don_socalJune 7, 2009

How long does it take for you to get ready to go out as far as your hair do is concerned? there have been changes in our lifetimes how hair has been treated, remember the big hair days? here is an interesting site with some pictures of hair do's That you may or may not want to try.

Here is a link that might be useful: The History Of Coiffure In The XVIII Century.

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Now that I'm bald,I toss on a wig and it takes about 3 seconds. LOL Actually it's wonderful not to have to worry about hair. In the past I'd be working outside all day,hot,sweaty and we would have someplace to go in the evening. I'd have to take into consideration the extra time to wash,blow dry and style my hair and then come in about half an hour or so earlier than usual. Now..zap. Gardens..into the house...5 minute shower...wig...that's it. Kind of nice. Don't ask about make up Don.I don't wear a lot but what I do still takes time. What a great website and some of that art is amazing.

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Those were the days in which baths were thought to sap your strength and taken as seldom as possible. Can you even imagine what their scalp must have felt like with those gargantuan styles? Or how often it was washed (or more aptly put how seldom) I have seen the battleship coif before and it's just as bizarre as I remember it.

You always find neat sites. BTW.

My hair is still long. I had it whacked a few months ago, but just to make the mane more even in back, in case I decide to wear it down, as I do only a few times a month. Long hair is just simply more easy to care for because one can pull it back or wrap it up on your worst hair day and still look decent. I did have it short for some times in my adult life. I mean SHORT, as in Susan Powter, Annie Lennox short. But it has a will of it's own, and even that short was too much of a hassle. I also do a hot, strenuous job and I can't stand to feel hair falling into my face. So, long works.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

Like Suzi, and for much the same reasons, my hair is long. I can sit on it when it's down. It takes 5 minutes to shampoo/ rinse (twice a week in winter, maybe once a day in summer); and max 2 minutes to brush daily and twist onto the top of my head. Only on extremely windy days will it not look as neat in the evening as it does in the morning. 'Special' doesn't apply to my usual day. Long isn't fancy, but it *is* convenient.

I keep thinking about going back to short-short hair, and then I remember the cost for a trim on alternate weeks and how often that trim wasn't well done... and I'd rather spend the same money and time on books that I'll enjoy.

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tibs(5/6 OH)

I'm with Calliope and Meldy. Long hair is the easiest.

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You have noticed your hair is thinning. Maybe you have been noticing it for a while, maybe the hair fall only just started. No matter when, you probably only have one thing on your mind: How do you stop hair loss?
While there really is no simple answer to that question, there are some simple steps you can take to help save your hair.

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I have noticed my patience thinning from freeloaders who steal bandwidth to make a buck.

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Me too Suzy. What do these creatures do anyway? I guess a simple search will bring up a thread of years ago,so they register,search and then post their crapola? I don't know how the above post looks on your computer,but on mine the moron left out most of it. I wonder if any of them ever make money? This last one sure won't.

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My hair has caused me a lifetime of stress and grief. The natural texture is wavy and frizzy. I grew up in the era of long, straight hair. Seems like everyone had it except me. Unfortunately I also grew up with parents who practically insisted that I wear my hair in a style that emphasized its natural texture (yeah there's a whole Dr. Phil show embedded in that last statement but let's keep this moving).

About four years ago I decided I was sick of letting my hair control my self-image. So in spite of the extra time and tremendous WORK it demands, I hauled out the blow dryer and bought myself a flat iron. The drying/straightening process adds another 20-30 minutes to my daily bathroom time. But the end result that stares back at me in the mirror? TOTALLY worth it. Bye-bye DNA baggage! lol


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The s . . . post amused and annoyed me! Amused, b/c I was going to post something apropos to it, but mostly annoyed, b/c I do have thin, fine hair and not a lot of it! For that reason, I keep it short, permed and curly all over.

It may be an "old lady" hairdo, but for me, it works. It's "wash 'n wear", and looks presentable even when I forget to comb it! Right now, I'm wearing a headband to catch the perspiration, and my hair won't look any different when it's removed.

Don, how long does it take you to get your "hair ready to go out"? :>)

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Well my hair seems to be moving to the back of my head more lately but I do have my beard. Have not cut my hair in twenty years and trim the beard about twice a year to even up the ends. Still the bit that I have is only down to my shoulders but never looks like much as it is mostly tied with three little brown bungees things as soon as I get out of the shower. If I let it dry loose it curls up like Shirley Temple curls and is hell to get a comb through.

If I use a leave conditioner it is easier and looks very wavy as it does in the picture you have likely seen of me with the hat covering the bare front part. problem with that stuff is it runs down into my eyes when I get sweaty working so the ties are the best bet.

