try to drop in and say Hi ! I fly to Portland on Friday morning and before then I am working on typing up the plant lists for our Napa County Master Gardener garden tour on June 3rd. Oh yeah, I have to go to work too of course.

V..I wonder if one can purchase a cd of Bailey Whites essays ? What a nice auto trip thing that would be !

Saucy..stay the course..spend a day in the dirt and see the nice things around you.

Michelle, love that birdbath in your card to Cindy..

nite all..

Kathy in Napa

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Greetings from the alive and very well Martie. Happy Birthdays, Happy Kids, Beloved Pets .. all have brought smiles.

Things are cranking here -- poor economic conditions favor advertising -- and all extra minutes have been spent in The Park. Life is particularly good at this point, and wanted to share some views:

The new Malus 'Louisa' combined with sandcherry and Miscanthus 'Morning Light' A Newport arch will be installed inext year between the two curves with the grass as the path.

Tree Peonies do grow in Z6 :-)

Taken a few weeks back, the new fake bluestone pathway. Wonderful composite material that is 1/4 the cost of real and looks just as good

For 'bug especially, since I got this Josephine with her in mind. The triple boobs in the background contain tomatoes and peppers (long store why they needed to be started outside under glass)

All started under lights, two of these flats contain Campanula carpatica 'White Chips' and one contains Lavandula angustifolia 'Hidcote' to line the walkway. They are loving the heat!!

And can't resist showing this to Kathy. It's a wonderful Grandiflora that has a scent like no other rose I've ever smelled. It's put out by J&P and is called Melody Parfumee and with a little help from some good protection is discovered to be a very early starter.

Will do more than skim this weekend, but know that Every Single Time I Take Garden Walks, you all are with me.

Best -


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Good morning

Michelle - I'm sorry to hear you are still in pain and needing to see a rheumatologist. Let us know what is diagnosed. There have been great advances in medication for slowing symptoms but the possibility must be very daunting, especially for a gardener. I too have osteo, a result of undiagnosed celiac disease (I wasn't absorbing calcium properly till going on a gluten free diet). ((((Hugs))))

Chelone - thoughts for you too with all you are dealing with re the nursing home. I know you are teh very best advocate for your Mother but it's rotten that it should be so hard. By the way, I've been playing Turkey in the Straw!! I had to look it up as in England we sang different words to the same tune.

Saucy - I like the idea of pampering yourself too. Even the little things (a bubble bath, and break to walk around the garden, a phone call to a friend) can help on those really bad days.

Hi Martie! I can see you've been busy. Things are looking great and your flats grown from seed are superb. The tree peonies are stunning.

Fellow wine drinkers might have some advice for me. The last 3 times I drank white wine it set off a flurry of sneezing and runny nose. I'm telling myself it is just a coincidence as I'm fighting this infection, but apparently white wine does contain more preservatives than red, plus histamines. Now wouldn't that be a bummer to be allergic to wine!!!!!! Once my sinuses clear up I'm going to do a scientific test and should the worse be confirmed, see if I can work through the pain LOL! Drinking red is always a possibility and I'll do a controlled study with that too, but so much is limited to me because of Celiac (beer, grain based alcohol, not to mention food) I'd hate to see wine off the list too. What a crisis LOL!!

Hoping Cindy had a great day if indeed it was her birthday. I love that there are Idyllers more efficient than me to help keep track of things;0) We certainly all enjoyed her cards.

have a great day


PS Sue is very quiet these days, hope all is well.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all,

Well a marvelous day was had yesterday. The temps could not have been more perfect. It was just brilliant and I managed to pot up five new containers! Yea Headway is being made. I managed to separate this huge specimen of Abutilon Souvenir de Bonne Id gotten and put it in two different arrangements. Hopefully it will be all settled in before the heat hits the end of the week. I also repeated that dwarf dahlia/fiber optic grass combination in that small urn I had last year. That was an absolute favorite and it bloomed and lasted until November when I finally let it go. Today Im hoping to get the window boxes for the shed potted up as well as the large hay racks on the fence in the back yard. Id also like to move a couple of the Brugs into larger quarters. I was thinking of putting the Charles Grimaldi into this humongous container Les picked up for me last fall. Hmmmm wonder how big it could get????Te he

Bug, great photos from you yesterday. Looks like DD and DSIL are doing wonderfully. That is a much more pleasing arrangement for those flagstones than randomly strewn about. Im looking forward to seeing what the pond looks like when the plants fill in. ~~ Did you get a photo of the finished paintings? ~~ BTW just when Id decided I didnt want to plant camassia you post that scrumptious photo of it. Its gorgeous with those tulips. I can never seem to get a decent showing of tulips because the rodents eat half of them. ~~ Good grief with the calls to and from the vet. Ive actually been playing phone tag with my PCP over a new prescription and its making me crazy. I thought I finally had the issue resolved but it turns out they forgot to call in another scrip that had run out. I sure hope you can find out whats wrong with Charlotte.

Brenda, sooo happy you are posting regularly again, I ROTFLMAO at chased a fart through a bucket of nails quote! That is a pretty good description of my hands right now as well. You are tooo funny. Thanks for posting the pic, Its great to see you! ~~ Glad you had fun at the nursery. Thing here have been stressful for a while now and Doug is such a peach because when I tell him I went to the plant store he says, "Thats great! Did you have fun?" That is not the reaction he used to have when I went plant shopping.

Eden, did I mention Im happy youve got a camera again???? Love the photos, Bella is growing up so darned fast! Those pics of her reading are priceless. BTW, love the copper bowl of pansies!

Mary, hope you are feeling better. Love the pic for Cindys BDay. ~~ Good grief, I just read your new post, that would be a disaster if you were allergic to wine!!!! I certainly hope that isnt the case. Crossing my fingers for you. I can have a reaction to drinking some reds but that hasnt happened with whites so maybe it just has something to do with this sinus infection you are fighting off.

Chelone, you go girl!!!!! Id loved to have been a fly on the wall when you were discussing the hearing aid issue. I need a few of your confrontational skills. Im hopeless in situations like that. Unless Im angry enough to eat metal and spit nails I cant be confrontational and then Im so angry I cry and then I feel stupid!

Saucy, hope you get some time in the garden today. Its supposed to be lovely again today and garden time is so healing.

Yea! Hi V!

Michelle, oh dear! I hope you dont have Rheumatoid Arthritis. They do have really good treatments for that these days though. Ive a dear friend who is doing really well with it and youd never know she has RA. Bummer about the osteopenia. Yes, I do have that in my hips. My PCP believes it has to do with my extreme dieting over the last five years because the drop in density happened fairly quickly. She has me taking calcium supplements twice a day because she said she obviously couldnt tell me to exercise more.

Martie, great pics! Looks like things are really coming along wonderfully!

Here are a couple shots from yesterday, the wisteria is amazing this year. It only took it about fifteen years to get to this point! LOL

A couple of containers from yesterday

Have a great day all,

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Just a drive-by here - I skimmed the pics and saw it was Cindy's birthday so I ran outside with the camera - enjoy the day Cindy! I had the kids walk home together yesterday so I could have several hours of uninterrupted garden time - still lots to do. Back later (hopefully) to read & comment.

Happy Birthday Cindy!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Man that's a pretty coleus Deanne! Well, of course the wysteria is divine! I remember them in Washington DC in spring...and well, what a wonderful subtle perfume.

Martie, Josephine is not one I have but I know loads of people who love it. My friend Jo does, that's for sure! Your new garden with the stone paths is so well planned. Please keep us up to date as it fills out!

Michelle, what a beautiful birthday shot for Cindy! The trees, the garden and fountain, the fields. :) Good luck with your tests. I know the pain of osteoarthritis....

Spoke to the vet this morning. (She was late for work...) Anyway, Charlotte's blood work was fine, so pancreatitis is ruled out. YES! The next thought is to try her for a week on an anti-inflamatory (Medicam- used for people too)to see if that helps her aches and pains. She goes UP stairs easily, but needs coaxing and more to get her DOWN..and that is a slow process. Medicam was designed first for dogs, but because it is easy on the stomach, is now used for humans too!

OK, off to start a big day, a hot one too!

PS: 39 days to go....

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We are getting some much-needed rain today. How nice to come here this a.m. and see so many gorgeous photos. I brought the pots that I made for my mom to her house yesterday. They look fabulous with the brick on the house and make such a nice statement. Even my dad noticed them when he come home.

Martie, wow, things are really starting to take shape at your place.

Deanne, you cant leave us hanging, what is the name of that coleus? Your wisteria is to die for, worth the wait.

bug, great news for Charlotte. Is she an older dog? Hopefully, the meds help her. Your DD's garden is sure shaping up.

Mary, I certainly hope you are allergic to wine, that would be such a bummer, but I do like your idea of scientific research LOL

Where is Sue? Is her time of confinement almost up?

Thanks for the well wishes.

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

(((Saucy))) is there any OTHER time for crisis to set in?? Hang in there, girl, and the idea of doing something for yourself everyday is a brilliant one.

Chelone-I am EXACTLY like Deanne about confrontation. And, when I get REALLY mad, I cry and get the hiccups....very ineffective to give someone hell between hiccups :(
As for the difficult as it is to quit, it's something that's gotta be done. That's a big share of what killed my Mom, and that does haunt me. I know that she'll never see my grandchildren because she chose to smoke. So many things that will never happen because she chose to smoke. And, yet I haven't stopped yet. The human brain is an interesting animal, is it not? I also remember the first time I smoked in front of her, and she told me that I would see the day I regretted starting. Boy, was she ever right!

Eden, Bella is just adorable-I just love pudgy little hands :)

((Michelle)) I hope the RA is just a remote possiblitly. June 19 is sure a long time away for you, isn't it?
I drive DH crazy with my worrying too. Lol, he doesn't realize what years in an OSHA environment does to you, safety-wise. Not to mention that I'm a Mom, and worrying is right there in the job description. When I have to make a "pit stop" in the field, I kinda duck in between the tires on the side of the tractor....I was wondering the other day if it's possible for a tractor to hop in gear by itself...what a degrading way to go THAT would be, lol!
Glad to hear you're getting some rain. When you get done with it, send it our way. It's like the dust bowl here.

Martie, wonderful pictures and your seedlings look great!

Mary, I think the wine allergy theory calls for some extensive research...enjoy :)

Deanne, your wisteria is just wonderful! You trained it as a standard? I've always wanted one, but have nothing that will support it, and getting a pergola built would probably take 10 years of poking and prodding. Unless, I just bought lumber and pretended I was going to do it!!?

'bug, I'm glad to hear that it's not pancreatitis with Charlotte. Hope the meds help her, it's so hard to see them be miserable.

When Jim came in last night, the first thing out of his mouth was, "Do you have plans tomorrow?" What do ya do...lie, or shoot him?? Back in the tractor today. It would be really great if we could NOT tell me I'm done, and then take it back. Today was the roughest ride in a tractor I've had for a long time. We really need a rain. My job was to kinda smooth things out for the MAN disking. Jerks! I think I'm going to request to be reimbursed for that trip to the chiro yesterday. He's gonna be really pleased to see me right back again, lol! I'm now assuming I'm NOT done until I see the last little soybean go in the ground. We have about 110 more acres and then everything is in the ground. So, even if worst comes to worst, and they put me back to work tomorrow, I can do 110 acres no problem and be home by mid-afternoon pretty easy. Oh, and the field we were in today is a huge one, bordered on one side by a housing division and on the other side by a 4 lane highway....bad place for pit stops-I'm fairly modest, for a farm girl ;)

Oh, yay! I see there is a nice line of rain on the radar from Wisconsin all the way down to Texas! Would be just sweet if we got all the beans in tomorrow then got a nice rain on them! I've shuttled all the farmers around, got equipment and pickups moved from one place to another, so I think I'll call it a day and hop in the shower. Hopefully if I'm in my PJ's, they won't make me get dressed and go out for anything...will they??
Have a good evening, everyone, and HOWDY to anyone I missed!

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Okay, no more pity party for Saucy, but I thank you all for your advice.

Today I decided that I am buying a digital camera so I can show you all the neat plants that I have acquired! I even found a 12% off coupon for a camera, and I have some "rewards" saved up. How's that for a sign?

I did manage to get half the yard mowed, but then spent the rest of my outdoor time in my neighbor's garden. Mine seemed like too much work.

