50% more

meldy_nva(z6b VA)June 29, 2011

This is the sort of thing that tickles my funny bone.

DH brought home a 75 oz. jug of laundry detergent. In very large letters across the top of the front label:

"50% MORE loads"

Beneath, in very, very, very tiny letters:

"than the 50 oz. size"

Now, that's honesty in advertising!

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They always tell you to read the fine print, if we did we might find more of the same (maybe).

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It just goes to show what the producers think about the average intelligence level of the buying public.

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Oh don't even get me started! I'm a scratch cook and when I do buy anything from a market, I've read the labels. That, and a modicum of knowledge about nutrition used to be sufficient, but not anymore. My biggest beef are lables like 0 grams transfat, when you know darned well and good by looking at the ingredients on the label it HAS TO HAVE transfat in it. So, how do they get around that?

Well, also look at your serving sizes. rofl. Some of these foods, you could almost inhale through your nostrils what they claim is one serving size. So why are the serving sizes so small? It's not about making the consumer think they are getting more servings. Most of the public can look at a sack of food and tell you how many people it would feed. It's about making their foods look HEALTHY. 0 grams transfats simply means in one serving of their product there is less than a gram of transfat. So, if the serving sizes are miniscule, they can keep one serving under a gram of transfat and can honestly say their product contains 0 grams. Doesn't mean it contains no transfats (just implies it), just less than a gram a serving. Given that 2 grams is the recommended limit on transfat consumption a day for an individual that doesn't just jump out and scream health food to me. It wouldn't offend me nearly as much if they'd just leave that statement off products instead of advertising it like it must be a 'good thing'. It still puts the onus on the consumer to know exactly what ingredients are transfats.

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I've been seeing commercials for a Taco Bell "grilled stuff" burrito. It's said to have steak in it. But I'm wondering if there's so little meat in it that they can't legally call it a steak burrito. Thus, the "stuff" burrito.

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So, have your noticed the size change in some products you buy but the price is the same or higher? My Dove Ice Cream Bars used to 4 be in a package, now there are three and the package size is the same. Our pound loaf of bread is now 1 1/2 Lbs. and the price is more! Check the thickness of your toilet paper, paper napkins, etc. Same design, packaging, etc. but much thinner even Campbell soup cans are smaller and priced higher. Are manufactures just getting greedier? At some stores prices are cheaper but the food is labeled "Product of China"! I refuse to eat food from China even if I have to go hungry! THERE, I said it!

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Sorry,our two pound loaf of bread is now 1 1/2 pound

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