That made me go to the library

gandle(4 NE)June 24, 2011

Visitors yesterday at the museun from France and one of the stops they said they had to make was in Red Cloud NE. Willa Cather's home and site of the Cather museum. They said she was fluent in French and often wrote in that language. I had no idea, anyway, I've been neglecting my favorite author so went to the library this morning and checked out The Professor's House and Song of the Lark. Sure, I've read rhem before but I know of no other author who can so vividly describe a background or a scene. Don't ask which of her books is my favorite, that would be like telling which of my children is my favorite

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I've never read Willa Cather. Maybe I will pick up one of her works.

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

One of my faves....My Antonia...being a fave from a fave author....Oh and the Arch Bishop...poor man!
Think I need to see what of her's I need to read, I am sure there are a few I have missed...Among them The Professor's House
Linda C

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Willa Carter is is on my re-read list. It's been too long since I read her first.

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Cather has always been one of my favorite authors and her books remind me of Wyeth paintings or rather vice versa.I've never read The Professor's House and am adding it to my list.

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I had read most of her books beginning at about 12 years old. And they were reread often. I was working in the Gallup NM area for several months. I read Death Comes to the Archbishop for the first time. The descriptions were so three dimensional and every sensory experience was accurate.
I will pick up one of her books when I go to the libray today.

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Lol, gandle, your post made me go to the library...
From France, to Nebraska to the Silicon Valley information is being shared. I checked out The Professor's House and My Antonia.

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