Deanne, your wisteria is spectacular!

Chelone, I am sorry your're having to put up with such crap! I'm glad your brother is helping out where your mother is concerned. I've been selfishly dwelling on my problems when there are such bigger things going on.

'bug, I do want you to realize that your grandbaby may have other plans for a due date - both of mine were two weeks late :) Stubborn little buggers.

I saw some birds today that I need to identify, which is always fun.

I am coming to IU4 like it or not :) I need some "me" time. I'm putting (with the help of MIL) the kids in camp for 2 weeks this summer! Everyone's excited, including the campers. I really need it and will have something to look forward to.

Signing off...


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I just refreshed and saw that Brenda snuck in....

I just quit last July....the key is to know that you're going to replace the cigarette with some other addiction. I stocked the house full of low cal veggies/dip and ate to my hearts content, and I started walking, too. I heard change the routine/change the behavior. I never want to see a carrot stick again :) Worked for me, I'll hope for you.

I can breathe now :)

Mary, forgot to comment on the wine....same thing happens to me sometimes, but I think it is a more swelling of the blood vessels that causes this effect (I start to feel stuffy). I have trouble with red wine because of sulfates.

A nice long case study is in order, though :)


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Hey, Saucy! KUDOS TO YOU!! Almost a year-that's great!!Thanks for posting that. One of the excuses I've always had for not quitting has been that I didn't want to gain weight. Was plenty overweight to begin with. Now, I've lost about 50 pounds, and have my eating habits under much better control..the time is ripe :) It's been preying on my mind for quite some time, watching Mom lug oxygen around with her. You would think that would be enough to do it. I've got until harvest starts that I can keep myself busy-I smoke very little when I'm working in the yard. Driving a tractor all day is just killer...nothing to do but turn and smoke :(
So, tell me more...did you just put them down, taper off, use the patch??

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I am stubborn, so I told everyone I know that I was quitting and then I couldn't back out or they'd call me on it....and I ate and walked everytime I had a weak moment. I didn't use a patch because I didn't want to become dependant on some other form of nicotine (I come from a place where it's okay to "dip" or "chew").

It really wasn't as hard as I thought. I was in the Navy and grew up in the South....smoking was a part of my life.

Mull it over and decide how you feel about it. If you really want to quit, pick a time that will be most likely successful for you. When you pick the time, prepare.

I found that the Lite Ranch by Kraft was good with celery, carrots, and mushrooms :) Some people like sugar free candy and gum.

I'm no expert, but that's how I quit.


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As I try to get to bed I've searched my bird book from one end to the other...he looks like a swallow but his tail is squared off....a flycatcher maybe?

He's perched before me (while on my walk) 2 days in a row. Maybe tomorrow he'll let me get closer.

This is really good night.


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Hi ho everyone-this will likely be my last post for a few days, since I fly to Oregon on Friday early and have to get up at an ungodly hour to get to the airport. Tommorow night I will be packing, watering, etc. ad nauseum..

Martie !!! How great to see a nice long post with pics to boot ! You are one up on me, I dont have Melody Parfumee..thats an impressive display of seed starts too..and it looks like you are all muched and ready to go. Lol the triple boobs !

Michelle, so sorry to hear about your possible RA issue.

Mary this wine reaction sounds serious ! If you have to go the red route try some Merlot or Pinot Noirthey are not as "big" or tannic .

Deanne , awesome pics as usual. I like the yellow theme in your containers. Its so fun to compose these things. What is the diameter of those two pots ? Beautiful Wisteria too- I fear planting this, they get so huge and I have plenty of issues with plants that I put in that get too big for my garden and require Herculean efforts to keep under control. I guess I am in denial that I garden in a small space

bug, good for Charlotte. Its hell to be the worrying "mom" isnt it ? I hope your vets are able to diagnose and figure out a course of action soon.

Brenda thanks for yet another report from down on the farmthe tractor-tire loo is priceless.Im telling you, NPR is missing the boat. Our Farmers Market has re-opened after its winter hiatus, and I buy everything I possibly can there from local farmers. Many people have a view that the produce is more expensive, but I find that if I am careful to buy only what I need it is no more than buying a bunch of frozen and or processed crapola at the grocery store. I also buy only small amounts of meat and that helps.My DH was also a casualty of tobacco, Brenda. He tried to quit a few times but just could not make it stick. Tried lots of different things. As you know it is not a "pretty" way to go. He was an identical twin, and his brother (my DBIL) also struggled with quitting. When DH passed away , my BIL never touched another cigarette. The twin thing you know..

Waiting for the pics here Saucy !

OK, I have to do some workwishing everyone a great holiday weekend if I cant check in for a few days.

Kathy in Napa

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Quick hello to my distant friends this morning. I'm running a little late today and am facing another long in "in the trenches" today. The week before Memorial Day is always a sprint to the finish line (and my fat ass is out of shape!). My co-worker missed two days last week, left early yesterday and wanted to take today off, too! (going to a concert, you know). I was stunned, my boss was less than impressed, too. She WILL be working today, BTW. How she can "not get" the importance of full days in the weeks leading up to Mem. Day escapes me. Ummm, raises and bonuses are directly linked to effort and commitment. Oh well.

Brenda, you gotta bring the camera to the fields, I wanna see the machinery (your mobile potty, lol). About smoking, while I never started myself Mum was a career smoker 60+ yrs.. Her bladder cancer and subsequent urostomy are the price she paid. And the stroke was likely directly linked to compromised circulation. And it was only when Mum was literally too sick to light up that she "quit". After she moved in with us and began feeling better she tried to start again. And we told her, in no uncertain terms, that if she lit up one time in our home she was OUTTA HERE, end of story. I grew up with, and when her health crashed because of it I did all the work to get the damage under control. I have watched friends struggle with smoking (the helpmeet smoked when he was a rock 'n' roll sex god) and many of them have quit successfully. Saucy is so right, you have to do it for you, not because everyone tells you you ought to. When you are ready, you will make your move and resolve will help you. Hang in there and be gentle with yourself, that's the only way such a big change will happen.

Beautiful wisteria, Deanne. I passed a huge one in Greenland last week... covering the side of an old farmhouse in delicate lavender cascades.

I have to go, maybe I'll have more to time to chitty-chat this afternoon.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all!

A beautiful sunny day here again and I believe the temps are supposed to get into the 80s. It seems like winter has finally lost its grip here. It always amazes me how, at this time of the year, we can go from frost warnings to 90 degree days in the same week. Its weird those days when you dont know whether to wear shorts or an overcoat. I tired myself out at the gym yesterday and wound up spinning my wheels a lot and didnt get too much accomplished. Hopefully today will be more productive. Ive decided that the gardens leave me under whelmed this time of the year and I need to look into introducing something that blooms between the daffodils and the alliums. I wish I could use those late blooming tulips but the drasty rodents eat them all.

Sooo. Happy you all enjoyed the pics of the wisteria. I wish I could bottle up that smell. You are so right Bug, the scent is divine. I wish I could bottle up the perfume and send you all a whiff.

Michelle, LOL, that first coleus is Pineapple Wizard and the one in the second container is Sunshine. I love both of them. Sunshine really gets very yellow, more so than any of my lighter coleus varieties.

Brenda. Hiccups too??? Oh dear, I thought crying was bad enough. ~~ LOL about the tractor porta-potty. ~~ The wisteria came to me as a standard from White Flower Farm. It was a gift from a friend. Youd not believe how tiny the thing was when I planted it. Just a stick with a few growths off the top. Its been a real challenge keeping it to a standard shape as it suckers like crazy off the roots and off the side of the trunk but when I see this all the work is worth it. So if you dont have a pergola why dont you grow a standard??? ~~ I do hope you manage to quit smoking. It will eventually ruin your health. I quit twenty-five years ago and have never regretted it. It helped that Doug never smoked so I wasnt around someone else who was a smoker. Best of luck with that. If youve been able to lose 50 pounds you have the dedication and will power to quit smoking. I know you can do this!

Saucy, great news about IU4! And cant wait for you to get a camera so we can see your gardens! ~~ RE the bird, did you look at the Eastern Phoebe?

Kathy, I call that second pot my Lemon Meringue arrangement. LOL They really are cheerful with all that yellow in them. Unfortunately I lost a beautiful large specimen of Abutilon pictum Thompsonii yellow form that is supposed to be in that arrangement and the replacement plant I got is just a stick so far. ~~ No kidding about you cant grow wisteria in a small garden in CA. They take over the planet in your climate. I have to prune that tree once a week all summer long to keep it in bounds. Thats the one the neighbor ripped the heck out of a couple years ago and I almost cut it down last spring. Instead I bought a ten foot long pruner so I could trim the back side of it without going on their property. The poor thing is flat on the back as I keep it trimmed right to the property line. The neighbors even hate it when it blooms because they dont like the fact that it attracts bees. Oh well, cant please everyone. Id be overjoyed if my neighbor grew such a gorgeous specimen on my property line. LOL ~~ Safe trip to you. Well miss you when youre gone. Whats blooming in Portland right now? As I recall their Rhododendron are extraordinary this time of the year.

Chelone, have a good day in the trenches and dont work too hard.

OK off to start my day. Hope everyone has a great one!

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Good morning

Deanne - I don't know if I told you how fabu fabu the wisteria is, and how stunning the pots are. I love watching an artist work with plants! I might steal a few combos if you don't mind. Did you ever find the lemon yellow double datura? If I spot them again I'll pick one up for you - I was not successful saving seed.

Wendy - aren't hostas great when their leaves have that almost quilted look? I guese you don't have too many deer (or a good fence).

Brenda - I'm sure anyone who could loose 50 lbs can quit smoking though I'm sure it would be a tough few weeks. I remember you telling us about those unbelievably long days during harvest. I would love to see pictures of any of your big farm equipment (including the potty LOL!)

Chelone - hope you survive your busy week (and less than motivated co-worker).

GB - that is fabulous news that Charlotte is in the clear. Hope something to make her more comfortable can be found.

Kathy - I'm actually a big fan of reds though I do enjoy a chilled white in the summer. It's good to keep those two in mind. I'm addicted to our Farmers Market and go first thing every Saturday morning. Its actually more of a Public Market but local growers are there in force. I've been enjoying fresh asparagus and local organic greenhouse tomotoes the most this Spring. Its a grat place to buy plants too, even when you've told yourself you don't need any!

Well, enough banalities and photo gushing from me - I'm off to work.

Have a great day everyone


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

A hot one expected today...

Morning at the farm today:

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

8:41 and I just crawled my butt out of bed-how cool is THAT?? Today is going to be shot for working in the yard-I have to go to the chiro again. He doesn't open until 12:30. My hip and shoulder are totally out of whack. Bummer, but it's going to be hot again today, so I guess it's as good a day as any to not be out weeding, etc. And, this afternoon I can play in the dirt on the porch doing up my window boxes. The pictures I'm seeing on here make me want to go spend money on cool containers, though. I'm wanting some urns, I think.
I'll have to see if I can catch some shots of the tractors in the field today. Lol, I wonder if the guys will be offended if I take pictures of them working while I'm not participating, lol!?

Kathy-they're finally opening a farmers market locally. Can you believe in an agricultural community we didn't have one. Of course, there's not much demand in the general public for field corn and soybeans, which is what is mostly grown around here. Just seems ironic that in the bigger cities, they can get fresh produce and cut flowers, and if you live in the country, you gotta grow it yourself. Of course, that's not all bad, either. The longer I'm a farmer, the more I want organic veggies. I've spent a lot of time sitting in the truck waiting on DH and reading labels from herbicides....blech! Scary stuff!

Chelone, are ya kidding??? In your line of work, a day off for a concert right before a long holiday weekend?? GREAT way to make an impression on the boss, and be loved and admired by your co-workers, lol!

Deanne, I can see a wisteria in my future, and I know right where it will go. I want to be able to smell it from the hammock. Never occured to me to grow one as a standard....duh!

'bug, your pictures are stunning, as usual. I've really got to get around to taking a class. I've got a blue million settings on my camera that I have no idea how to use. Yours are always so sharp and pretty, I feel like I'm standing right there. Are those verbascum in the 4th shot? They look like my verbascum violetta. I've had it for a few years, and was hoping it would seed itself, but no luck so far.

