Now that was advertising!

lilod(NoCal/8)June 21, 2010

While doodling on Google I ran across this delightful site and want to share it. Some of you may even remember these:

Is He Lonesome

Or Just Blind

That Guy Who Drives

So Close Behind

Burma Shave

A Darn Good Driver

With Lots of Nerve

Still Won't Pass

While Rounding A Curve

Burma Shave

Her Chariot Raced

At 90 Per

They Hauled Away

What Had Ben Hur

Burma Shave

Here is a link to many, many more

Here is a link that might be useful: Advertising the old way

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We used to be entertained for miles with the Burma Shave
advertising when we were kids.
It was good practice reading for us.

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That was fun reading. Thanks Lilo.

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I remember those Burma Shave ads. I think of them as early flash cards for drivers. Now, if we can come up with some sort of "FLASH" or modern message to stop certain drivers to hang on my bumper,I'd be happy.

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