Monster Koi

youreitApril 18, 2008

I could just KICK myself for not taking my camera on a trip to a local aquatics store the other day! Tons of beautiful demonstration ponds, plants up the wazoo....but the crowning glory, for me, was seeing this HUGE koi. They said he's about 20 yrs. old and 20 lbs. They had him in an above-ground tank with other koi priced at $250, but they said he's not for sale. :D

He actually came up and investigated my finger in the water, his nice juicy lips making sucking noises at the surface. Then, he let me pet him!! I'm in LOVE!! They only call him "Monster", but I prefer Casanova. *sigh*

I've never really been interested in keeping koi, but this guy won my heart!


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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)

Ooooooooo! He sounds awesome! I'd love to see Koi-zilla. :-)


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jeanner(SW Ohio - Z6)

Ahhhh, I'd love to have fish again but they just become snake/heron/bullfrog/turtle/raccoon bait and it's too hard seeing them flying off after you watch them grow up from just an itsy/bitsy speck in the water :^(

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ccoombs1(7B SC)

you know....once you meet a koi like that you begin to understand how people become SO addicted to koi keeping. I have a couple that are like that. Big sweet fish that love to hand-feed and suck your fingers. They seem to enjoy human interaction and they like to be petted. They are not just garden decorations to me....they are my pets. I have plenty of koi that are just fish.....but Sweetpea, Mellow Yellow and Awesome are just as much pets to me as my dogs are.


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I can totally understand how people can fall in love with koi, and keep them as pets, after meeting Casanova, Cindy. I just can't say enough about his handsome gentleness. Reminded me of Joann and how she refers to hers as pups. :D

I've been bugging DH about our next trip down there. I wish I lived next door to that business! LOL


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maryo_nh(z5 SouthernNH)

20 years old. Wow. Demetrius is, what, five or six? So that's another fourteen years... I'll be, eh, seventy? We can pet Demetrius now - if we can keep doing that for fourteen more years, we can pretty much KISS him on the juicy lips!

I'm curious, Brenda, how big was he? Approx? Our big guy is already about a foot and a half - I can only imagine how big Casanova is!

:) Mary

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Mmmm, nothing like ripe, juicy lips to get the ol' heart to pounding! LOL

I had to consult DH, since I'm not too good at judging size. He says, "He was a good 2 1/2, 3 feet, easy." I was definitely startled when I walked over and looked in the tank. This large ghostly being came meandering out of the shady depths...."Whooo, you're a big ol' good'un!" :D The lady at the counter said, if they're healthy and treated right, they can live to be 60-something! Can't we all? LOL

I told DH I want to go back soon, and "to heck with the plants; I just want to see Casanova!" LOL I'm taking the camera next time, too!


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I almost forgot to post this! A short article in the July/Aug. issue of VIA magazine (AAA) talks about the nursery we visited, Flora Tropicana, and mentions my favorite koi on the planet! LOL

"On hot summer days, families congregate at the koi tanks, where kids can feed the fish. Friendly koi, including two-foot, 21-year-old mascot Murray (named for a Wiggles character), gently nibble little fingers. 'When I hear kids laughing and screaming, I know that they just fed the fish,' co-owner Marco Tjaden says."

Kids?! Heck, *I* was laughing and screaming! LOL

Murray's #1 fan,


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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)

Oh Murray! You da man! :-)

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