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agnespuffinJune 19, 2011

This mornings newspaper had a little blurb about the oceans beening overfished.

So the reccommendation was that instead of eating a whole fish, we only eat a 5oz piece.

This will help save the oceans. Think about it!

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Ok, I catch a 500lb Blue Fin Tuna, eat 5oz. The fish is dead, and I'd say it was over fishing for 5oz.

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I didn't even have to think about it. What, exactly, is one to do with what is left? How does one buy only 5 oz? Silly! I get that they want us reduce the amount we're buying/killing, but a better way to say it must exist? Surely.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

Maybe they were referring to fish fillets? That whole tuna could be filleted so that the individual servings are smaller.

5 ounces? Whatever happened to the 4 ounce serving?

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3 ounces of meat are suggested for portion size, it's all we need. So go figure, even those estimates are high. Admittedly, two servings a day. The size of a deck of cards. Not a lot.

Here is a link that might be useful: FDA suggested servings pyramid

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hmmm, I guess I missed the point. If you buy a WHOLE fish, why eat only 5oz? It's dead, it's already been caught. How would it be good for the ocean just to eat 5oz of it?

I don't know abou you, but I either buy a whole fish like a trout or other pan fish, or I get whatever the butcher has already cut off the big DEAD fish, like tuna.

I'm betting that from a money-wise stand point, he has already planned to cut as many potions from that big fish as possible.

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That's certainly how I took it. Unless, we're supposed to lop off only what we "need" and set him free again? Seems impossible to me!

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Speaking of lopping off what you need..I was listening to a program on NPR a couple of days ago about sharks. Did you know that 93 million of them are killed each year for their fins? I found that really hard to believe but it's true. I guess shark fin soup is a delicacy and a sign of wealth in several eastern countries. What they do is cut off the fins and then throw the bodies back into the ocean.

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