Mary, I think that back in the 60s-70s, saying you're a big fan of reds might have meant a whole different thing, but you're among friends ;)

You guys are such a supportive, encouraging bunch :) I keep telling myself that if I can overcome the cravings for sweets and stuff, I can surely overcome the craving for nicotine. It's a wicked, nasty addiction, and I'm cursed with an addictive personality. Kathy and Chelone, the price your loved ones paid for smoking is so terrible. The thing is that it was their choice, but everyone that cares about them gets dragged along for the ride. I SO do not want to do that to the people I love. I was so afraid I was going to have to see Mom die gasping for breath-I'm just thankful it didn't turn out that way. And, after I wrote about Mom not seeing my grandchildren-it occured to me that there's no guarantee that I will, either. Deanne, my DH also is a non-smoker, so that will surely help. It would drive me nuts to be around it all the time and be trying to quit. 25 years ago, eh?? That is just so great! I'm formulating a plan. I bought a carton of smokes the other day. Normally, that would last me a week. My goal is to make them last until DH goes fishing in two weeks, then not buy any more. Maybe I can get the worst of the crankiness over while he's gone. That gives me some time to figure out what my replacement will be. I'm thinking yoga breathing, though. After I do yoga, my lungs feel so clear, and I can actually tell there's more oxygen in my system, and I don't usually crave a cigarette for a while after. And, seriously, with the price of ciigarettes now, it's just a HUGE waste of money...and there are SO many plants I want, lol! Enough about the trials and tribulations of nicotine addiction. It can be done, you guys are proof! And, I haven't had my first smoke of the day yet.

I think I'll go out and cut some peonies. My chiro's wife just loves flowers, and since they always put my back right after I tear it up out in the garden, seems only fair to take her the fruits of our labor :)

Thanks for the support and encouragement, you guys are the best! Talk to ya all later!

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Drippy here again, but it is nice that the rain is coming slowly so every drop can soak in. We have a graduation party to attend tonight anyway. Last night I hauled the first of the indoor plants out. Im leaving all the cuttings in until after this rain. Especially, the coleus. It is way past time to get them out. I havent done any containers for lack of time or decent weather. I hated to put them out with all the wind we had for the past week.

Deanne, my alliums are blooming right now and have been for several weeks. I do have a few of the late tulips, lunaria, candytuft, phlox subulata that all bloom before the alliums. I dont remember the pineapple wizard that I have looking quite that good. LOL Your neighbors are crazy not to appreciate that lovely wisteria.

Brenda, it appears that you are doing a great job of mentally preparing yourself for quitting the smokes. Best of luck to you. You know that we are all behind you. I think you should put all the money you would spend into your plant budget. I grew up with smoking parents who quit after I was married. That was enough to make me not want to start, but when my DD was going through a difficult period in her life she started I think just because she wanted to yank my chain. Fortunately her now DH told her it was the smokes or him. It was a very short-lived thing. This is the first rain since we finished beans on Sat.

bug, I enjoyed having a morning stroll through your gardens.

Mary, this a.m. on A Gardeners Diary the garden had an 8 deer fence around almost 4 acres. Obviously, money was no object.

Several small farmers markets around here but they require a 20-30 minute drive each way. It seems easier to grow my own.



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I'm at least 3 days behind in reading right now. The twins and one of their parents have been living with us this week as the new hardwood floors, that were installed at their house over the weekend, are being sanded & finish put on them. The twins are mobile now and I'm exhausted, not use to having company 24/7 and not use to chasing babies who don't stay where you put them.

I scrolled back to the last post I read and it is a long way back. I see beautiful photos along with some lovely birthday cards for Cindy.

Cindy--happy belated birthday to you!!!!! I hope you enjoyed a wonderful day!

I just wanted to pop in for a fast hello as I have one baby asleep and the other is, no make that was, playing next to me but he has taken off down the entryway......

C'ya later! I hope I can read and catch up soon!


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Okay, guys - I just have to tell you -- you gave me tears...
Eden - how sweet - I will confess Monday was the actual date but on that afternoon I had the horrible news my Mother was on the ventilator & the drs were positive this was it... long story short my DD drove us to Phila & we got there late that evening about 11 pm.... we disconnected the ventilator the next a.m. - and lo & behold, Mrs. Unvanquished switched her "lites and systems" back on.... so back from the grave she has come... as you may imagine it's been a very harrowing week - I have just returned to work -- I personally feel like I've been thru a meat grinder...

to give myself a little cheer I thought I'd lurk here for the first time at lunch and what do my tired eyes see but wonderful pics - just for me! Wow...

Thanks soo very very much all. What a wonderful pick-me-up.

I have not read everything here so please forgive me - just had time to pounce & say THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Things are borderline long-term and I suspect this might have been a "dress rehearsal" -- but Mom is driving the bus and just giving the rest of us the directions we're trying to follow... needless to say there were some chagrined drs... Dad is delighted that his 54-yr love affair will continue a bit longer -- it's truly touching to see how much they both cling to the life as they've known it for so long.

More later.

Ya'll rock!!


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Cindy - you brought tears to my eyes with the "54-year love affair". I'm so glad the cards brought a few moments of comfort during such a harrowing time.



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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

What Mary said, Cindy-that's just about the sweetest, most touching thing I've ever heard. Lots of good thoughts headed your way,

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Thinking of you Cindy..and Mom & Dad as well. I did not shine in this situation. There are no easy answers, just trying one's best. Hugs and pets help!

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OK, Cindy... loser girl here, failed to conjure up a picture out of pure sloth. This one is an "oldie but goodie" of my "doodlekin boy-boy". Spencer.

It's wrenching to watch a parent's decline. My father "went quick", 11 days from start to finish. He was hospitalized for just under 3 of them. Had I been wiser I'd have lobbied hard to let him die in his bed, surrounded by his beloved kitty-cats.

I'm sorry about your Mom and sorrier that such lovely spring weather has been "happening" and you've been too preoccupied to really soak it all up.

(((Cindy))). And wishes that this year's birthday will be remembered fondly.

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I'm sorry you're having such a rough time, Cindy. My thoughts are with you and your family.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

((((((Cindy))))))) So sorry for the troubles. Ditto what everyone above has said.

I'm hoping to be so lucky to be able to celebrate a 54th wedding anniversary with my lovely Douglas.


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Thinking of you Cindy. Hope your gorgeous garden is showering you with daily surprises and brings you relief and comfort. I love that you can find the humor in all of the stress!

Michelle, I actually came here to check on you. When is your appointment and how are you doing?

Yummy pictures from Deanne & GB :-) Who needs wine with scenes like that?!

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What an evening. We were making strawberry smoothies using a small hand held blender/mixer that fits in a glass when David put his thumb in before the blade had stopped rotating. I'll spare you the details but it looked like something from a bad horror movie. It was one of those occasions when I had to stay very calm and strong while on the inside I was completely freaking out.

Fortunately there was someone at our Pediatricians office even though it was after hours, and an extremely kind Doctor did a nice job of stitching the thumb up. We had seen the same Doctor once 5 years ago when David broke his arm and he remembered us from that visit. All will be fine - deep cuts but nothing lopped off - David was such a trouper and even kept apologizing for worrying me. Annie was an angel and had the kitchen cleaned and sterilized before we returned home with supper cooking. David has a nice neat bandage protecting the stitches and is now sleeping - I'm contemplating what might settle my nerves without triggering the sinus's.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Thanks Cynthia for finding a moment to check in. Enjoy your updates, but sure wish you'd get to the new camera stage soon. ;-)

David, you really needed to stress Mom? DD had many trips to the emergency room for stitches and DS had a couple as well. Always at least a 5 hour wait. I suggest you not test your body an more in the future. Very messy business! (although the girls always found the scars very appealing on DS...)

OK, the heat was very difficult today but by dinner time there was a breeze which truly helped. In the afternoon I left for the nursery and picked up an obelisk of sorts and things purple: corydalis, salvia, lysianthis beaujolais (again!)and a wallflower Bowles Mauve. Lately it has been purple for me. I don't get it, I hated it as a child, especially with orange. Now I like the combination. Must be an old lady thing.

DH took me to town for dinner at the vegetarian place. He chose quiche and gazpacho soup, I went for the Thai crepes with peanut sauce.

And after only 4 more rows of knitting, I'm ready for bed!
I hope there will be time to plant a few things tomorrow before the rains begin. I'm hoping for gentle rains, the kind Michelle described.

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Mary, I know exactly what you are talking about...the "rubber" broken arm sent me into internal fits.

David now has a war story - his individual battle with life! I'm glad you were able to get it stitched up without the dreadful wait in the ER.

Mary, now is a good time to experiment....we do need you to publicize the outcome, though :)


(Annie's the best :)

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

Well I dont mean to complain about summer weather BUT 97 degrees after we had a frost warning four days ago is really a bit much dont you think???? So this morning Im going to have to move all those darned huge pots again, the last time was because there was going to be a frost and now its because theyll freaking cook in the 97 degree temps. GOOD GRIEF! Theyre just getting used to being outside and have gotten used to 38 degree evenings but almost 100. Grrrrr A few of the plants got burned yesterday, which got up to 90. I spent the day happily pottering about with the containers and potted up another three containers and got my window boxes on the shed done as well. First thing today Im going to get the hayracks planted up before the heat kicks in. Well Ill do that after moving the other plants out of the sun.

So Mary!!! Oh no, poor David, poor Mary..How is he doing this morning? Give Annie a big hug for me and please tell her that I think shes pretty marvelous.

T, great to see you checking in. Dont forget to take some time for yourself. It sounds like you are spending all your time tending babies lately. Have you had any time to start planting in your new curvy beds?

Michelle, I have Candytuft but the winter fried it again this year so no flowers this spring. I need to get some cages or something to keep the rodents out of the tulip bulbs. My alliums are just beginning to bloom right now. Youre ahead of us. ~~ Ill bet youll be glad to get those coleus outside. I know I always breathe a sigh of relief when I get the plants out of the basement.

Brenda, my peonies are only just budding up and arent anywhere near blooming yet. Interesting you are so far ahead of us. Id definitely recommend a standard wisteria where you can smell it from your hammock. Just remember that it also attracts scads of bees so dont place it too close. Here are a couple pics I took of it this morning as the sun was coming up.

Im afraid after todays heat this will be passed by the end of the weekend.

OK Im going to get my day started here and try to accomplish a lot before it gets too hot.

Have a great day all

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Good morning

GB - I loved purple as a child and still do. In fact my childhood bedroom had a purple flowered bedspread, curtains and purple in the rug. It still brings a smile to my face when we go home though it now has a rather retro look. I would love to find some Bowles Mauve wallflowers. Your veggie dinner sounds delicious.

Deanne - you should send White FLower Farm a photo of your Wisteria. They might like it for their catalog - it would be the perfect white flower for their cover. In return they could send a hefty gift token:0) It really is amazing.

David had a pretty good night although her came in once for more tylenol. I hadn't realized how badly the sinus infection was making me snore until I noticed he was wearing earplugs. (I guess I was carrying across the hallway). Boy, will I be glad when this infection is gone - the antibiotics were of little use. My Doctor neighbor told me she has been writing prescriptions left, right and center for the same thing, but because of the high number of cases now suspects it's viral, in which case amoxycillin will do nothing. This morning feels marginally better and I'm hoping that lots of vitamin C, honey and lemon tea and positive thinking will help. I've been taking herbal steam baths to ease the pressure and need to think of some immune system boosters. Any ideas? The long weekend is going to be very welcome.

Time to wake David. His best friend had 6 stiches in his lip last week from a fall so I think the boys will be comparing war wounds.

Have a good Friday everyone


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Mary, I also take vitamin E as well as C, also that product called 'Airborn' has mega doses of what you need to boost your immune system. And of course sleep is the best medicine. Interesting that my doctor also said that the virus thing that has been going around this spring is that same very long lasting bug and antibiotics have no effect.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


For all you purple lovers...and some orange for Marie.

Happy Belated BD Cindy! Hopefully I'll have a proper card for you this weekend. So far I've taken hardly any pictures of the garden this year and the ones I have taken have not been downloaded from the camera. Hope your mom continues to do well.

Mary, David's unfortunate encounter with the blender just reinforces to me why I never had kids. I would have been passed out on the Glad to hear he's OK.

