Cherry, strawberry, plum...

meldy_nva(z6b VA)June 29, 2012

jams. Also strawberry-pineapple, and mango-raspberry.

Last month I noticed the jelly shelf was almost bare, so I pulled out the recipe books and put up a few jams from in-season fruit. Early for raspberries but the mangos were on sale.

Coming eventually will be mint, blackberry, peach, golden tomato, grape, apple jelly, and several different pear jams.

I give our wonderful neighbors a jar from each batch; DD & SIL get some at Christmas, and that leaves a jar for us.

Do you have a favorite jam that isn't common in the stores?

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My aunt in Norway used to make wild cranberry jam. The berries grew on bushes as opposite to "bog" cranberries that we have here in the US. The flavor is much more mellow than the US berries, very little sugar needed.

DD picks blackberries and makes jelly, jam and syrup, with minimum of sugar. Very good.

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Pomegranate, Pineapple Guava, Persimmon and many kinds of cactus are good.

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Since I am borderline diabetic and husband only likes occasionally toast and strawberry jelly, I don't make any. The amount we spend on it would not heat the water for the canning.
West gardener, I would appreciate you aunts wild cranberry jam too. We had the same kind of cranberries and I spend many an hour picking them. Other favorite is Sour Cherry marmelade.

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We used to pick very ripe rose hips, for the vitamin C content. Sometimes we'd eat the red skins and make jams from the fruit.
Other times we'd use the whole fruit.

Below is a link and they call it "ethnic-foods".To us it was survival foods.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ethnic-foods

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No, not just survival food. Rosehip jam is heaven, has a lot of vitamin C and if you can find a German store in your neighborhood you still mind find some here. One of my alltime favorite foods my relatives make when I get home is yeast dumplings and rosehip sauce. We also made
rosehip tea from dried rosehips. Just make sure, if you make jam that you half the hips, scrape out the seeds and surronding hairs while wearing rubber gloves and dispose of thatstuff wrapped up tightly, it's the original itching powder (not kidding).

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