Tiger Lily and family

lilosophieJune 12, 2013

Tiger Lily was known as "wild kitty" at the feed-store, untouchable feral pretty little kitten, but leave it to Joann to tame and make friends with her. She had a litter of kitten hidden in the loft and moved them and they disappeared. She became a bit more friendly with Joann, who was able to gently pet her and eventually got her into a carrier and brought her home, just before she had another litter, five kittens.
She now resides in a cage in Joann's living room, is a dedicated mother, takes great care of the little ones. Joann can reach in and pick up the kittens, but I doubt anyone else could.
When the hittens are weaned they will find good homes and Tiger Lily will be spayed and live with Joann and her pride of I think six others (makes her a crazy cat lady :) )

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What a nice story and picture. Thanks for sharing it.


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What a beautiful little cat and heart-warming story.

Lilo, please extend my thanks to Joann for her compassion and kindness to Tiger Lily. She's a lucky cat, even if she'll never know it.

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Great photo and story.
" (makes her a crazy cat lady :) )". Lol, I don't know about that, but she is doing something I believe in, but I'm not willing to do myself. She is doing good works.

I know that you did not ask for any donation in any way with this post.
However, I'm willing to support her by making a monetary donation to her cause.
If you can mention a group, society, or interest group in this space, please do so.

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This is Tiger Lily's sister Tigger, Joann adopted her in May, she was also a feed-store feral, but she was trapped and spayed. Note on of her ears has the tip clipped, to show she was spayed/neutered, they do that so they don't get back into the system. Tiger Lily was so wild, she could not be trapped.
WG, thank you for your kind thought, perhaps there is a program in your area that spays/neuters and releases feral cats and needs donations. Check with your local Humane Society. The one here is well supported, they have collection jars in all businesses and people donate quite well.

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Tiger Lily wanted to have her kittens live. She wasn' even six months old when she had her first babies. She thought she was doing the right thing by putting them in the blackberry bushes by the creek. There are bob cats and racoons so her kittens got eaten. She was looking for her babies and crying, I sat with her and cried too. She let me pet her. I wanted to get her spayed, she wanted kittens. On Saturday she followed me around all day, sat on my feet when I was closeing out the money. I said it's time. Went home, set up a cage came back with a cat carrier. She was by the creek I called her she went with me into the store. She went into the carrier, I never picked her up and wasn't about to. We got home I opened the carrier int the cage she jumped in. Tuesday when I got home from work she had a white kitten nurseing and was cleaning a black kitten. I covered the cage in the morning there were five. She is the best and loving mother any kittens can have

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Joann, thanks so much for the update. As I said in my earlier post, you are truly a kind, compassionate, caring person.

Now that she's been able to experience motherhood, could she be neutered?

Thanks again for what you did--and will probably keep on doing!

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gmatx zone 6

Joann, you are truly a special person. Wish we had more like you to help our animal friends. Thank you....

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

I tried to ignore it while admiring the pics, but the crystal ball kept jumping:

I think you may have a "dragon cat"... this is a very intelligent, loving, and somewhat possessive feline. After the babies are raised, she will probably transfer her affections to you, and will do what she can to keep you happy. Do 'teach' her English by talking to her with a lot of adjectives and adverbs... she won't master speaking in human, but will quickly comprehend a truly amazing amount. Most dragon cats will adapt to your schedule, and then try to improve on it (If you use an alarm clock, it won't be needed once she determines its function) and some will go so far as to answer the phone for you (that lack of spoken English is a hindrance only to the callers). I think you will find her quite fond of various forms of music, and possibly watching TV. She knows she is a lucky cat to be with you, and she will do her best to show her appreciation.

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