anneliese_32(6)June 21, 2012

How about Treehog?

Watched a woodchuck criss-cross the backyard, checking for dropped birdseed under the feeder, taking a sip of water from the birdbath, snuffling at the cat food and trying to get over the plastic netting into the raised tomato bed.

Out comes my neighbor. You would think the beastie would run under the shed or across the yard, no - it went UP! For about 10 minutes the animal sat about 8 feet high in the dogwood tree until my neighbor went back inside.

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I suspect a ground (tree) hog is smarter than a squirrel. When a squirrel is caught between a rock and a hard place, it sits and thinks about what to do and get's run over.

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LOL.....rabbits will also freeze and wait until you are upon them before they bolt. And squirrels? I've noticed when they are in our drive and I am coming up it in the car, they will never jump off to the side to avoid getting hit. They continue running up the drive trying to outpace you. I go so slowly I'm in first gear and the engine is trying to die. Deer are 'mind changers' When you come upon them in a car, you'd best just slow down because they always second guess their impulse to jump back into the woods and then bolt out in front of the car instead.

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They all have their own personalities, jut like our pets do.

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