What is this plant?

cablestarman(NE OH 6a)May 10, 2014

Found this growing in the front bed. My mom seems to think it's a yellow buttercup but but I know it is not.

Its seems invasive, spreading all over the place. The leaves are "sticky" on the underside, like small barbs.

Thank you


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Those are cleavers, I believe. Had them all over where I grew up. Search google for cleavers....

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Cleavers. Because it cleaves. Very invasive weed. If I had a smaller garden/yard I might eventually get rid of it by pulling, mowing, weedeating it before it seeds, but so far have not managed it. I hate the stuff. It can actually give you a rash or burn if you rake your arm across it.

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Scintific name Galium aparine; another common name is bedstraw.

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cablestarman(NE OH 6a)

Thanks, they are gone. At least it's shallow rooted and hasn't flowered yet


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