Pet Nicknames

bonz(WI)March 31, 2006

Almost everyone I know has a nickname that usually isn't related to the real name of their pet. I got to thinking of all the pets that I've had over the years and how they all had a nickname and what was the reason behind the name. What got me to thinking about this is my 5 month old puppy, Jake, and his nickname.... Happy Meal. I know, pretty dumb but he's always bouncing around, so happy and one day I looked at him jumping around and said "Ya little Happy Meal!" And it stuck. My beloved late Dobie, Jason was known as Toot Toots, not because of anything he ate, but because when his litter was old enough to go for walks with me they followed me single file through the fields as I pretended to play on a pretend flute.

Share your pets nickname and how they got it. I'll be totally surprised if there is anyone else as goofy as me :)

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sheepco(MN z4)

My 1st Golden Retriever 'Boulder Island's Bit o' Brass', was 'Boomer'. Cause when she was a tiny pup she'd roar around and fall down and go boom!

And then there's Gus, my Corgi, who LIVES to eat...'Hungry, hungry, hippo'!

Thanks for the smiles bonz!

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zinniachick(southwest Ohio)

Funny you should ask.

DH (who grieved harder when our Rounder died than I knew he could) sat down and wrote out the things we used to call him, lest we forget. And I would have if not for his list. Here it is, with notes on the different voices/songs used for each.

smelly pup
goodie pup
goodie boy
poodle pup (he was a hunting hound, as far from frou-frou as you can get)
doodle pup
neudel pup (in thai lady voice)
Mr. Stripey
stripey pup
kitty pup
buddy butt butt butt buddy (sung)
Mr. Hollywood
Mr. Softey (in more ways than one)
good morning buddy (sung)
boy (in old man voice)
roundie (roundie's vinegar after the skunk incident)
heÂs the perfect size little buddy (a la dr. tina, his biggest fan)

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Sheepco....would Boomer be related to the Topbrass line??

And ZChick...Quite an impressive list of names!! And being of the smart POODLE breed, my guess is he answered to everyone of them :) My Jake is Poodle/Chihuahua and thank goodness he takes after the Poodle in the brains department. But I have to ask....Buttbuddy?! :)

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I so love it that I'm among like-minded folks. Otherwise, I would look even crazier than I am. :D Buttbuddy is great! LOL And so is a Corgi called Hippo! I think that Jason is an even funnier name than Toot toots, since animals with "human" names always crack me up. :D

Hence my dearly departed Clyde the Pug. But we hardly ever referred to him as that, instead calling him Cly-Cly, head of lettuce (because of its shape and nibble-ability), Yuns (long story, but it derives from Honey, Yowany, Yuns...yep, we're nuts), Ga-boy, Sweet Cheeks, etc. Our other dearly departed Chow/Retriever, Red, was (in a deep, old-man voice) Big-big-beautiful-big-big-baby.

FIL's Schnauzer, Danny, is Manhead. FIL also sings to him at snack time, "It's snack-snack time for the big-big-boy.."...over and over...LOL

Pookie the cat is You Kiddy. My parent's dog, Tana, is Tana-tana-bo-fana-nana-mana-sana, and their Pug, Malone, is Maloney-full-a-baloney or Leave himalone.

I can't wait to hear MORE!


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zinniachick(southwest Ohio)

Well, he wasn't a poodle, per se. We just made fun of him like that. This is him in the back. As for buttbuddy, I guess that is kind of damning but it only meant that he was such an a$$hole...

That's baby Omie in front. She looks less insectoid now.

I love the snack song!

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sheepco(MN z4)

zinniachick - Wow! Great photo, they're gorgious!

bonz - Boomer's sire was AFC Topbrass Super Trooper, out of AFC,FC,NAFC Topbrass Cotton. He was also the grandsire of Emma ('Braveheart of Boulder Island'), my 5yr old golden. (I just Like the name Emma :) You must now the line!?

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ZChick, that picture is priceless...what great expressions. Their colors are beautiful.

Years ago when I was showing my Labs (I did field, confirmation and obedience) Jackie was in the early stages of developing her fantastic lineage. The other known line of that time was the Malagold Kennel dogs, actually a Malagold dog was Jackie's first golden. My friend and field training buddy was very close with Jackie and had several of her dogs for foundation breeding. She owned Ch. Topbrass Durango Brave and I ended up with a Golden puppy who I showed in conformation, she was of the Rush-Hill line. And now years later my son recently purchased a puppy from a friend of mine, who currently has one of the top Goldens in the country. So, yeah, when I see "brass" in a name I gotta assume it it Topbrass!

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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)


"...She looks less insectoid now."

Great picture!

Wonderful nicknames!


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maryo_nh(z5 SouthernNH)

Gretchen and Sasha were also known as Stinky and Wrinkles.

We usually called them, if at the same time, "puppies", "babies", and "girls". I still do half the time call Gretchen "puppies"... silly me. She is also Gretchie, Gretchiebabes, etc etc. Nothing imaginative though.