As Deanne mentioned, it's supposed to be hot here today. Perhaps a record-the forecast is for a high of 93 F. Cooler tomorrow though so that works for me. Maybe I can finally get some pots planted. I'm having trouble finding some of the more unusual annuals this year that in past years have been readily available. Time for some nursery road trips.

OK, back to work. It's going to be quiet today since half the office took vacation days and started their holiday weekend a day early. I was here a little after seven and not only had to unlock the building but also had to disable the alarm.


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Morning all! I've been up since 3:30-don't ask me why, unless it's because I know I don't have to work today, lol! The last bean went in the ground yesterday. WOO and HOO!

Chelone, nice shot of Spencer. I love that you call him "doodlekin boy-boy"! I call my dog, Gus ( mothers day gift from my DD) "Gustopher McPrettyprecious most beautiful puppy ON the world." He usually looks at me like, "God, you're an idiot!" Sarah, (a mother's day gift the next year from my son) mostly gets called "Surly Sue" on accounta the fact that she's got a bad attitude!

Mary, I hope David is doing okay this morning. I know stiches can sure be ouchie, especially on the thumb (been there) but they seem to be a source of pride for boys. Lol, I always tell my two that raising kids is like being beat to death with a toothpick. So worth it, but the 10 million heart attacks I could do without! So sweet of Annie to take charge and help you out.

T-Baby chasing is HARD work! Doesn't it make you wonder how you took it all in stride and still got stuff done when yours were little??

Deanne, the peonies aren't going to last long. Ones that were barely open yesterday morning were in full blown bloom in the heat by afternoon. I'm sold on a's gonna happen. Jim wandered in and saw these two pictures, and is all for it. Especially since he doesn't have to build a pergola. Duely noted about the bees, I will keep it a decent distance from the hammock. Sorry about the heat, the cold front just came through here and brought a little rain. The radar looks like it might be an off and on all day affair, which would be just great. Most of the beans are going to need it to get out of the ground.

SUE!! Good to see ya! Can't beat a quiet Friday at work, unless you can work out a quiet Friday at home in the garden!

Last night I thought I was going to have to go to the chiro yet again. My leg felt like the bone was popped clear out of the socket, but this morning is much better. Must have just been residual soreness from the adjustment. Will try some light yoga this morning, and I should be able to tell if I really need to go back by the time he opens at 12:30. I sure don't want to be in pain over a long holiday weekend.
I imagine that the pots and pans that have been in the sink for an hour are about ready to be washed, so I'll get out of here and do something constructive. Looks to be a good day to catch up on laundry, too.
Have a good one, all and a GREAT long weekend!

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

I feel somewhat hopelessly behind here but am loving the photos! And yes, the first thing I did upon my return home was to go outside and roam the "estate" and take count of what was blooming, etc. Fortunately, a friend had come by earlier to water -- things are seriously drooping in the sudden heat -- but it is definitely a solace to enjoy a garden, clear one's head and mind of sad and depressing thoughts and old "sights". The friend however did manage to break the hose reel the hose was on -- it was kind of calamity jane thing (& she left the other hose on running -- good thing I came home many days early!.... but it was sweet of her to volunteer). It's been crazy dry here so I'll be watering a lot this weekend.

And Chloe loves it too! we are very happy to be home and hope to enjoy & work outside this weekend. And yes, I have found some funny moments (particularly from my Pyscho Sis re-entering the picture.... she's so outrageous in fact rather than getting angry I laugh at her these days)....

Yucko, Mary, on David's mishap -- yikes -- glad you were nearby. Kids are always amazing the things they get into, no matter the age.

Deanne -- le sigh -- every year, that wisteria is more stunning than the last.... it makes me ache to own one - I bet the aroma is incredible too.

Love those sweet photos of Bella, Eden.

Michelle -- so the variegated aquilegia is a lite-up is it? I'll have to look for some -- I just love columbines, all colors, etc., and decided I need more of them; I just wish they were longer lived -- I have some that re-seed but it seems to be somewhat variable as to which cultivars do that; but as you know, I love love variegation. Your iris pallida is doing terrific - I apparently found the right spot this time & I see it every time I walk out my patio.

Hi, Sue -- I was starting to worry about ya and some of our other stalwarts that are AWOL... Monique, V, Ei, (I know I've missed others & hope they forgive my forgetfullness -- I find Im only slightly more alert today, LOL...).

Okay - time to hit the stacks here - hoping for a quiet day, but suspect that wont be the case - counting the hours til holiday!!!! Thanks again for your thoughts, support, and loverly, loverly photos -- just what the heart needs.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

HI all, just a very quick pop in here, GOOD GRIEF!!!! It's 84 degrees out at 10:00AM!!!!


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It's a little drizzly here today. Yesterday got up to around 90F. Too hot! But it's cooled back down to 70s now, which is much more to my liking. Bella's here today and then I have three days with no commitments of any kind. I'm planning on spending the weekend putting together the rest of the containers.

Deanne, so you're getting the hot weather today! That wisteria is unbelievable.

Michelle, sorry to hear about the RA. My mom has either that or lupus, depending on what Dr. you ask. She's always said that best thing to do is just keep on moving even though it hurts. I hope you find something that helps you!

Cindy, sorry to hear about the scare with your mom. My mom and dad have been married for 52 years and I can't imagine one without the other. I'm glad your parents have been given a little more time together.

Mary, yikes! I bet that was scary! You have such great kids! Hope David's finger heals quickly and a weekend of rest helps with your sinus infection!

So Sue, are you off restrictions now? I think I asked you before, but don't think you answered, did your musa basjoo make it? Mine didn't this year. Hunting down a new one is on my list for this weekend.

Chelone, what a pretty kitty Spencer is! I have all kinds of crazy names for my babies too.

Oh I meant to tell you all I ended up having to trim off the edge of that wine stopper to finally get it into the bottle.

I'm behind on everything around here, at least the indoor stuff. I wish housework would just go away for the summer months, wouldn't that be great! I'm off to wash dishes and tidy up the kitchen since it's too wet for Bella to play outside.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Hi Eden,

My lifting restriction technically ends this coming Monday but I've been cheating a little. As far as working out goes, I see the surgeon again on the 30th and I'm hoping she gives the OK to at least start Pilates again. I have been walking.

Yes, my Musa basjoo made it and is already about 3-4 feet tall. My Crepe Myrtles made it too, even the little Cherry Dazzle that I planted out in the open and didn't protect at all. Unfortunately I lost a couple of Abelias and one Hydrangea 'Little Honey' that I planted early last fall. The other one got munched to the ground by rabbits and is resprouting from the base but I don't have much hope that it will ever become a substantial shrub. It was a very weird winter.



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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Eden, hopefully we'll get 70's tomorrow like you are. It is currently 90.1 degrees out at 12:36..... Too darned HOT!


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Deanne, I know just how you feel. 90 is too hot! I couldn't believe how much the tropicals liked it though. The brugs, cannas, dahlias etc. all really took off yesterday. I think they're liking the warmer nights too.

Sue, I'm glad to hear your musa made it. It'll be really large for the tour this fall. I loved how last year mine had leaves that were over 6 ft. long. I think it got wet somehow. Must have been Brad's fault, since he tucked it in for winter. If all else fails I always blame him, lol. I planted out one Little Honey last fall and kept another in the greenhouse. Neither made it. I've heard it's not a very strong grower. I'll wait until I see some available locally before I try one again.

Time to make Bella some lunch. It's dry out now so I'm hoping I can grab some garden time while she's napping this afternoon.


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I am home early today. And it's hot, but not as hot as Deanne's and there is a very nice breeze, probably the beginning of a sea turn. I am home early because my boss is freaked right about how far behind she is on a big enclosure for large boat. She was crabby, and her inability to write cohesive workorders means I needed to ask questions... and she simply couldn't deal with that. ;) So I smiled at her and said it was very apparent my services were no longer needed nor wanted. She laughed and wished me a nice weekend and thanked me for "puttin' in the weather" for the past couple of weeks. We drive each other crazy, but we understand each other. And we like each other.

I picked up 21 Bartlett "Samaritan" "germamyums" and 10 trailing vinca for the front windowboxes. That will be a start, at least. I can't recall a Memorial Day when I didn't have something in the windowboxes; boy, it's just been so cold and raw. Wendy has proven to be my "connection" for Browallia, we're "makin' the drop" on Sunday at a nursery mid way between our homes. I'm thrilled and really very touched by her thoughtful gesture. I'm simply amazed at the depth of knowledge you guys have with respect to annuals. It blows me away. Moreover, I marvel at your willingness to fuss and coddle them through the long winter months. Praise be the sisterhood; you go girls!

Mary, when the -hit hits the fan you drop it down a gear and go with it. I am relatively squeamish, but in the time Mum was here with me I "got over" a lot of it. You do it because you HAVE to, and there's no one else to take charge. Your Annie is an amazing young lady and a wonderful product of gentle and thoughtful parenting. She saw something that needed to be done and without hesitation she jumped in and "took charge". You must be so very proud. Now... about David... and moving parts... as one who works with high torque and high speed machinery daily, as well as very HOT things please remind him for me that fingers and machinery are a poor mix. And tetanus shots hurt (Michelle, I am due for one and I'm very good about keeping it updated, good reminder and one I heartily second!). Clostridium tetani lives in the soil. Can you post a picture?? it's the latent forensic pathologist in me, you know. :)

I had warmed up pizza for lunch today. I don't usually eat the crust and Rex has come to love "pizza bones". He appeared next to me, on cue, some moments after I'd finished. I looked at him and asked, "would you like this PIZ---zaa bone"? He drooled his desire. I gave it to him and he took it so daintily. And laid down to eat it. I gave him a pat on his shoulders while he was eating. And then I thought what a secure and gentle beast he has become. He's not the least bit freaked out that I will "steal" his prize unless it's a really prime marrow bone. And when he gets one of those, I leave him the hell alone to savor it. He looks scary, but he's more reliable than most dogs I know. And I hate dogs.

Our pets all have multiple names. And they all have "voices" we use with them (Brenda, Deanne, and several others will understand). We sound pretty silly, but they all know their "names" and respond to them with tremendous reliablity. I parked the car and walked the 50' to the house, calling the 3 cats I figured would be outside. All 3 were on the doorstep by the time I got there... chirping and mewing at me and doing "rollies" in the driveway. They're so cute!

I am not familiar with Wisteria and was unaware that it's fragrant. What a treat for the eyes your's is, Deanne. How old is it (I missed it if you said, but recall it was a stick with some nubs at the top)?

OK, I think the water in the windowboxes and percolated down through the mix and it's time start putting the stuff in. Later, kids!

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Ahhhhh..... indoors sipping an iced latte... Needed a break from the heat. I thought we had an ice emergency here as there was no more ice in the ice maker. Oh no!!!! Well as it turned out it wasn't anything serious, a chunk of ice had stuck in the mechanism that makes the thing cycle when the ice is down. I just removed it and it's working again. Thank heavens. Doug would be pretty cranky if he got home and there was no ice for his Friday evening cocktail.

I've gotten the hayracks planted as well as two of the other pots against the back fence then went out to pick up some annuals for one of my neighbors. He lost his wife, who was an avid gardener, a year ago and he asked me to pick up something for some color for his gardens. He didn't have a clue what to buy so I picked up some geraniums, salvia and dusty miller. I figured he'd have to work pretty hard to kill those old stand by toughies.

It's now 93 degrees and they are saying it will be up to 87 tomorrow. Rats! I was hoping for a serious cool down.

Ok the latte is gone and I'm feeling revived so I think I'm going to try putting another few containers together.


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Super busy today trying to be 2 people. The day is sunny and mild and here I am stuck at work. We have a graduation and a birthday party this weekend, but hopefully there will be a little gardening time. The weeds are getting away from me in a couple of areas.

Cindy, Ill send you seed. Columbine is very easy to either scatter or winter sow. I can also send some of the Winky Pink ones too. They are short ones.
Sorry you and your family had to experience another scare, but its nice that your parents get to continue their love affair.

Cynthia, thanks for the concern. Im doing fine. My appointment is on June 19 and I will deal with it if thats what it is. It could be something much worse.

Mary, eeewww. I always hated when the kids got hurt I really dont have the stomach for it. What a sweetheart Annie is.


