raining groundhogs

oscarthecat(z7MD)June 7, 2012

this spring a groundhog made a home under one of my storage sheds. Before long there were three. They got after my dahlias so got out the Havahart trap. Caught #3 and hauled him away. I got home and was just pouring myself a congratulatory cup of coffee when I spot the biggest groundhog of the year surveying my gladiolus patch. The havahart did not get much of a break. The problem is I ate the last of the cantaloupe I used for bait. Only had some lettuce. Hope for the best.

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Steve, what does one do with the critter that's in the Havahart trap? Release them out in the country or take them to the local animal control facility? Hope the lettuce works!

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They realy like storage sheds. There is always one staying over the winter under mine, but I seldom see the critter during the summer. In fall the woodchuck shows up again and disappears under the shed. Can't be the same for all the 15 years we have the shed, but it never has been a female since I never have seen a young one.

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Groundhog #4 is in the trap. Groundhog #5 is in th backyard. I take them up to a state park and turn them loose.

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gandle(4 NE)

Probably could trade you some prairie dogs for a groundhog. We don't have them this far west.

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Steve, you're a kind-hearted person! :>)

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