2 more pix of the quads...

sheepco(MN z4)March 27, 2008

They won't stand still for more...The one looking at you in the group of 4 is our bottle baby.

Nearly lost one, she spent the evening in the laundry room when she got cold and hungry, but is doing much better now being supplemented with a bottle 3 times a day - little piggy! 4 more ewes have lambed (5 ewes, 10 lambs total) so we have a busy barn! The rest of the lambs are about twice this size.

Happy spring from a still snowy Minnesota!


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So precious! I can appreciate those knees. :D Thanks so much for posting those pics, Sarah. I know you must be busy as all get-out lately.

On the way home from my folks' up in Redding yesterday, I saw a field full of sheep with lambs EVERYwhere! Luckily, no one was driving near me on I-5 at that particular moment, because I was Lookie-Loo-ing to the maximum! LOL I love watching the little darlings when they run and jump as though happiness is all they know.


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Four seems like a lot of babies. Are quads common? What's the biggest number of off-spring at one time you have heard of?

They really are adorable,

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sheepco(MN z4)

In 13 years I have had 2 sets of quads (but I average only about 10 to 15 ewes). Some breeds are more prone to multiple births. I have about 10 - 15% triplets, the ideal is twins, though a 200% lamb crop is rarely achieved after early in-utero deaths, still borns, or pre-weaning mortality - for reasons too numerous to mention. I average about 180%, probably because with so few sheep I have time to care for individuals when needed.

As far as largest number of surviving offspring raised without taking a few away for bottle rearing? I dunno! I have a book in front of me with pictures of a Finnsheep ewe (a breed well known for multiple births) that had a total of 27 lambs in 7 years, including quintuplets shown in one photo which she raised without assistance. Well done considering their udders have only two "faucets"!

Brenda, glad you didn't crash - nothing cuter than a lamb "bouncing". Wish I could post videos.

PS: Herb is even happier now that there's bottle feeding going on. He waits patiently for the lamb to finish then he gets to lick the last few drops from the bottle :) Happy cat!


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