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Happy Memorial Day Week-end! 81F and I found the first blackspot on a rose this morning. 'Disneyland', which should be trashed because it's so unhealthy, but it presented it's first fluffy orange toned flower of the season this morning and got a reprieve.

My vacuum has now been at the shop for two solid weeks. Just imagine. But it's absence has given me more time in the gardens. 'Nuff said.

If I had my new camera I would show the results of pulling out an ugly yellow rose 3 or 4 times. The rose (probably a Tea) came with the house and originally removed when I planted a purple plum in it's spot 6 years ago. Freaking thing kept coming back and I kept digging it out. I thought. Last year was a very bad gardening year. Too much real work and nothing got done here. No vacations during gardening season that year. The weeds got a foothold, and I didn't notice the rose was back AGAIN until this spring. It was 9 feet high and draping itself in the purple plum. I left it for 'later.'

Well it was the rootstock that was coming back and it's Dr.Huey of course. Believe it or not, this red red rose shooting out of the purple leaved plum is stunning! Reminds me a bit of the intentional combo I have out front of purple cotinus and niobe clematis. So my battle with the rose is over. And it will probably kick the bucket of it's own accord now that I treasure it :-)

There is a cello piece on the radio, and it's extremely soothing. The dogs are splayed on the floor in different rooms, so it must be summer and they are searching for the cool spots. The heat seeking cats are catching 'beams in the kitchen.

I have more things to move this week-end. Oriental poppies that are crowded and being shaded out in different spots. Most of the oriental poppies in sunny spots are in full glorius neon bloom! The ones shaded out can't even find their buds. I've moved OPs before and they act dead for months, then recussitate in late summer. I have an itch to move a sea foam rose in the south side yard. Don't ever buy these. I bought 2 two or three years ago as grouncover, put them in separate spots and they are way too big even in shade. This one is drowning the hellebores and trying to climb the tupelo tree.

I got caught up on this thread last night and now can't remember what I've read! I was running patches and app updates on my portable for 3+ hours last night and tonight I'm going to do a backup on this pc and then let it copy to the portable overnight. THEN I can install my wireless on Sunday.

Hope you all have a wonderful time in your gardens this week-end!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good Saturday morning and it IS a good Saturday morning, It's about 80 degrees out with a light overcast so perfect for gardening. (perfect for sunburning also as I forgot to put sun screen on) The Catbirds are building a nest and singing their hearts out and the wisteria is scenting the entire yard with its perfume. Couldn't be better! We're in the process of enlarging the 'Container Garden Garden' in the corner of the front yard and Doug is now off getting a load of mulch. Whoopie! More room for pots! We are also trying to figure out a way to irrigate the pots in that corner to save some watering time in the summer. I'm thinking I'm going to stick the huge 'Charles Grimaldi' in that enormous pot I got from Les and Monique last fall. I wonder how large that could get by the end of the summer???? I'm going to take some cuttings soon so I can let this one go at the end of the season as it really will probably be to big to take in for the winter again. So anyway, summer is here and it sure is a lovely day to sart the unofficial beginning of the summer season.

A funny story, we were getting the large patio umbrella out of the shed and when Doug dropped it off the hooks where it gets stored in the shed for the winter out fell a mouse, landed on my back and almost went down my shirt! Yikes!!!!! I'm not afraid of mice but that gave me the willies! When we opened it another came tumbling out. I started yelling "Rats, rats! there are rats falling out of the sky"! ROTFLOL They really were small mice but when one almost falls down your shirt front it does seem like a rat.

Michelle, all of my large 'Globemaster' and 'Gladiator' allium opened up in the last couple days. ~~ I'll be thinking of you on the 19th and hoping for the best for you. HOpe you can get some gardening time in this weekend.

Cynthia, that rose in the plum tree sounds gorgeous! also, the 'Niobe' in the Cotinus sounds like a perfect combination to me. Wish you had pics! Sounds like you are getting a lot accomplished in the garden this weekend.

OK I've had my break and it's time to get back at it.

Have a great day all

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I am recently returned from my necessary foray this morning, the bank and the nursery for 3 flats of apricot Impatiens (wanted Begonias but the colors were too strident). I was DELIGHTED to note the bridge that washed out just over one year ago is back and OPEN! What a convenience.

I also visted another couple of garden centers in case there might (maybe) be some Browallia... but no. Wendy, you are my hero. I looked at the varigated Aubutilon (sp?) but was too unfamiliar with it to spend $5.50 for a 4" pot; I don't winter things over, there's no room for that and my frugal nature delivers a shock to my hand when it reaches for the wallet. It's probably a good thing Deanne and Eden live a fair distance from me. ;)

As you know, I am a bit of stickler for obeying traffic laws (it's safer for everyone and easier on one's wallet long term). The other day, I was driving home and spotted a teen (15-16) on a skateboard ahead of me. He was really pushing the road with his free foot to gain speed. There was a blind curve ahead and really nice, long downhill run after it ahead of him. So I slowed right down and watched him. He was having the time of his life, doing the slalom thing, crouching down and just diggin' the ride. I passed him after the hill and he turned and gave me a huge smile and a very loud, "Thanks!". Made me feel good to see the evident joi de vie on his face.

Lots of traffc by the house today and I'm really missing the trees that gave Sanitary Ridge some privacy before. :(

I need to put more plants in window boxes and think about the lawn. Have a great weekend and keep yourselves safe.

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Good evening!

Mid-80's here today, and I felt every degree. I vowed to work in the garden all day, and I pretty much did just that. I forewarned the kids no Saturday AM pancakes, and I was out there at 7:30am. I tackled the border along the street, which had been bugging me for some time. I started out with a design about 5 years ago, then the last few years I'd been plunking things in there since it is one of the sunnier borders.

The two neighbors across the street also picked today to have a double yard sale - lots of traffic, and lots of audience for my work. I had my DS bring both wheelbarrows and set up a barricade so nobody could park in front of my work area (we don't have sidewalks, just a shoulder about 3-4'wide then my garden). I didn't want anyone gazing at the yard sale delights and running over part of me while I was kneeling down. There are still a few things left to plant, but by about 3pm I was dripping wet and practically hallucinating, so I had to stop for the day. Tomorrow we mulch, DH requested ever so nicely that we get rid of the mulch pile and the tarp this weekend. Can't complain, he ferries the wheelbarrow loads to me, and I spread it.

I've been skimming along with this idyll, but I feel quite behind. I actually lost a long post on Friday at work (typing in the message box), and I was so frustrated I couldn't re-create it, but I'll try to summarize:

I know I complimented Deanne's wisteria and lovely containers. Deanne, your CG brugs will probably love the larger pot. Brugs can grow to tree-like proportions in the tropics, and there was a specimen at Logees that was way over my head - probably 15' high. I am amazed at how mine are leafing out now that it is hot - they haven't done much in the month they have been out of the basement until now.

Cindy, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers; and I LOL at you calling your mother Mrs. Unvanquished.

Brenda, my DH quit smoking 6-7 years ago, and he did what you are talking about doing - limiting himself by not buying as many. He used to make himself walk to the store, and only buy a pack at a time rather than a carton. It is tough to quit, and I never nagged him about it - but I'm really glad he did quit.

I'm glad I don't drink wine - too complicated! The bottles I enjoy have screw tops: easy off, easy on.

So, I'm taking DD and her best friend to their first rock concert on Thursday. There are 5 bands playing. Two of the bands DD loves: +44 and Fall Out Boy, and two of the other bands seem similar to them (alternative or pop-punk music, not the scream-your-throat-raw punk). The opening act is a rapper (Paul Wall - The People's Champion, not a "gangsta" from what I can tell). DD showed me a video of his on YouTube, and we couldn't understand a word he said (maybe for the best), but he did have a nice groove going. DD decided that we'd just bob our heads during his set.

Imagine, she has to tell me how to act at a concert! She even told me that some of the bands might invite the audience to sing along(wow, really?!!) , and gave me CD's to listen to so that I could become familiar. I told her that I know how to rap: I can speak the entire intro rap to the live version of 'Musta Got Lost' by the J Geils Band (she was not impressed).

Mary, so happy to hear that David (and you!) are OK. What a scary thing! We had an incident involving a wagon pushed downhill into a play structure when DS was about 4, which resulted in a bleeding head wound for him. Lucky for me DH was home - he was a medic in the Army and is cool as a cucumber when there are injuries. I guess I could have handled it, but I was glad he was there.

Chelone, glad the bridge is open again. Wasn't it open last summer? I seem to remember a temporary set-up with stop lights on either end. Looking forward to seeing you in the AM!

Anyway, I'm fading fast here, so off to bed with me. Good night, and enjoy the rest of the weekend!


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Good morning. I'm about ready to go out and pry Wendy's plants out of the ground. Gotta round up some newspaper and some bags, douse myself in Off!, and enjoy the morning. I'm wondering what I may find that will have to come home with me... .

I cracked up at your DD telling you how to act at a concert... if they only knew ;) The bridge is back, BOTH lanes of it! and it looks as though there is enough of a landing on the east side of it to allow the kids to continue jumping into the river. I like that; it's sort of an annual ritual for the kids.

We put the awning up over the bay window last night. I dropped the screwdriver and then the stainless set screw... yeah, I'm a professional. It didn't take very long and now I can plant those windowboxes without fear of rain drowning them.

Gotta scoot.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

A quick run by...
Charlotte is acting downright spunky, eating and chasing the cats.

Yesterday I managed to plant several things from the plant ghetto, weed a few areas and mow some more. A box with 4 new clematis arrived, so I'm about where I was when I started! I planted one of the clematis from last year finally, Iryuu

Off to a very long meeting. :(

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

I have two days in a row off! And the weather right now is gorgeous. If I didn't have to de-chunk the house for family later today I would be planted in the garden right now. Cross your fingers for good weather tomorrow also.

The weather has been "interesting" to say the least. Thursday was very warm and dry with a ferocious wind, and someone tossed a cigarette butt out of their car window. The end of our driveway caught on fire while I was not home. The fire department came out and put it out, but ran over a good sized bush in the process. All things considered, I'm happy to only lose a shrub!

The further adventures of Mystic the Wonder Dog: This morning as we were still laying in bed, he started running around the bedroom making incredible crashing noises as he moved. Turns out that I was using an old, two-foot-tall iron candle stand as a door stop/block, and he caught his collar on it and had it twisted in his collar. So this heavy (10-15 pounds?) candle stand is caught in his collar choking him and he was trying to run away from it! Thank heavens we were right there when this happened, and it will be moved out of the bedroom pronto!

Speaking of "pronto", the camera returned from Italy and is planning to download about 900 photos later today. Early reports are of a good trip, and even though the camera is not 21 years old, it did manage to bring back a very interesting looking bottle of Carmignano Riserva Villa Medicea. I'll have to do a little research on it.

Mary, glad to hear David is okay, and what a gem Annie was!

Cindy, so sorry to hear of your rough week. Hope things are a little more settled now.

Love the photos!

Must end procrastination now - enjoy the weekend!


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I was on the highway yesterday and there are flags on many of the overpasses. Some bridges had a flag on every fence post, and some had a single flag in the middle. So this is being done by private organizations or individuals. It touched me and I thought of people like Saucy and her husband, Wendy's husband, and so many of the people I work with and live near who served our country. Memorial Day can be about more than just those who gave their lives I think. So a heartfelt Thank You to everyone who served!

Another warm day here. Yesterday was at least not humid so tolerable for working in the yard which is too quickly becoming a jungle with the heat. The only thing restraining it is total lack of water. As much as Dannie freaks in thunderstorms, was need one that brings a good soaking rain. I can't find the stats for rain in April in May, but it has to be close to 0.00000".

Glad that Charlotte is feeling perkier, I'm sure GB feels better now too!

I stopped at Petsmart with Monty yesterday to buy cat litter, and the cashier and woman ahead of me could not get the scanning wand to read the UPC on her bag of litter. After watching 3 people move through the line next to us, I asked if perhaps they should pick up the bag and let the embedded counter scanner have a try. The cashier was about 16 years old of course, and the woman in line could not have been more than 30. Both said it was too heavy to lift! So, how are you going to get it in the car? Sheesh. I scooted down and removed it, it was only 30 pounds, and of course the counter scanner read it easily. Sheesh. What kind of shape are these people going to be in when they're my age!? (Proud to be 56.) Then the credit card screwed up and wouldn't respond, so I finally changed lines :-)

V, poor Mystic! And what did that doorstop do to your floors? If there's a hazard anywhere in this house, Katie will find it. So all of my guys wear loose tag collars in the house, and I add walking collars when we go out. The tag collars slip off easily if they snag on something in house or fenced area so I don't have to worry about strangled puppers.