Murphy is Kittie, kiddie, kiddo, pussywoos, youhungryagain, whereyoubeen, and Miss Lethal Claws.

:) Mary

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koijoyii(NE Ohio)

Our dog's name is Apache. My son is the "name renamer." All pet names have to be approved by him. When Apache was a puppy Jason came up with the name Then Friend, that changed to Then Fend, that was shortened to Fend. He doesn't even recognize Apache anymore. I tend to forget this when I drop him off at the vet. They don't understand why he doesn't respond to his name. He is also called Captain Dillamus. Don't ask me where these names come from. All I know is he picks out a name and it grows on me.

Our cat Chesapeak is Boa, Little Arbuck, Tee-tee pooh, Tee-tee, Ciracas Proline, Rayfay & Littee Bit

Out cat Cherokee is Bear, Stinker, Dinker Doodle Doo & The Ancient One

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Purr-C is Pixie Ann and my son calls her Cindy.
The Banter Man is Bam Bam or Aler-Bamer Man
Bitzi Froto Baggins is Little Willy or wee wee
Mommy-Ole' is MimmZola or MissMimm or Mimiola-rollapolla.
Boo Bear - Scare Bear (she is a scary cat) There's all kind of bears.
Lil' Miss Crybaby is Railey or Rail said highpitched like the sound she makes or Little Miss Mobster, sometimes Millie.

Riddler is Riddy-Biddy, The Ridster, or My sweet little man.

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jeffahayes(8a Upstate SC)

Great thread you started here, Bonz... one I may have eventually started, since Tater Tot has quite an array, himself...

In fact, Mr. Tot (one of his nicknames) has not only a variety of nicknames, but also a TITLE... he's my "little buddy" (kinda like Gilligan, I guess :)

That comes from my aversion to even calling my puppydog a DOG, because I luv 'em so much I almost hate to admit he's a dog, yaknow... and I also don't like the "concept" of being "his owner," so I'm his "Big buddy" and he's my "little buddy," and THAT'S THAT! :)

On the way home with him, the day we got him, I considered three names... Snickerdoodle, Punkinhead, and then Tater Tot just kinda came to me after I had already thrown the other two around, and that's the one we went with (but I also call him the other two on occasion... more Snickerdoodle than Punkinhead... sometimes just Punkin).

He's also "Rootin' Tootin'," which is short for "Rootin' Tootin' Dog-boy," as I keep imagining him with a little cowboy hat, chaps and spurs on... one of my FAVORITE nicknames for him is WILD THANG, because he's like a living rocket that bounces off walls, trees, fences, people and whatever else is around, when he's excited. :)

I also call him Spudly, Mr. Tot, Spudly Buddy, (I say I... but my folks and some visitors who hear these use them, too), cutie pie, tootles, When I'm calling him, it's often, "Tater Tooooty"

Danggit, I KNOW there are more, but I just can't think of 'em all right now... some just seem to COME to ya as you say 'em... know what I mean (many of these were also used with Gizzmo, except for the ones that are variations on the Tater Tot theme).

Well, I think it's time for me to call it a night, go take my night-time meds and give Mr. Tot his nighty-night snack and tell him nighty-night and hit the hay.

Really interesting to see how almost none of us have had similar nicknames for our puppydogs. I would have thought I'd have seen some snickerdoodles or punkins or something before I got here... Oh, he's also bright-eyes and my bright-eyed boy.

Later gators,

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let's see, i am sure i will have to add on later.....

frost: sweetness, sweets, sweet thing (not used in awhile), kitten (she has that way of talking to momma when she wants attention), little girl, baby girl (recent), young lady- when she is in trouble, boss- b/c she is so bossy and loud about it, bossy (of course), mini moose, bull (she doesn't know her own strength, especially when she head butts), silly girl, chirps, chirper, my girl, snoopy nose, mario andretti (SP?) b/c of her time trials down the hall,

romeo: booger, boogs, boogermeister, fuzz monster, fuzzy buddy, fuzzy bunny, baby boy, where's the belly, moose, brat, snot, snuggle monster, dh calls him fat boy which i shouldn't even include here!, ****head, scaredy kitty, "will you leave her alone!"- self explanatory, "he's so cute," mountain lion (when he lounges on the shed roof), furball,

hmmmm, there are more i am sure!

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lefd05(z5/6 westCO)

I had a sheepdog mix and her name was Penelope. She looked just like an Old English sheepdog with super short legs. I called her Puff-a-lump.

My dobie Sasha is the "Princess" because she acts like one.:)

One other Dobie that I had, her nickname was EeeBee. My husband's niece couldn't say her name "Missy" and it would come out EeeBee so it stuck.:)

I call my pitull Zues, Zoomie Zoom because when he was little he would run all over the yard with his favorite hubcap in his mouth. Zoom, Zoom like a car.

Our australian shepherd pups name is Madison or Maddie for short but we call her Pigpen too. That is because her coat seems to collect dirt more than any of our other dogs. If you pat her on the back clouds of dust come up in your face. DH says she reminds him of Pigpen from Peanuts.

