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gandle(4 NE)June 9, 2012

Dad, got a fathers day present for you. Thought that was rather unusual since just a phone call has sufficed in past years. He said,"found a dairy in Fond du Lac Wisconsin that now makes liederkranz cheese". We have not been able to find it in the last 30 years. Tried all kinds of searchs and inquiries but to no avail. Said I'm sending both of us 3 pounds of it. Liederkranz is a soft cheese somewhat reminisent of limburger but not near the very pungent odor, still rather stinky though but oh so good.

He was calling from his new tractor, an 8530 John Deere, he was putting down fertilizer. They are a very impressive looking tractor and he was complaining jokingly that it was hot, windy and so much work. Said the tractor wants me to turn it around at the end of the field. GPS does all the rest even applying different amounts of fertilizer as it traverses the field. Nice air conditioned cab with sattelite radio or CD player. Said,"even if I went to sleep it would stop at the end of the field and wait for me to turn it around".

I have never diven this machine but have been on his other tractors. Not sure I could grasp the electronics used to operate it. Instead of levers and pedals it has an imposing amount of buttons to push.

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gmatx zone 6

Yeah Gandle, these new and improved tractors are sure "purty and highfuluten". Several of our neighbors have some of them and I just smile and wave as they go down the road. I'd probably have that tractor doing the two-step, polka, and maybe even line dancing before I figured out which button to push at the end of the row to make it turn around! But I'm really glad we don't have the price tag that goes with them, aren't you?

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Did I hear "Liederkranz" ? Loved that cheese, felt terrible when it went off the Market Family called it "Mom's Stinky Cheese" I never had to share it with anyone.
When DH and I first retired and moved to my current place, we had milk-goats and I tried my hand at cheese-making and subscribed to a cheese-maker's newsletter. I remember some subscribers inquired about the recipe for Liederkranz and were told that it couldn't be made available because if someone did it wrong and people got sick, it could mean a lawsuit for -Borden? - even though they didn't plan to ever make it again, they had exclusive ownership of the recipe.

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Gandle, if you would live down the street, I would come and help you eat! Have not had any Liederkranz cheese in ages.

Am shaking my head about the new tractor. I go back to a one share plow and a two cow team to pull it. Our local farms are not that big where tractors of that size would be needed or economic. About 5 years ago I had a chance to visit the Farm Equipment show in Louisville , Ky. That was fun.

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gandle(4 NE)

Yes, this thing pulls a 24 row planter. If we harnessed 4 horses we could pull a 2 row planter and we thougth that was really great. Most of the neighbors just planted 1 row at a time.

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Never heard of Liederkranz cheese until you mentioned it, it seems to be an American take on Limburger cheese. I love Limburger and it is ready available in the stores here in Silicon Valley.
I'm totally impressed with your son's new tractor.I had no idea that John Deere was that advanced.

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gandle, glad you folks are getting some of that stinky cheese to enjoy and tickled to hear about your sons' incredible tractor!
My grandson and I watch youtube videos of logging operations, long truck-trains in Australia and best of all, videos of freight trains. Of all the hundreds and hundreds we've watched, we like the ones from near Atlanta. He is a retired railroad fellow and is so low-key and gentle towards the world in his outlook and in sharing his joy of watching trains lumber by---even giving little lessons in understanding strange noises some freight cars make and what's coming down the line next.
Low key with a great Southern accent.

---The engineers passing through our town all recognize my grandson and give him a 'Shave and a Haircut--Two Bits' on the horn!
So, between your cheese, your sons' great tractor, freight trains and little boys---the world might just be OK for another day.......

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

Perhaps you would share the name of the dairy that is selling the Leiderkrantz?....and have you tasted it yet? Is it like the old stuff
I can get Limberger....but it's lots "stinkier" than the Leiderkrantz.

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Remember Liederkranz cheese from Iowa, found it again at a specialty market in Monterey when was stationed there. Will look at the World Market locally next time go.

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Amazon sells it, but notice the shipping price below. It's $23.76 for a $6.70 slice of cheese.
There must be another way.

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In Stock. Ships from WI, United States.
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gandle(4 NE)

When I get it I'll post the name of the dairy.

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