Deanne, I chop my Brugs down in fall and let them overwinter in the pots semi-dry. I use some of the cuttings for new plants, but rely on the 'mother' plant for next year. Because they have a ton of roots in the pot, they come back just as big as if I'd not chopped at all. I also get nicely branched plants from cutting them back. The only problem is that the pots do fill up with roots, so they have to be transplanted more often than I'm actually 'up' for it :-) That reminds me, I do have cuttings still in buckets of water that I need to do something with. So many plants, so little room....

Wendy you are a brave and good mother to go to a punk concert. Bob away. At least your daughter didn't suggest you act like you aren't with her.

I can't remember if I commented already on the 'massacre at Mary's'. A well told story that you will both remember when he's a grownup. Bless Annie for 'dealing' while you were at the Dr's. I so agree with Chelone's comment that her actions result from the examples around her :-)

OK, I know I've missed a lot. Best to all, it's obvious many are outside gardening this sunny week-end. I have the only lawn in the neighborhood that's still green. The others have been scalped too low and browned already. I'll mow high, and hope those dandelions and weeds stay nice and green.


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Ahem! just back from my rendez-vous with Wendy. I exchanged money for a Primula ("Apple Blossom" I've never grown them before), a Helichrysum, and (Deanne!) an upright Fuschia ("Hillary").

I have 2 "Bag 'o Asters", some of the dwarf Solomon's Seal, a Sedum and the promised Browallia. In addition, Wendy has decided that I will be forced into the world of "Tropicals"... I have a varigated Brugmansia, and a Canna. I'm going to have to search for pots large enough and then take out a small loan for the potting soil. ;) We'll see, ladies. (I had a really great time wandering around the place with someone "who gets it" and being nudged in new planting directions).

Poor Mystic. He must have been so frightened; sounds like something a horse would do, V.. Congrats on 2 days in a row, too. I'll bet it feels great. I've missed your presence.

I have to get moving.

Great news on Charlotte, huh 'bug?!
LOL about wimpy women and cashiers. (and roses that refuse to go away).
Time to get the mowing done before late afternoon showers. After that I'll get the newcomers in the ground.
I love the patriotic holidays, too. I love seeing the flags in the windowboxes when I pull into the driveway. One of these years I'll finally indulge my desire for window buntings!

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I'm a wimp. 90F on the north side of the house means the color would run on my white tank if I stayed out any longer right?

This is actually a public service announcement. As I sat here with lemon soda cleaning out my in-box while I cool off, I found Eddie Bauer 30% off of everything at the on-line EB Outlet. Well hoo haa (!) my jeans are there and at 30% off of the Outlet price, 4 pair went into the cart at $20 each. EB has Tall sizes and their jeans are 35" inseam. I have never bought a pair full price, and plan to keep it that way, but things were looking pretty bad in my closet.

I've been out with the leaf blower tiding up driveway,patio, steps and walks. I think Dannie ate a bee. There has been a tribe of them hanging on the corner of the patio for weeks, and Dannie wants to chase them snapping her jaw and leaping around. Waiting for the reaction, I hope it's not too bad for her. Hard way to learn a lesson.

Well congratulations on the browallia score Chelone! My variegated Brug is my least favorite. Less robust, and it's still in the 'holding area' trying to look presentable before I drag it on to patio. I haven't taken my Cannas out of gh yet. Just lazy, they should have come out a month ago. But they too need to be repotted. Have been considering letting them die :( They're dark purple leaved - Wyoming I think - with orange flowers. Now I have the guilts and should go do something with them. I know I'll miss them in late summer when everything else is looking ragged.

I think I'll scoot over to the nursery and get a couple of sempervivum to plant in the shallow 'trays' that are balanced on each hand of the 'bird girl' statue. Maybe it will cool down while I'm doing that :-)

Chelone, what kind of helichrysum? Is it the 'icicles', or the H.petiolare (which I loved when I was in NE but too hot for it here) or the straw flower. So many types of helichrysum! And what did Wendy get?


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I am SO stoked about the Browallia... now I'm wishing I'd asked for 3 more six packs. It is truly one of my very favorites, old fashioned and such a great performer as the season wears on; options for partial shade/shade are sorta thin. I've gone with "Samaritan", the Bartlett "germamamyum" selection in salmon/coral, Elfin Apricot Impatiens, variegated trailing vinca, and "Marine Bells" Browallia behind. I want to tuck some of the really blue Torenia in the front of the Impatiens so it will sort of trail over the front of the boxes. Torenia is a nifty little plant, too.

There was no tag in Helichrysum, Cynthia, but it's the common one with nickel size leaves in that lovely, fuzzy silvery shade. We lingered over a very dainty variety, too, but I can't recall the name. I have always had a "thing" for silvery leaves and variegation, but I am not nuts about the yellow-y colors... I can't quite get past the notion that they're somehow lacking in some essential nutrient.

I sent Wendy home with the great Solomon's Seal (she gave me its little brother), Asarum europeum, some native trout lilies, and a Krossa Regal hosta. I'll let her tell you about her purchases. ;)

I've finished 2 out of 3 lawns and the Garden Way cart is overflowing with clippings. I can't believe how tall the grass has gotten in under a week. No way could I have mulched it effectively! and besides, I want to spread out the deck canopy and give the sides a bit of a scrub to get the grime lines off it. I don't need to have grass stains and clippings stuck to it, too.

Now it's time to go back out and tuck some of the prizes from Wendy into the back gardens. When is Deanne going to claim the Perovskia... it isn't very happy in its pots and needs your OCD attention and a blasting hot/sunny bed to coax it back to its former self.

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It's been a rough day here, but my "catch up" on idyll made me forget all about the tough stuff.

Thank you, Cynthia, for thinking about my husband and I. I kind of get miffed every year this time because people ask my husband to march in the town parade, but never me. I did two more years than he did, LOL....

I do like to remain incognito because this is a great gardening weekend. I do think about those who fought for us while I'm pulling weeds or planting!

We went up to Maine for a day to see Nick's brother who is up for a graduation. We had originally planned for house work, so we only went up for the day. Deanne and Chelone, did you hear me say hello as I passed your exits? I did :)

So the house work involves stripping the deck and re-staining. The job we did a couple of years ago has already failed, and we've decided that it's the best "room" in the house and needs to be done right! LOL, we're calling it the "lobby " for the company and hope to train Sarah to have guests, "please be seated in the lobby, she'll be right with you..."

GB, I'm glad Charlotte is feeling perky. Zeus may be entering the phase where he needs pain meds to feel comfy. I've noticed discomfort when getting out of his bed, or bounding up stairs. He's been diagnosed with some hip problems...

V., I can't wait to see what all your camera saw! I'm glad you have some days off. Sounds like you're working too hard.

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

I would like to express my appreciation for all men and women who have served or are serving in the armed forces. We have you to thank for the way of life we all enjoy.

Chelone and I had a good time poking around at the nursery. I came home with only one perennial: kirengeshoma palmata (the latin rolled off of Chelone's tongue, I'm still practicing it). It was highly recommended by Chelone and a nursery employee - I have been wanting to try it. I also got a helichrysum (same one) to plant with a cuphea ignea I already have (stole that idea from the latest issue of Fine Gardening, Pam Baggett I believe), a begonia luxurians (cane type - looks like a palm tree), a beefy wine-colored coleus with a thin green margin (no nametag) and a couple of ipomea (sp?) 'Sweet Caroline Purple Heart'. They also had a lot of nice rex begonias with swirly leaves named after cities, but I couldn't pick just one and I don't have room for all of them so I passed.

Chelone, the plants you brought me are all in the ground. That solomon's seal is spectacular - DH helped me decide where to place it - he is impressed with big plants (this plant is around 4' tall). Funny thing about that plant in my car: Chelone had it riding shotgun in the front seat of her car, but I stuck it in the back of my wagon because there was room if I tilted it a little. When I went to back the car out to leave, all I could see in the rear-view was solomon's seal - pretty, but totally unsafe for highway driving. I had to move it to the front seat, and as I drove along it started to slowly lean towards me. I secured it prior to getting on the highway and we all made it home safe and sound!

I finished planting in the front sidewalk bed this AM, and let DH know it was mulch-ready when I left to meet Chelone. When I got home, DH had practically mulched the entire bed. He places the mulch in little piles with the shovel, and lets me spread it in close to the plants. It looks so much better with the mulch, the dark color makes the plants really pop. It was a real wow for me to come home and see the payoff of our hard work.

Chelone, here is a pic of the brugs I gave to you. Your little cutting will be 5' tall by the fall. This variety was slow to bloom, but I think the foliage alone is stunning. Cynthia, I agree it is not as vigorous as the white one or Charles Grimaldi (the only others I've had), but I love it anyway.

Signing off now, my eyes are getting tired. 'Nite all!


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Happy Memorial day to everyone, and a BIG thank you to all who have served and are serving. Saucy, a special thanks to you...I'd ask you to march in MY parade ;)

Eden, being behind on the indoor stuff doesn't count when the weather is fit to be outside, does it?? I've always just!

Sue, glad to hear you're about to be off your lifting restrictions. What a PITA, and I can imagine your frustration at not being able to work out. "At least start Pilates"?? Maybe I tried a way too advanced version, but WHEW! That's how I got into seemed more my skill level, although DD says she thinks Pilates is easier than yoga. Of course, she's not working with the "had two kids and then ingnored physical fitness for years belly" that I'm dealing with ;)

Chelone, yeah, there's a special voice when I talk to Mr. Prettyprecious, lol!
Glad your bridge is open!! They've got the "main drag" in our one stoplight town torn up. Supposed to be done in Sept., but I'll believe it when I see it. No drive through bank, and you gotta circle town to close in on the tanning bed. A farmer tan is a wicked thing to try and correct, so this year, I tried getting a jump on it. I feel bad for the tanning bed lady. Owning your own business in a small town is hard enough, without the town throwing up road blocks. She's lost quite a bit of business.
I bet the kid on the skateboard thinks you're just the coolest!! Never lose touch with your inner child, I always say!

Deanne..maybe it's a "Doug thing" with the ice. I don't usually have a lot of ice on hand, and my brother Doug gives me no end of grief about it. If I know ahead of time he's coming, I drag out every ice tray I have. My teeth have been cold sensitive for years, and Jim doesn't care one way or the other. After years of teaching the kids the "recipe" and finding they had no skill for refilling ice trays, I gave up. Crud, I just remembered my brother is coming over today. 'Scuse me while I go make some ice. Okay, I'm back :) Oh, boy, I'd have freaked out about the mouse! I'm not scared of them, either, but I don't need them ON me, lol! Heck, I screamed at moldy bread yesterday....I'm not at all squeemish, but it caught me off guard. I hardly ever eat white bread anymore, but we had a loaf floating around so Jim could have sandwiches for lunch while we were farming. Yesterday, a peanut butter and lettuce sandwich with a glass of milk just sounded so good, and when the urge didn't go away after a few hours, figured I'd indulge. I was talking to Jim while I reached into the bread bag, and I pulled out two of the moldiest slices of bread I've ever seen. Little scream and flipped em across the kitchen. Felt pretty stupid afterwards, but they caught me off guard :) It DID kill the urge for the PB sandwich, tho.

Cynthia-I've had Oriental poppies trick me into thinking I killed them, too. I ended up with a Patty's Plum coming up into a Sarah Bernhardt peony. As a combination, it doesn't work with the poppy about 2" from the base of the peony. So, while I could see it this spring, I dug it up and moved it. The leaves promptly fell over and played dead. Now, you'd think I'd KNOW to mark the new place, wouldn't you?? Guess I'll just avoid planting in that general area until fall.
Geez, what kinda 16 year old can't lift a 30# bag of dog food??? I've seen the same thing, tho-the kid at the garden center could barely manage the two bags of cow manure I got the other day. I'da helped him, but I didn't want to crush his little male ego, lol!