The problem with getting older is even though the hair is receding and has always grown very slowly now the eyebrows, ear and nose hairs think they should be long enough to braid and need more attention. Get reminders when there is an irritation in my eye and finally look in a mirror to find that one long eye brow hair that curves directly into the eyeball. Of course I need to use the strong reading glasses to find it or have Missy find it for me.

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Hair grows like weeds, long, it took forever to dry because it used to be so thick. It still grows fast but got thinner during chemo and hypothroidism, so now I get it cut about ear lenght and since it is wavy, the ends curl under and every 6 weeks about 2 inches get cut off. It gets washed, combed back and airdried most of the time, never had much patience with my hair.

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I can have the hair done in 15 minutes if I go natural. It took me almost 35 years to accept and learn to deal with my wavy/curly/frizzy (depending on the humidity)hair. I LOVE the flat iron but try not to overdo it because it will fry my hair. I always wanted to be able to have the picture perfect bangs and now I can have them as long as the humidity is less than 50%. I have had pretty much every hair style under the sun and I am particularly fond of 40's and 60's styles. Makeup is fun to play around with too. I like the 60's liquid eyeliner cat eye look, unfortunately, I don't go out often enough to actually do it. I would feel ridiculous grocery shopping or gardening all decked out LOL That makes me think of this commercial I keep seeing for a cop show on TV where the girl getting arrested is spritzing on perfume before she gets hauled off to jail. same thing.

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Laughing........about Krista's post. When I worked in a greenhouse/nursery/landscaping firm, most of the summer crew were young folks both girls and guys and of course that is hormone heaven. The little gals would come in with the make-up slathered on their faces to work in the nursery end of it hoping the landscape crews coming and going would notice them.

Can we say twelve hours in the sun,temps over a hundred, and heavy work? The place looked like a racoon den about lunch time when the eyeliner melted.

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The first step to grow a healthy long man is to get a trim. You want to get a trim every seven weeks to get rid of split ends

2. Take in at least 8 Glasses of water a day.Water is another essential ingredient you need to grow healthy long locks. The more water you drink the better the condition of your hair. Staying hydrated will help your hair stay shiny and healthy.

3. Start eating clean, this means you need to avoid junk food such as fried, sugary or fatty food. Grilled, steamed and broiled options are best.

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Really? "The first step to grow a healthy long *man* is to get a trim"? What if I don't want a healthy long "man" or even a healthy long mane?

Sorry, I'm being rude. Please disregard. I'm blaming it on the heat.

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HA! mwheel you're funny.


Oh wait, maybe that's like ads where if you want to save money you have to spend money. Don't they know spending no money saves me the most? Bwaahahhaahhaaa!

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Are there simple ways to grow hair faster? I believe there are and in this article I will describe them briefly to you.
Below you will find six simple ways to make your tresses grow faster!

- Clean up your bad habits I you wish to grow hair faster. This means stop smoking and drinking excessively.
- Stay way from carbonated sodas and pops as they tend to give the body empty calories and weaken the immune system. Both of which minimize your maximum hair growth potential.
- Start a good exercising program! The body needs be healthy for your tresses to grow faster! The condition of your mane is a good indicator of internal body health. So stick to a healthy diet to help grow hair fast.
- Make sure you also avoid sugary, fatty and fried foods that are high in sugar or fat content!
- To grow hair faster, treat your hair like satin or silk! You should be delicate with it. Cover your hair with a satin scarf before you go to bed.
- Avoid excessive brushing of your mane. This excessive brushing will tear and weaken the hair at the root level.
- When attempting to grow a longer mane faster, stay away from hot showers. Hot showers will weaken the hair follicles and may cause hair loss. Always use lukewarm showers or cold showers to encourage healthy growth.
- Get a deep oil treatment! Deep oil treatments with good oils like Mira hair oil will encourage your hair to grow faster!
- Finally when it comes to finding ways to grow hair faster, you need to make sure your immune system is up to par! This is done by sleeping at least eight hours a day and exercising for forty five minutes at least three times a week.

That is all you need to do to grow hair faster! The key as always is to follow though. Stick with and in a few short months, a longer mane can be yours!

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And if the above post doesn't solve all you hair problems.... Try this.

Don't get old. Hair gets thinner as you get old. It turns gray and gets a different texture.

Choose your parents better. If your mother and father had good hair. You probably will too.

Ignore the mirror. After all, you are better educated than a dumb old piece of glass.

I do have one comment on the above post. The statement, "Stick with and in a few short months, a longer mane can be yours." This is indeed true. Stick with any plan for a few short months and your hair will be longer. Right?

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Well I just love my hairs..they are long,strong and silky too..I have tried almost all the braid hairstyles on my hair..

Here is a link that might be useful: braid natural hair

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sweet_betsy No AL Z7

They just never give up, do they?

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