Is it my Imagination?

agnespuffinJune 30, 2012

Maybe I don't remember how things used to be, but the Stars of Hollywood looked different from each other. Katherine Hepburn sure didn't look like Joan Crawford. Marilyn Monroe didn't look like Sophia Loren.

But today!!!! On TV, in the movies, in magazines, every blonde has straight or almost straight hair, parted in the middle and hanging straight down. Eyes made up the same way. Same color blonde too!

They all look as if they came from the same gene pool.

Will we all look alike 50 years from now??? It seems that it might be the way we are headed.

And the men!!! Are they all too dumb to use a comb?

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There is such a thing as "Recession" hair.
That's where people can't spend the money to have their hair done as often as they used to. The save money by letting their hair grow long and have a simple straight cut. I've noticed that a lot of the "blondes" have dark roots showing and it is ok with me.
Save money where you can and make it ok.
See the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Recession hair

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Aggie, I noticed the same thing.
They walk alike, talk alike and look alike.

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It's the advent of professional stylists - they all look like whatshersname, Zoe someone?

No, it's not you - they really do all look the same.

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I agree, not only style, but, thanks to advanced cosmetic surgery, features and attributes are pretty cookie-cutter standard as well.
And then, they all think they are absolutely unique

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And they pay MONEY to look that way. Ouch!

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i will never look like a 50 year old celebrity cuz that would make me lame and old. plus my 17 inch mohawk would never look good on tv, nor would my black nails or my negative attitude

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Bless your heart.

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