Wendy, I'm glad to hear limiting helped your DH quit smoking. I've done the cold turkey thing before. Jim offered to go to town and get me some, lol! Now, don't think he's an enabler...I was REALLY grouchy.
ANOTHER cool "old person", lol! Going to a concert-glad DD gave you instructions on how to act. I'm just now getting around to telling the kids stories of my teenage years. Now that they're grown up and moved out, I figure it's safe. They're stunned. They must have thought I hung on a hook in a dark closet until the magical day I gave birth to them, lol! My kids are totally not impressed with anything the J Geils Band ever did. I personally like "No Anchovies, Please". Their little eyeballs roll WAY back in their head when I bust out with, "Oh my GOD-that bowling's my WIFE". And, so, I do it often ;) Years ago, DD brought her tape player down, because I HAD to hear this song that Pearl Jam did. You shoulda seen her face when I started singing along to "Last Kiss".

'bug, 'Iryuu' is SO pretty! No more new ones for me until I get the potted ones on the porch, really!.

V-What are the odds that Mystic could get his collar caught like that?? They're just like kids..what you SEE them do terrifies you about what you DON'T see that they manage to get themselves out of, lol! We had a collie once that got her head stuck in a bucket. The bail was keeping the bucket hanging from her neck, and her collie nose was too long to get out of the bucket. And, she didn't want to be caught and rescued, either! What a way for you to start the day. I like to get my BP all jacked up first thing in the morning...NOT! Glad to hear the camera made it home, I hope it had a good time!

We got the heat ahead of the rain, too. Wednesday and Thursday were brutal..near 90 both days. And, with all the rain that moved through, we only ended up with 1/2"!! It's enough to get the seed out of the ground, so one step at a time, I guess. The way the radar looked, I'd have figured we were in for a soaker. It has stayed overcast, so the rain we did get could soak in and do some good.
We managed to get a lot of stuff in the ground. Jim planted all the veggies in the raised beds, and I planted annuals and a few of the things I got from Green Mountain. Most of their stuff gets potted up until fall, but since Perovskia and Sedum are both tough, they went into the ground. Plus, they were part of a planting that included annuals, they went.
I lost my mind a little at the Bluestone sale. If I counted right, I'm gonna have 63 plants for the pot ghetto. That's just from Bluestone. There's the stuff from GMT, two grasses and three phlox "Becky Towe" that I impulse bought at the nursery the other day. Oh, and the potted clematis. Better quit thinking, or I'll realize how much work I have to do, lol! One of the things from GMT is iberis. They were pretty gangly, so I took cuttings. I ended up filling one of the annual flats that I had just emptied with cuttings. If half of them take, I'll have more of that than I'll know what to do with, but I'm a tightwad, so I'll take any opportunity to increase a plant. When I post pictures, perhaps someone wiser than I can explain how I can have 10 jillion plants, and have nothing look full.
DH has plans to go get another load of mulch for me. This one for the stump bed. I KNOW it would be wrong to hit him with the shovel, but I started begging for mulch in February or March. The ground was frozen, so the dump truck wouldn't tear up the yard, and no plants were up, so I could have skimmed a nice layer across there in no time. Now, it's gonna have to get pitched into the garden cart, wheeled over, dumped, etc. Care to guess who's pitching it into the cart?
Okay, this has gone on long enough. The sun came up, and I haven't done my yoga yet. I did get some laundry going, and have dishes in the sink, so...if I get my work done, I can go out and play. Looks like it's going to be beautiful today!
Later, all!

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You're sure it will get that big? Oh my. (The Solomon's Seal was leaning toward me, too, Wendy). The helpmeet is going to help me haul out the cement urns today (he's not happy out it; has the "crabbies" after a long, hot weekend in the retail trenches).

My father was a Navy man (WWII), just like Saucy and her DH (Sub. tender, right?). The old man was on a mine sweeper in the Mediterranean, and he never spoke very much about it. I remember him saying the most frightening thing to see is a ship sinking; one minute it's there, the next it's GONE. He said he could still hear the cries of men as they tried to swim through the flames on the surface of the water. All 3 of my uncles served, too. And one Aunt. My late FIL was a pilot. He flew bombing raids over the German town where he was born. 8 out of 10 of his crew were killed in a plane crash after a mission. He had stayed behind to marry the helpmeet's mother... . He was stripped of his Colonel's rank (down to Captain) for having the timerity to question and protest the Viet Nam war. He was outspoken in his opposition saying it was his duty to keep young people from such horrors when the reasons were not clearly defined.

Fun fact. On Memorial Day (it is actually Wednesday, May 30th.), all flags are hoisted to the top of the flagpole and then lowered to half staff where they remain until noontime. Then they are hoisted to the top of the staff. It is also permissible to fly a black streamer in honor of the fallen... .

I was awakned by a thunderstorm last night. Don't know why but the helpmeet opened the door for Rex and Spencer decided it would be a swell time to race out, too. In 20-30 minutes he evidently "came to his senses" and decided hanging out under the car wasn't such a great idea. Then he raced back in and promptly cuddled up, snug in his bed. ;)

Time to go "rustle up some grub". I'm sure everyone else is snoozing along, all tuckered out after a long day in the garden.

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Chelone, I didn't know Memorial Day was Wednesday-thanks for the info. Kudos to your FIL for speaking his mind, no matter the cost. People who have served and seen it should be listened to carefully. No amount of movies and stories can compare to the horror of living it-those opinions count more than any, in my book. I look at my son, and realize that he's older than many of the people who have been killed in service, and all I can think is that there had better be a damned good reason for him to be asked to give his life.

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I did audibly guffaw at the visual of Deanne with the mouse on her back. I'm not afraid of them, either, but always do the "dance 'n' squeal" when they run up my leg (this happens periodically when I encounter the cats with one) or I encounter one in the woodpile or where the irrigation valves are. We have 2 kinds here, on is a very soft, pretty grey the other is brown with a buff tummy. Both are really very pretty, though I generally only see pieces of them... ;) Wendy and I saw a nice garter snake patrolling one of the display borders yesterday (I can squeal at those, too, but am not afraid of them, either and will even pick them up!).

Because I don't cook (but clean up the trail) I've become enured to the scientific experiments often contained in Tupperware. I generally stack them up and stroll to the compost pile with them. There, I take a deep breath, open them, and release the contents... quickly snapping the lids back in place. I then dutifully cover it over and head for the hose, where I open the containers and blast the living daylights out of 'em before bringing them indoors for "disinfection". I am more assiduous in my attention to the contents of the 'frig. when the outdoor water is turned off for the season. ;) I am squeamish about vomit, but fortunately, Rex is not. (a source of redemption for that basest form of life... )

We used the dolley and put the urns outside today. It's overcast and humid and it's MOSQUITO heaven out there. I was shocked at the sqadrons of them just waiting for a "blood meal". Time for the BT dunks to go into the pond/muck hole.

I have laughed and laughed at the humorous stories you've shared about your kids. (Brenda on a hook in a dark closet killed me), Wendy rapppin' along with J. Geils, and V.'s comment on the the "Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys" album. I know I'm in a fun crowd.

I hope 'bug's long meeting was OK.
That rains came gently for Cynthia and Dannie.
That Sue will be back to Pilates soon.
That V. has soaked up two days in a row. And that the SIL thing has blow over.

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Good Morning, We have a beautiful day today! The last two have been nothing but rain, so now everything's nicely watered, the sun's shining, and I can get down to the business of planting containers. Did I read that you're expanding your container garden space Deanne, lol? Hope you're all having a good Memorial Day today, I just wanted to pop in and say hi. I'm going back now to read what you've all been up to.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

What a great weekend this is turning out to be! Yesterday we had a cookout with some friends and the predicted rain did NOT happen. We actually wound up with a perfect day for dining alfresco. The menu included shrimp cocktails and fresh guacamole for appetizers then gilled filet steaks, home made potato-egg salad and a chilled asparagus with lime basil vinaigrette and freshly shredded parmesan reggiano. For dessert there was a beautiful flourless chocolate torte. Yummy! Good thing I dont eat like that too often! Anyway, what a treat to be able to sit outside for hours without any bugs or rain. A perfect start to the summer cookout season.

Ive still been potting up containers like crazy here and I think Ive got a couple dozen done so far. The corner area container garden is all ready and waiting for me to arrange some pots over there. Ive already placed the giant pot in the corner and I cant wait to see the Charles Grimaldi in its place of honor.

I had a disaster on Saturday evening. Id potted up yet one more arrangement and was pretty tired after working ten hours out in the 87 degree temps of Saturday. Anyway I wasnt paying close enough attention to the container I was hauling around the house and it tipped over and the whole thing wound up on the lawn. All the plants were underneath the potting soil and pretty squished. I have to confess I probably did a bit more cussing than was reasonable but I was pretty tired and could hardly face having to undo the mess. Oh well, I did get the thing sort of repotted but it isnt as pretty as originally but none of the plants was damaged beyond redemption. Next time Im going to ask for some help moving such a big pot at the end of a long day. (Well, knowing me, probably not te he)

Eden, yes indeed we did enlarge the container garden space!!! Woohoo!!! Im looking forward to seeing more photographs of your newly done containers.

Chelone, youre a hoot. Love your description of the dance n squeal! I dont mind snakes a bit either but would probably do the dance if one landed on me unexpectedly. ~~ I guess Im going to have to haul the Urban Assault Vehicle up to Maine sometime soon. Doug is in Rochester this week, maybe we can work something out. ~~ When you get a chance Id love to see a pic of Hillary. Im such a sucker for fuchsias.

Saucy did you hear me say hi as you drove by our exit??? LOL

V, the image of Mystic lunging around with that candlestick stuck in his collar just hit my funny bone. Poor dog but the visuals are hysterical. One time Rahjii got his neck stuck in the loop of a shopping bag and he did the run about the house with the shopping bag chasing him and I have to confess to ROTFLOL. I must be a bad kitty mom.

Cynthia, good grief they couldnt lift a 30 pound bag???? You rock n roll lady. ~~ OK PLEASE do not get rid of that Wyoming canna you have! I love that plant. You posted a photo of that with your blue chairs one time and its just gorgeous.

Brenda, I ROTFLOL over teaching your children the recipe for ice. ~~ LOL about the moldy bread. Id have lost my appetite for a PB sandwich as well.

Wendy your variegated brug is exquisite! Mine never bloomed last year. Did you do anything special to it and did you have it in full sun or part shade??? After seeing your pic Im going to give mine a reprieve.

Bug so glad that Charlotte is feeling better!

OOK Im going to go and do something productive with the rest of this day.

Later all!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Well it is a beautiful day here but windy, so I'll tie up some clematis rather than doing other things I'd planned. I did plant two clematis, but have about 20 waiting for homes! They've been waiting for at least a year and now I MUST find spots for them.

I'd like to share a makeover from another forum. This really appealed to me. Take a look below!

Yesterday's meeting was fine, though long. I am no longer a group person...and really can't tolerate the personalities that carry on at these meetings, but I figured out that if I go support DH, then he'll stop at a nursery on the way back! Yesterday I bought Salvia Eveline, Amsonia and Thalictrum Blue Stockings.

Today a car roared across the bridge and set Charlotte to barking that a stranger had arrived. Sure enough, there was a friendly man I'd never met. Turns out he's the bluebird enthusiast who had installed a bird house at the top of the lane near our mailbox. he came to announce that there were baby bluebirds there and asked to install more bird houses nearby. Well of course! He maintains them actively to keep swallows and sparrows away and also has a friend who joins him in banding them. He was full of information! Says he spends $80-$100 dollars on gas just monitoring the nests each week!

Enough for now..Off I go!

Happy new week to one and all.

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Happy Memorial Day

Gorgeous here too and we are enjoying DH being with us and a day at home together. No big meals to cook or cleaning required which has been blissful. I've been out in the garden since before 6AM. I planted 3 new fruit trees picked up half price over the weekend; greengage plum, sour cherry and donut (Saturn) peach. I've also made a serious dent into the trays of seedlings and had fun planting up more containers. I don't think I have the stamina some of you have as I'm exhausted already:0( We have a bike ride planned this afternoon and a swim later. David's thumb is healing nicely and my sinus infection finally easing up - things are good in our little corner of the world.

Hope you are all having as much fun. The garden is absolutely exploding with color - irises popping left right and center, rhodies opening, columbine in full swing and roses full of bud. Is it wrong to say how much you love your garden? I truely do, not because it is impressive or professional, but becuase it gives me so much pleasure.

