You can't call this bragging.....

agnespuffinJune 26, 2013

I just have to mention the great things that the g'children did now and then. But I am not quite sure that this comes under the heading of bragging.

Grandson had a test. He answered one question and then decided that the answer was totally wrong. Done in INK.

So he scribbled through the answer, and tried to make the black blotch look neat. so he drew a COW around it. Yep, white cow with big black spot on her side.

He still couldn't come up with the right answer so he simply notated that while he really wanted to answer the question, he didn't have enough room because the dang old cow wouldn't move.

Teacher responded by writing that that was the biggest pile of BS that she had ever seen on a test paper before.

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LOL- At least he was creative and may I say? Original?

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Hahahahahaha!!! I would have given him extra credit. Excellent!!


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Skibby, I agree, he's thinking out of the box, original, creativity should be encouraged, but under most school systems it is not

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I like his thinking. If it would be up to me, he would get an A.

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I think he comes by his frame of mind naturally. His father had a teacher that used the term "thumbnail sketch" to get information about something on a test.

That's what she got. A sketch of a thumb.

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Rebellion is the precursor to creativity, my teachers just did not get that point.

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