Just when you think maybe it is time

gandle(4 NE)June 9, 2011

to take the cover off the air conditioner, the furnace kicks on. High today of 54 degrees. Maybe I won't have to run the A.C. this year, but hate to have the furnace running in June.

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George, 54 degrees sounds like Heaven to me! I would really enjoy feeling chilly! Our A/C has been running for the last four days--it cycles on and off to keep the temperature at 78--really a little warm for me, but not DH. However, when it's 94 with high humidity, outside, 78 feels fairly comfortable, inside. Of course, our ceiling fans are going, too. I know--especially at my age--I'm not supposed to wish my life away, but I can hardly wait for October!

Perhaps, once it finally gets hot in your neck of the woods, you may remember 54 degrees with fondness. :>)

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I'm hearing you, Mwheel!!!!!!

Heat indices Wed and Thurs were at 100 or above here in VA....today was a wee bit more bearable.
Records are being broken all over the US for all sorts of extreme WX patterns.

Too hot to run machinery the earlier part of the week, so I stayed in shade and pulled thousands of weeds....6 1/2 acres of the family compound offers a lot of work of all sorts! :o)

George, I'll give you 20 of our degrees for just 10 of yours!!!

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George, we're having that melt your flesh kind of weather.
I'll be more than happy to send you some heat
so you can turn on that air conditioner.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

When I saw all the low temps shown on the weather map, I thought someone had made a mistake! In winter y'all are usually colder than around here, and in summer y'all are usually at least as hot (less humidity, but hot). So when highs are posted in your area as being in the mid-low fifties, I think -no way! Not when we've gone through weeks of 95+ and are looking at more of the same. When you were turning on your furnace, we were looking at 102*.

Actually it's only 85 outside right now, and the forecasters seem to think that we will have temperatures in the eighties for a few days. Of course, they've been in error the last several times they forecast 80's, but I can hope that *this* time they will be right.

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