Time to check on the rest of the family and muster strength for the afternoon


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So it's the helichrysum petiolare that Chelone and Wendy have. I love that but don't care much for the variegated version either. I think there's too much humidity here to to grow h.petiolare well. I tried, it grows, but doesn't turn into a shrub like in will in less humid places.

Speaking of vomit. (Someone did!). We had the briefest of thunderstroms last night but no rain with that. Dannie had glued herself to the couch in my office and panted and shook the night away long after it was over. She was finally able to eat dinner at 10PM. Must have been too late for her constitution as she regurgitated in MY bed at 11PM. That's ok, I hadn't changed those sheets in at least 18 hours.

I was bummed at no rain, and instead of getting serious things done outdoors today, have been watering and weeding. Watering amounts to plugging in the soaker hoses in some beds and hand watering new transplants in others. But beds far from the house have no soaker hoses and I'm getting worried about what they'll look like in a few weeks. Already, drought resistant plants are looking yellowed, and others just aren't growing well.

Mary, I so agree with your sentiment. I love my garden too for the very same reasons. You expressed it perfectly. I sometimes wonder if I subconsiously create work for myself so that I'll always have an excuse to putter. Things like potting up self sown seedlings, or the compulsion to take cuttings. Brenda filling up a flat you just emptied :-) I doubt there's anyone here who can't relate to that! I waiver back and forth, tossing things I don't like, but saving too many things 'just in case.'

I headed to the nursery to get a sempervivum yesterday, and found two I liked. Then added 3 Sedum Purple Emperor and sure I'm the last person to have that in my garden, but just haven't seen it around here before. I was going to plant those this morning, but a spot for the seed grown Erodium pelargoniiflorum caught my eye. By the time I'd finished clearing the spot for those, I'd transplanted a daylily, weeded the ajuga under a nearby bench, clipped the dead branches from 6 hydrangeas, broken my hose wand connector, fussed with a few things on the patio, cleaned and filled a bird bath, and stole the connector from the front yard for the back. THEN I planted the erodiums. The sedums are still waiting.

Does anyone walk around there garden with a flashnight at night? I went out with the dogs and always take a flashlight for poop pick-up. I opened the gates to the back-back yard and went down there alone with my flashlight. Thinking about what to do I guess and hard to wait for daylight when the next day is another day off!

The last day of a long week-end is so bittersweet. Chelone, I hate to break it to you, but Memorial Day is legally today, not the 30th. It used to be on the 30th, but it was part of a law change 35+/- years ago that moved a bunch of Federal holidays to Mondays :-(

Deanne, that cook-out fare sounded scrumptious! I'll be having hot dogs tonight :)

Back outside! It's clouding over so may be a little cooler now.

Best to all, Cynthia

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Cynthia, my anniversary wasn't changed to Monday. ;-) It's still the 30th.

Also, you reminded me of this email from DD:

Recently, I was diagnosed with A. A. A. D. D. - Age Activated Attention
Deficit Disorder.

This is how it manifests:

I decide to water my garden.

As I turn on the hose in the driveway, I look over at my car and decide
my car needs washing.

As I start toward the garage, I notice that there is mail on the porch
table that I brought up from the mail box earlier.

I decide to go through the mail before I wash the car.

I lay my car keys down on the table, put the junk mail in the garbage
can under the table, and notice that the can is full.

So, I decide to put the bills back on the table and take out the
garbage first.

But then I think, since I'm going to be near the mailbox when I take
out the garbage anyway, I may as well pay the bills first.

I take my check book off the table, and see that there is only one
check left.

My extra checks are in my desk in the study, so I go inside the house
to my desk where I find the can of Coke that I had been drinking.

I'm going to look for my checks, but first I need to push the Coke
aside so that I don't accidentally knock it over.

I realize the Coke is getting warm, and I decide I should put it in the
refrigerator to keep it cold.

As I head toward the kitchen with the Coke, a vase of flowers on the
counter catches my eye--they need to be watered.

I set the Coke down on the counter, and I discover my reading glasses
that I've been searching for all morning.

I decide I better put them back on my desk, but first I'm going to
water the flowers.

I set the glasses back down on the counter, fill a container with water
and suddenly I spot the TV remote. Someone left it on the kitchen

I realize that tonight when we go to watch TV, I will be looking for
the remote, but I won't remember that it's on the kitchen table, so I
decide to put it back in the den where it belongs, but first I'll water
the flowers.

I pour some water in the flowers, but quite a bit of it spills on the

So, I set the remote back down on the table, get some towels and wipe
up the spill.

Then I head down the hall trying to remember what I was planning to do.

At the end of the day:

the driveway is flooded the car isn't washed,

the bills aren't paid,

there is a warm can of Coke sitting on the counter, there is still only

one check in my check book, I can't find the remote, I can't find my

glasses, and I don't remember what I did with the car keys.

Then when I try to figure out why nothing got done today, I'm really
baffled because I know I was busy all day long, and I'm really tired.

I realize this is a serious problem, and I'll try to get some help for
it, but first I'll check my e-mail.

Do me a favor, will you? Forward this message to everyone you know,
because I don't remember to whom it has been sent.

Don't laugh -- if this isn't you yet, your day is coming

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Happy Memorial Day, all!

It's getting pretty warm out there. I don't know what the temps are, but the sun is strong and the air is thick. The only nice thing about humidity is that it enhances the sweet smell of spring bloomers :)

I'm a little peeved. I went and bought my camera today. I saved $65 dollars by using a rewards program, and 10% because it is Memorial Day. I chose a sony because I expected to use the sony memory card that I paid over 50 dollars for....nope. Doesn't fit. They changed the design. Arrgghh! I'll try again tomorrow.

I am painting some old glass tables to all be uniform....I'm using a mottled brown paint. They're coming out nice. Between coats I'm planting up containers. I'll be happy when they fill in - mine need steroids to catch up with Deanne's !

I guess I'd better get off my duff and go finish up. I have an early start tomorrow to a busy week.

I hope my Idyll friends have a great day!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Planted yellow peppers, zucchini, basil and eggplant after dinner tonight. Tied up many clematis, but more yet to be done.
Bought more medicine for Charlotte since the one week amount was finished and a success.
We are trying to plan flights to Alberta in late June. Impossible to pick a date! Tomorrow DD flies to a job in Fort McMurray. She's a wildlife biologist with Alberta Sustainable Resource Development and is assigned to the Oil Sands Branch of the Lands Division. DSIL is away this week too. It is all quite crazy as DGS's mother is off in the Carribean, so DGS must stay with cousins.

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Good morning, tuesday - is the holiday really over?
I've popped in a couple times on the weekend but have very strange new laptop installed at home that Im not used to yet -- so I confess I think I kept closing programs out faster than I could remember where to move the touchpad - very strange to get used to (for someone who's used a regular keypad quickly for 30 years...). So I enjoyed everyone's musings but didnt offer anything.

I did work like a dog in the yard too, much like everyone else -- we had one good t-storm Sat. nite but that was it; it's probably already dry again.... I wasnt in the mood for weeding but managed to get some pots/containers done and other errands done (in the theme of "just in case things turn sour in PA") so I feel as if Im a bit more organized - ha, for how long, dont know!

Yep, I totally agree with you Cynthia & Mary -- we all garden we because we love it and we love our gardens -- there's always something to putter with -- had a teenage boy stop by me yesterday to remark "you work a lot in your garden" - I just laughed & said it was my favorite past-time.... like games."

Count me as anotehr who loves all sorts of licorice plants - and I love that dicondra Silver Falls too -- they are staples in my small containers.

Glad to hear Charlotte and her owner are back to feeling perky!

Gotta start some work here,all.


(p.s. - Michelle - would love some variegated aquilegia seeds if you have enough. That would be great.).

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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Hola, mi amigas. Como esta? Estoy muy, muy bien.

Our vacation was fabulous. After we scrambled to get everything done here as much as possible, we REEEAAAALLLY needed it. Our hotel, reminiscent of a Mayan temple, was absolutely gorgeous. We had a Jr. Suite which had an L-shaped patio surround overlooking the lagoon. I should have upgraded to one w/a Jacuzzi b/c its a 2-person type on the balcony. Next time, for sure.

We thot about parasailing, visiting Mayan ruins, swimming with the Dolphins, etc. Aside from a little shopping, instead we lazed by the pool, on a floatie in the pool, sat under a cabana w/Cabanas, Pina Coladas, Beachcombers, and any other tropical drink we could try, and had lunch brot to us. Heaven! Our server was a really neat gal. She practiced her English on us, and I practiced what little Spanish I know, with her. This is an upscale hotel and thus, there werent but a handful of kids (little) there. So it was quiet and peaceful. There was a convention of Italian people there during our visit. You could tell them by their incredible shoes, purses and clothing. And oh my, the Speedos! Twas interesting.

We cant wait to go back. I didnt enhance any of the photos. The water is truly that color. Hmm, maybe I should recheck our Lotto ticket. Click on the link below to see our pix.

Cindy, a belated Happy Birthday to you!!! And hugs to you during this difficult time.

Brenda, you really NEEEEEEED a Tree Peony. The blooms are easily 10" across and just spectacular. Best of all, they dont need to be staked as the herbaceous kind do.

Wow, Deanne. 54yrs.! Amazing. Congratulations. Were pikers at 30 compared to you guys. Then again, this is the second time around for us.

Mary, how scary about Davids mishap. I was always calm during the crisis but fell apart when someone else could take over or afterward. What great kids you have David worried about scaring you and Annie being such a love to clean up the kitchen. Im sure youre proud of them both. So what anesthetic did YOU use when you got home?

Im sorry to hear youre still dealing with the remnants of the cold. I still have a bit of a runny nose and cough, although its getting less and less every day. If you had what I did, its one heck of a bug.

Eden, I loved that pic of Bella reading. Shes so very cute. Ill bet shes bursting with personality, too. On Mothers Day, my DGN noticed my DS and DSILs painted toenails. So she immediately sat down, took off her socks and shoes and tried to color hers with a marker (that only works on special paper). So when I was commandeered for sitting duties later that week, and it was too cold to plant annuals, we painted fingers and toes. She was sooo good. We took 2 Dora books and read them while the jet-dry polish dried.

Im amazed how much these little ones know. My DS bot her a couple of brimmed caps to shade her face. When my DS put it on, Jessica said, "No Gammy, it goes this way" and immediately put the hat on backward! Then of course, she had to add the glasses for effect. Heres the cool kid:

Chelone, when I read about your co-worker needing a day-off just before the mem day crunch, I had to shake my head, too. Seems many younger workers have different ideas about things. At DHs co., its quite common for the younger folks to call in and tell their boss that they wont be in b/c: "they went to a concert last nite and are too tired;" or they partied hardy and are just too tired. I cant imagine!

Deanne, fabu containers as always! What an inspiration you are.

Hi Sue. Glad to hear youre progressing.

Michelle, so sorry to hear youre dealing with possible RA. Hope the docs find the cause and some meds to help the pain.

Thats all my pee-pickin brain can remember offhand and I have to get outside before it rains. Also, I have to get some annuals, pot up some Dahlias, get plants and make up some containers (!!!), move tons of stuff I just plopped in the ground before we left, move my Brugs out on the deck and on and on and on.

Thinking of all and waving HI!" Later, taters


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Gardening a labor of love not a love of labor. I too love my garden. This morning the first rose and the first peony were open. The first hummingbird arrived yesterday. What fun it all is.

I checked in several times this weekend, but didnt get around to writing up a post. We had a graduation and a birthday party. We didnt get any rain, but the wind blew everyday but Sunday. Yesterday DDs hubby had to work so her, I and Kenzie went out to lunch and then went to the small amusement park on the lake. Kenzie enjoyed the carousel, the boats and the fishy ride. She is truly a flower lover. Were walking around the amusement park and she was just as excited about the containers of flowers that they had as she was the rides. She would say "flowers" and run over to them and smell them.

I did get some gardening time in and the weeds are under control in the butterfly garden. No containers are potted up as the wind continues to blow and they get so beaten up.

Honey, the trip looks very relaxing. The Carribean is a lovely color isn't it? What an adorable picture of the DGN on the bridge. She looks like a super star ;o)

Im still covering for a vacationing CSR, its getting old.


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