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ademink(z5a-5b Indianapolis)

Ok, not sure how they've evolved. Not all that funny but I hardly ever call them by their real names. Here they are:

Olive - Baby G, Baby Girl, BeeBeeG or just G

Martini - Teeny B or just B

Tirzah - TBabes or T Burn Fat Attack Combo lol

Meerkat - Peepers, Peeps

Judah - JudahBear, JudahBay-oar, Judah B, Blueboy

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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)


One precious kitty picture is more sweet than the other!

C3D (~~~ waving "Hi!" right back to Olive.~~~)

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ademink(z5a-5b Indianapolis)

I love to squeeze them all until they grunt. *LOL*

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ademink(z5a-5b Indianapolis)

I love to squeeze them all until they grunt. *LOL*

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LOL!! That is so precious, Andrea!

Also, did you know that your kitties are mass producers of drool? Yep, right here in CA. *slurp*

Oh, I almost forgot my parents' kitty, Callie! She's a lithe little thing, so I sometimes call her Low-Calorie Kitty. And due to her facial markings, I also call her Booger Face. She doesn't let anyone rub her tummy, so she was obviously just being a tease in this photo. So tempting!


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ademink(z5a-5b Indianapolis)

Awwwwwwwww, my first cat was a LH calico!!! What a doll this one is! Harley, my cat, was SO much her own woman. lol I loved her little devious self.

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yep! i forgot:

for frost, squeaks and squeaker.

for romeo, silly boy and a new one he just acquired (but not really, i simply finally connected a name to it)..."slowly" as in the movie, an elephant called slowly. he is so reverse animated when you want him to do something...anyone see this movie, or ever try to get an elephant to move (and he is a big boy) you will make the connection!

speaker of drool producers: i have two who make their own. frost used to have a name for this but i forgot it. with romeo lying next to my face, i usually need to put my hand up...didn't get it in time, and drool right in my eye!

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Lets see....
Dillon a cream Shar Pei is called Silly Dilly as he is so funny.
Rahja a black Shar Pei, is so black and velvety that someone keeps painting Elvis on her forhead, is also known as princess girly pie as she is just so full of herself.
Harley a Green Wing Macaw is our "big fat Rooster" because he looks so big when he fluffs up.
Pal a Blue and Gold Macaw is our "yellow butted chicken" because when we got him he was afraid of everything.
Topaz also a Blue and Gold is either a bat as he loves to hang like one...or....if you are eating he is our Buzzard as that is just how he watches you eat.
Our newest girl is also a cream Shar pei, Sweetpea or babygirl.

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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)

I **LOVE** all these names! :-)

Here's my amateurish contribution to a great thread.....

Bosco the GSD is AKA: Goofy, but usually Bosconi.

Giovanni the cat is Creepovanni. (Not the friendliest fellow in the house.)

Zorro (Giovanni's brother) is Baby Boy or Kitten.

Henry, another kitty, is either Baby Henry or Zofran. We got Henry while our Teeb cat was going through chemotherapy. One of the medications she was on was Zofran, which is to stop the vomiting brought on by chemotherapy. For some unknown reason, Henry was always around while Teeb was getting her meds in the morning. We think he was concerned about his adoptive Mom. Anyway.... somehow he became known as Zofran.

LOL!! What's your cat's name? ... Zofran! ... What an unusual name. ... Yes it is. He is named after a pill to control puking! LOL!!

Bruno, the black cat, is Brunoloni.

Mikey, the orange and white cat, is Booger Boy or Schmarkie.
Schmarkie is Ukrainian for nasal mucoid discharge. Mikey has chronic sinusitis.

Clyde, the Orange Winged Amazon Parrot, is more commonly known as Clydage. Why? Dunno. Just is.

That's about it from here.

C with 3 Ds

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isis_nebthet(8b/11suns SoCA)

Loyal: Pretty Boy, Pretty Boy Loy, A$$hole (he doesn't mouth off as much anymore though), flufferbunny, Soup, Buddy, and my roommate calls him the wolf from little red riding hood.

Guyu: guy, guyo, gooble, gooey, goofball, guyuuuu (with a howl at the end), the old man, and ***this thing will keep strays out of the yard***

Isis: I, Icey, Icey I, Iwolf, Iwoof, Ib*tch, Miss. Wolf'n'stuff, and of course eating, chicken killing, door eatin, hose eating superdog (all one word of course).


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jeffahayes(8a Upstate SC)

Adrea, I just HAVE to know... wolves have a tendency to want to get together and HOWL as a group (or so I understand -- maybe they just do this in the wild, or when the moon's full, or something).

If yours do this, do you howl along with them, and if you do, how do they react to you howling along with them?

Just curious,

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isis_nebthet(8b/11suns SoCA)

Usually, Isis starts the howling being the only one that is tied up (a means of locating the boys). As a matter of course if I howl with them I can get them to carry on longer or I can initiate a howling session. I'm not exactly sure that they react any different to me howling because it's hard for me not to join in. It's also hard to "spy" when they're howling on their own because if they see a person it's more important to check them out than to carry on.


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