Michael, do you have TV Duty?

anneliese_32(6)June 13, 2010

It will be a rough couple of weeks here. Hope that US don't have to play against Germany. I would have to yell for both sides, LOL.

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Been watching a few. Haven't seen much to be impressed about yet. Those games come in after this first round robin bit

Games start around 6:30 am and go through the early afternoon.

I'm not doing much lately except a little swim, bike, and run.

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We're watching here. People kept phoning to see how we were going to cope with England v USA. Luckily for household peace, it was a draw, so we both won :) (the game was rubbish though).
(I have my England flag hung up outside)

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The England/USA game was a bust. USA gave England an early goal by letting the English forward walk through the USA defense at the 4th minute. England returned the favour by giving the USA a goal because of sloppy goal keeping.

Most games have ended in ties, and low scoring ties at that.

The Brazilian/Korean game today has been probably the best game by far.

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Sara, while I was in UK with my daughter, she bought one of those flags to put on her car, the St. George flag. She expects to get lots of funny looks from other drivers!
I don't care who wins, really, as long as the late games are good ones.

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